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Author: Grace Livingston Hill
ISBN13: 978-0842371018
Title: Kerry
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Language: English
Category: Action and Adventure
Publisher: Tyndale House Pub (February 1, 1996)

Kerry by Grace Livingston Hill

Print ISBN 978-1-62029-394-2. After that Kerry’s father worked harder than ever on his book. He used Kerry’s little bedroom for a study, and his papers would be littered over her bed and small bureau, and Kerry never went in there except when she had to, to get something, while Father was working; and then she went on tiptoe. He was always deep into.

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Kerry’s father didn’t complete the book he was writing before he passed away, but Kerry knew her fathers wishes were for her to finish the book for him.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Pursued by an evil man and surrounded by danger, lovely young Kerry finds courage in the miracle of love.

Grace Livingston Hill. About book: Young Harrington had offered to take her in the car, in fact had been most assiduous in pressing the drive upon her, but his mother had succeeded in sidetracking him. Most apologetically, when she heard what was going on, she interrupted.

Pursued by an evil man and surrounded by danger, lovely young Kerry finds courage in the miracle of love. Kerry's beloved father was dead, and his precious manuscript, his life's work, was in her keeping. But could Kerry overcome all that stood between her and delivering the manuscript to her father's publisher?

Grace Livingston Hill. Publisher: Barbour Books. Kerry Kavanaughs world is shaken when her father dies, leaving behind his unpublished bookhis lifes work. This is the page of Grace Livingston Hill on 24symbols. Here you can see and read his/her books. More from this author.

Kerry Kavanaugh’s world is shaken when her father dies, leaving behind his unpublished book-his life’s work. Kerry Kavanaugh’s world is shaken when her father dies, leaving behind his unpublished book-his life’s work.

Book by Hill, Grace Livingston
Reviews: 7
I have read many of Mrs. Hill's books, and this is definitely among my top ten. Probably about #6 or 7 (Not Under The Law, Duskin, By Way of the Silverthorns, An Unexpected Guest, and The Best Man (maybe also Miranda) being, in my opinion, slightly better)out of of her many, many books. Some of her works you can tell she was refining her craft; this is one of the finished products. It has polish. It's a very satisfying story of a girl who loses her incredible scientist/author father, and has trouble with her weak and vain's the story of her race to turn in her father's precious manuscript, of her discovery of faith in God, and of course, a very satisfying love story thrown in there, too! Like all of Mrs. Hill's works, it's historical, it's idealistic, it's entertaining, it's got a moral or purpose, it's enchanting. If I had to nitpick, I'd say that a more modern (or better?) novel would include more introspective on her fate and relative feelings towards each parent; a little less, "oh, well, I'm here now, forget the past!"- one of the villains sort of...disappears, when he could have made a magnificent antagonist...and most of her heroines are not exceptionally strong females. (I'd recommend "Duskin" for that. :)) They are, however, much more accurate to the time, I think, as a result. Anyway, In comparison to most of her protagonists, however, I think Kerry is smarter, less prone to unrealistic views of the world, less--weepy--and overall more interesting. You have no problem being very concerned about Kerry's fate, and the fate of her mission. The pace, plot, etc. are all solid. A very good read. :)
I read this book about 40 years ago and it definitely stands the test of time - even though it was old then (in the 60's) the story is still just as touching.

Kerry's father has been writing a great scientific book for most of her life, they have travelled all over the world so that he could research his subject and with her help has completed the final manuscript but before they can do the final editing he dies and her mother, while sad, uses the opportunity to rekindle her romance with a man her father and Kerry detested. Her father leaves the book and any proceeds to Kerry and leaves her the job of completing the final version. But there are men who want the book and will try any way to get it.

Kerry has to get the book to New York while guarding it with her life, she has some help on the way from a wonderful stranger. And her mother.... well that's another story. Wonderful inspiring story - as always!
To the best of my understanding I have read all her novels. They are a look at the past through the eyes of her characters. I enjoyed them very much. They are clean so can be read by even young teens!
Yes, yes, yes! I grab every Grace Livingston Hill novel that becomes available for Kindle. Clean, sweet, wonderfully relaxing, gread bedtime stories to have my Kindle read to me. The heroines are beaufiful and pure, the villains are nasty and get their comeuppance or change for the better. Lovely!
An old fashioned love story by an author I read 50 years ago. I enjoyed it.
this story moved along nicely. It has some events in it that are similar to another of Grace's books. Sometimes I think I have read it before but still charming.
Rose Of Winds
Grace Livingston Hill, another winner. Exciting yet sweet and endearing. I would recommend this to anyone who loves GLH books and/or a good read.
A solid uncomplicated story of simple faith in the face of overwhelming adversity. With love as its own powerful reward.