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Author: James Otis
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Title: Toby Tyler (Companion Library Series)
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Toby Tyler (Companion Library Series) by James Otis

by Companion Library. Other authors: Roberta Carter Clark (Illustrator), Washington Irving, James Otis, George Wilson (Illustrator). Series: Companion Library. Work-to-work relationships. Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus by James Otis. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. Companion Library: Toby Tyler, Rip Van Winkle. No descriptions found. Library descriptions. No library descriptions found.

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Author of "Tim and tip," etc. Illustrated. During the first few months of his return, very many brilliant offers had been made Toby by his companions to induce him to aid them in starting an amateur circus; but he had refused to have anything to do with the schemes, and for several reasons.

Toby Tyler Together they fall into hilarious jams and scams more fun than a barrel of monkeys Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks With a Circus by James Otis 1923 hardcover. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. Companion Library Children's Book Rip Van Wrinkle/Toby Tyler.

Toby Tyler; or, Ten Weeks with a Circus is a children's novel by "James Otis", the pen name of James Otis Kaler. Toby Tyler tells the story of a ten-year-old orphan who runs away from a foster home to join the traveling circus only to discover his new employer is a cruel taskmaster. The difference between the romance of the circus from the outside and the reality as seen from the inside is depicted.

A Sequel to 'Toby Tyler'. Release Date: January 5, 2009 by The Kentuckiana Digital Library). Mr. stubbs's brother.

movies All Video latest This Just In Prelinger Archives Democracy Now! Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. by Otis, James, 1848-1912. Publication date 1971. Publisher London : Collins. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive.

Companion Library Series. 1 primary work, 1 total work. A Wonder Book, Edward Lear's Nonsense Books. Forward Books of Poetry. 26 primary works, 26 total works.

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Reviews: 7
My memories of Toby Tyler had to do with the Disney film. The film has not much in common with the book. I have read reviews of this book from other readers who have dismissed it as old fashioned. I read quite extensively on a very wide range of subjects. I like to think I have a feel for what is irrelevant. This book is very relevant. The messages of the story are very sound ones. It speaks about honoring your elders, being true to yourself and understanding that real life is not always what we want it to be. It's about friendship, sacrifice and love. I found this book to be so filled with warmth and compassion and forgiveness. Now, if that's irrelevant in today's world, we are doomed. This is one of the best books I've ever read. It made me happy. That is a mighty important thing for a book to accomplish. Very highly recommended.
Toby Tyler was classified as a “bad boy” novel, written to instruct, a lesson of what can happen to boys who do bad things (such as running away to join the circus). These types of books were common in the 1800s. It was first serialized in Harper’s Young People in 1877, published as a book in 1881. Rather than glamorize circus life, author James Otis made it anything but enthralling. Toby is regularly whipped and beaten by three men throughout the book. The work Toby is forced to do is difficult. Naturally, the Disney version is a bit happier. Disney was rarely faithful to children’s literature.

If read as a cautionary tale and not an adventure, it is a sobering book that I’m not certain many kids today would enjoy (even though they were the intended audience).
Early Waffle
this classic more than meet my expectations. passed it down to my Mother who thought i should of read it as a child,then to my Great Nephew. hope he enjoys it as much as i did. Gifted it to him for his birthday. running away to join the circus seamed to be more exciting to me as a child than this wonderful novel proved that it really isn't as exciting as it seems.
Toby Tyler or Ten weeks with a Circus was written in the late 1800s but the story is just as charming now as it was then. The boy Toby runs away from his foster home to work at the circus. From the very beginning he has his doubts about his decision, but doesn't want to break his word to the candyman who has offered him a job. Toby soon finds out that living and working and traveling with the circus is very different from what he expected. He has to work hard, gets little sleep and little food, and feels homesick. What keeps him going are his friends - at first, an old monkey, then a living skeleton and a fat lady, and he wins more and more hearts as time passes. He even gets a chance at becoming a circus star - but he still just wants to go home. This is an abridged version (though not much shorter than the original). It's an easy read that should make good bedtime reading for kids.
This book was a fun book to read. I would recommend it for children who are about 10-13 years old. It taught some great values on responsibility, the rewards and consequences Of decisions this young boy made in his life.

Toby Tyler was a boy who was an orphan. he was being raised by a man who found him on his hay when he was a young child. "Uncle Daniel," was a deacon of a church and took his religion seriously.

Toby resented the fact that he he was expected to take responsibility in the home and do chores and things to help out. He thought he didn't get enough to eat and that he was taken advantage of and mistreated, so he ran away and joined up with a circus. He found out from his new master, Mr. Job Lord, what starvation and abuse really was.

He befriends a monkey "Mr. Stubbs," and tells him everything. He makes friend with the driver of the monkey wagon, the fat woman,and the the thin man of the Circus, they help protect him from his mean master.

Through all this he learns the meaning of love, friendship, and family. He decides to go back home and His friends help him. "Uncle Daniel" welcomes him back with open arms.
This is a good story. For me, it was too drawn out and focused on the young boy's misery, which became sad and somewhat tedious. The boy, Toby Tyler, ran away to join the circus. Because of his youth and innocence, he was greatly taken advantage of during his circus career.

The moral of the story, put forth in no uncertain terms, is "the grass is always greener," as well as "don't run away from home." This is a good book for children aged 8-to-12, but I would advise parents to read it first to determine if the boy's hardships would be too disturbing for your child.
I had this book as a child and I remember loving it so I ordered another copy 60 years later to see why I liked it so much. It's a children's book but an adult would like it too. I grew up in a dysfunctional family and the moral of this book is that no matter what you home life is like there are far worse experiences out there, even in the circus. The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.
This book is a wonderful story of the adventure and hardships experienced by a 10 year-old boy when he runs away from home & joins a circus. The vocabulary & description are rich & vivid, & the story is beautifully compelling. My 9, 12, & 14 year old girls & I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you can find an unabridged, paper version to read, definitely do that, though, instead of reading it on Kindle. The Kindle format disrupts the flow of the book.