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Author: Albert Myers
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Title: William Penn's own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians, Tercentenary Edition
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Publisher: Middle Atlantic Press (1970)
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William Penn's own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians, Tercentenary Edition by Albert Myers

Penn interpreted their mode of living with understanding, sympa In 1683, ten months after his arrival in America, William Penn wrote this now-famous sketch of Lenni Lenape Society. Penn interpreted their mode of living with understanding, sympathy and, on occasion, even wistful envy.

Moylan, Pennsylvania, Albert Cook Myers, 1937. 107 pp. ; illustrated.

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William Penn be a heroic figure to American history? Throughout British proprietary colonization of the Americas, there were many different motives for claiming American. 16 The rest of his family knew they could not let Penn’s work go to waste, so they stepped in and worked to their fullest to keep his ideas alive. His wife became the Proprietor of Pennsylvania. Her goals had succeeded, and she ruled for eight years after his death, until she died in 1726. 17 Thomas Penn, his middle child, was named the managing proprietor  . New York: Simon and Schmister, 1993. New Jersey: The Middle Atlantic Press, 1970.

Resources on the Lenape Indians.

When William Penn arrived in 1682, there were some eight-thousand aboriginal people in the land of the Lenni-Lenape. Their homeland stretched from the Delaware River Valley to the lower Hudson River Valley (including Manhattan), covered all of New Jersey and Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania and southern New York. The Lenape divided themselves into four group or bands – the Munsee, the Unalimi, the Unsami, and the Unalachtigo. We are calling our Indians the Lenni-Lenape because that is what they called themselves. But early in the 17th century, other human beings began to move into the neighborhood. The Dutch, the Swedes and the English began exploring this land of the Lenapes. The Delaware Indians: A History. Mann, Charles C. 2005. 1491 Albert Cook Myers.

Lappawinsoe /ˌlæpəˈwɪnzoʊ/ was a Lenape-Delaware chief. His name signifies "gathering fruit" or "going away to gather food".

The illustration is titled, "The Heart-Hand of Greeting," and dipicts, in a historical reconstruction, such a handshake taking place between the Lenape Chief Idquoqueywon and William Penn, at Perkasie, in present Pennsylvania. While we don't know, for sure, just how old this practice is among the Lenape, there are, at least, two historical references to it.

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Reviews: 7
Somewhere in my bloodline I'm supposed to be related to William Penn, and one of my distant relatives in the Penn Family married a Delaware Indian. I want to know as much as possible about the Lenape Indians. I am enjoying this book and getting a better knowledge of history.
This is a document book concerning the Lenni Lenape Indians (Delaware Indians),that I purchased thru Amazon.com. It consists mainly of a lengthly account, including details of crafts, housing, customs, and their religion as reported by William Penn, as He logged details of their habits. He also describes in great length the hot and cold bath method, used by the Delaware, for curing diease. Also contains copies of the land deeds, and letters courtesy of the historical society of Pennsylvania.
This is a quite interesting book for anyone interested in the ancient life of the Lenni Lenape Indians
This is a nice short story of William Penn and his dealings with the Native People. It gives names of some of the natives he dealt with but will not give an indepth story on the natives of Pensylvania as I had hoped. It is still a good read.
Rocky Basilisk
The price was good, the book is good, the shipping was decent. Different cover than the one shown, perhaps it was because I ordered a used book. Nonetheless, good purchase.
It's very satisfying to have this information so redily accessible.
I was disappointed by how small in size the book was. It would be nice if your info included dimensions.
A lovely account in Penn's words and voice depicting his journey concerning the Delaware Indians. The book contains pictures, documents and the like that add authenticity.