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Author: Jim Kjelgaard
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Title: Desert Dog
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Publisher: Yearling (August 1, 1984)

Desert Dog by Jim Kjelgaard

Desert Dog, a true champion. This is a gripping tale of the fastest dog of them all. Tawny gave promise of being a great racing greyhound, but he found his freedom in the heat and danger of the desert. His speed and courage helped him in a terrible struggle for survival. If you are going to read this book make sure you have a tall glass of water handy. Born in New York City, New York, Jim Kjelgaard is the author of more than forty novels, the most famous of which is 1945's "Big Re. It sold 225,000 copies by 1956 and was made into a 1962 Walt Disney film with the same title, Big Red. His books were primarily about dogs and wild animals, often with animal protagonists and told from the animal's point an American author of young adult literature.

Description: Title: Desert Dog. Author: Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur). Born in New York City, New York, Jim Kjelgaard is the author of more than forty novels, the most famous of which is 1945's Big Red. His books were primarily about dogs and wild animals, often with animal protagonists and told from the animal's point of view. Kjelgaard also wrote short fiction for several magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post, Argosy and Adventure

Desert Dog. Author: Kjelgaard, Jim, 1910-1959.

Author of "Swamp cat," etc. Illustrated by EDWARD SHENTON. Jim Kjelgaard has long wanted to tell the story of the gallant dogs who have gone out with the monks of St. Bernard Hospice to rescue travelers lost in the deep snows of the Swiss mountain passes. Unable to find the facts, he decided to reconstruct the tale as he feels it might have been. Franz Halle felt he was worthless because he could not manage book learning, but his schoolmaster and the village pastor knew that the boy had a priceless knowledge all his own. The kindly priest secured work for Franz at near by St. Bernard Hospice, helping a gentle giant of a man who made it possible for him to keep his beloved Alpine mastiff, Caesar, although the huge animal refused to earn his keep, even by turning the spit.

James Arthur Kjelgaard (December 6, 1910 – July 12, 1959) was an American author of young adult literature. Kjelgaard was born in New York City, New York on December 10, 1910. Jim's father, Carroll W. Kjelgaard, was a physician, happily married with five sons and one daughter. Kjelgaard was the fourth oldest. Kjelgaard and his siblings lived on a seven hundred and fifty acre farm in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania during his childhood

And will he ever know again the kindness of a master like the one he lost? I enjoyed my reread of this book, and would rank it as good, though not quite as good as the author's "Big Red" books. Work-to-work relationships.

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In Desert Dog, a riveting book by Jim Kjelgaard, a dog named Tawny, a Greyhound, walked away from racing to revel in his freedom in the desert. Tawny faced the heat and danger of the environment’s tough conditions, surviving by using his speed and courage. Desert Inspired Dog Name Considerations. A desert-themed dog name may be just what you are looking for when bringing home a new friend

Book by Kjelgaard, Jim
Reviews: 7
I've been recalling books that I read as a child, and have been ordering them to read to my eight year old grandson. Reading these books has brought both of us hours of enjoyment.
Exactly what I wanted and what my grandfather read as a child! Great holiday gift for him!
pages had center part gone
I was very pleased with the condition of this book, and the delivery was prompt. Although authors books were meant for young adults I enjoyed them.
One cannot go wrong with a Jim Kjelgaard book if you like calm, descriptive, nature-appreciating writing and dogs. This is another good one. Not a favorite though.
Jim Kjelgaard is famous for bringing the northern woods into sharp relief as he relates tales of dogs, wolves, and men. With Desert Dog, he demonstrates that he can also bring the desperate world of the southwestern desert to life, with detailed and expert-sounding descriptions of the local flora, fauna, and other natural features.

Desert Dog tells the story of a Tawny, a champion-speed greyhound who is lost alone in the desert. We get many of the staples of a Kjelgaard tale-- triumphant survival in the face of an interesting array of natural dangers, as well as the introduction of a good-hearted and land-savvy man.

Tawny must reach through the layers of civility that he has been bred for, and find a capacity for survival that will match the harsh terrain.

This is a great, exciting tale that is sure to keep a young adult reader on the edge of his or her seat. Adults who read it may be reminded of the lean, sparse prose of a barebones western that has been stripped of its human characters.

This is a solid effort by a gifted author. Give it a try.
Great condition! Great deal!