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Author: Patrick Bishop
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Title: Fighter Boys : Saving Britain 1940
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Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd (March 31, 2004)
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Fighter Boys : Saving Britain 1940 by Patrick Bishop

Start by marking Fighter Boys: Saving Britain 1940 as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. But, as Patrick Bishop shows in this superb In the summer of 1940, the future of Britain and the free world depended on the morale and skill of the young men of Fighter Command. The Battle of Britain is one of the most crucial battles ever fought, and the victory of Fighter Command over the Luftwaffe has always been celebrated as a classic feat of arms. The sub-title, The Battle of Britain, 1940, belies the scope of the book. Mr. Bishop spent the first quarter of the book discussing warfare in the air during the World War I and the development of the RAF during the inter-war period. He devoted a generous second quarter of the book to If you want to know nitty-gritty details about the role of the RAF in World War II, this book is for you.

Fighter Boys: Saving Britain 1940. Bomber Boys: Fighting Back 1940-1945. Also by Patrick Bishop. Praise for Fighter Boys. This book is an attempt to answer a question that has fascinated me since I was a child. I grew up in Kent and London in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when the Second World War was still a real presence. There were daily reminders of it in the weed-choked gaps between houses where German bombs had fallen and the muddy Anderson shelters that could still be found in suburban back gardens.

Fighter Boys and Bomber Boys: Saving Britain 1940-1945. Fighting boys indeed,everyone a real hero. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, having lived as a young lad during the war I can fully appreciate all that those flyers did to save us from nazism. thank God they did what they did to save this great country,we owe them our gratitude for ever. by Kenneth on April 23, 2013. Fighter Boys: Saving Britain 1940. Rate it . You Rated it .

Air Force Blue: The RAF in World War Two – Spearhead of Victory. Battle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940. Patrick Bishop has a real talent for this type of history. Yes, this book is a history of the Battle of Britain; it gives a really good background to the state of the RAF at the start of the war, and details the events that followed. But what Bishop does so well is to personalise the whole thing. He tells the story from the viewpoint for those who wrote it; you get to know the pilots and those around them.

In the summer of 1940, the future of Britain and the free world depended on the morale and skill of the young men of Fighter Command. But, as Patrick Bishop shows in this superb history, it was also a triumph of the spirit in which the attitudes of the pilots themselves played a crucial part.

Fighter Boys : The Battle of Britain 1940. For 123 days in the summer of 1940, 3,000 youthful airmen in the Royal Air Force fought back against Hitler s advancing forces with a heroism that astonished the world.

FIGHTER BOYS: In the summer of 1940, the future of Britain and the free world depended on the morale and skill of the young men of Fighter Command.

Book Description: The summer of 1940 was supposed to be the beginning of the end of Britain. Europe had fallen to Hitler's storm troops with terrifying speed, and once the Royal Air Force was destroyed, Britain was next.

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A remarkable, intimate portrait of the young men of Fighter Command, whose skill, temperament and morale determined the fate of Britain and arguably the free world. The Battle of Britain, fought in the skies over Britain during the sweltering summer of 1940, was one of the most crucial battles ever fought: without the Luftwaffe's control of the skies it was unlikely that Nazi Germany would mount an invasion across the Channel. For most of the 3,000 young British airmen involved this was their first real experience of combat. The pressure on the pilots, groundcrew and their controllers was unimaginable; at certain points in the Battle a single blunder or failure of nerve could have been enough to tip the balance of the contest and give victory to the enemy. Patrick Bishop creates a new and surprising portrait of the Battle drawing on previously unseen source material and testimonies from survivors on both sides. Against the background of wider strategic considerations, he focuses on the lives and thoughts of the combatants, their attitudes towards 'the enemy' and their aircraft, the fear, horror and exhilaration of flight and battle, attempts by each side to gain the upper hand through daring technological innovations; coping tactics, mess room life and friendships.
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Book does and excellent job detailing the actual events of the Battle of Britain from the pilot's point of view. Offering the decision making of both Britain and Germany. Devotes much of the content to the events relating to many of the British pilots and describes in detail the effects both physically and mentally on the pilots. The tension, fear, and action of this memorable time of WWII. Points out many of the poor decisions made by Goerring which led to the failures of reducing the RAF. It also details the poor judgement of Fighter Command Officers of Britain which nearly caused their demise. Details the steep learning curve of the British pilots; adjusting formations, modes of attack, and quick learning experiences to stay alive and be successful.

Only criticism is that some of the written material is written to describe some of the pilots' pre-flight lives, which I feel was of little value other than it showed that many of the pilots were not upper class, nobility, but skilled middle class and in many instances working class individuals. In fact many of the more successful pilots who were more skilled and physically endowed with the attributes of coordination, stamina, and courage came from the middle class and were commoners.
The many stories behind individual fighter pilots in combat with RAF in WWII, convey a compelling picture of the real life of these small group of youngsters, laden with a heavy burden hard to imagine by today's high-tech air force pilots' standards.
The drama behind so many of these "few" , seems a distant epic of a bygone era, so it is great that this book brings all of it into our memories.
A honest, thorough and rather straightforward narrative, puts the reader in 1940's England, almost as if it were yesterday.
Great Reading, with many moving chapters.
read this book years ago, had to buy it again just to update myself, great read , awesome book
A well-written account of "The Few" who won the Battle of Britain. In fact, I read it a second time just for pleasure. Both the casual reader and the serious student of the air war over England in the Summer of 1940 will enjoy this book. Highly recommended.
A fascinating read that captures the mood of the time and the challenges faced by Fighter Command as a whole, but more particularly by individual pilots. Not least of these was being at war during the day and in a local pub at night - a completely different experience to troops on the ground.
A most emotional account of the personal experiences of the B of B pilots who became know as the "Fighter Boys".
The ultimate price paid by so many is most painful and can never be fully acknowledged. This is not a literally work of art
but an irreplaceable record of the historical events.