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Author: Carlo D'Este
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Title: Decision in Normandy
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Decision in Normandy by Carlo D'Este

Decision in Normandy book. This book is about the Normandy Campaign.

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Decision in Normandy. 5 8 5 Author: Carlo D’Este Narrator: Tom Weiner.

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The Battle of Normandy, codenamed Operation Overlord, was the long awaited Allied invasion of France. To this date, Overlord represents the largest staged amphibious assault in history. Over 156,000 Allied troops (mostly American, Canadian, and British) crossed the English Channel from the United Kingdom to Normandy. This book is where historian Carlo D'Este tells the story. All things considered, this is an excellent read.

Carlo D'Este (born 1936 in Oakland, California) is an American military historian and biographer, author of several books, especially on World War II. He is a retired . Army lieutenant colonel who has been awarded the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf cluster, Meritorious Service Medal and Commendation Medal. D'Este received his . from Norwich University in 1958, an . from the University of Richmond in 1974, and an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Norwich in 1992.

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Decision in Normandy (1983). com Product Description (ISBN 0141017619, Paperback).

The battle for Normandy was the most complex and daring military operation in the history of modern warfare. Two years of intense, detailed planning reached its successful conclusion when the Allied forces took the beaches on D-Day. But the seventy-six-day campaign that followed, the Allies' crucial bid for a toehold in western Europe, was one of the bloodiest of the war, and its true story has been concealed in myth. Drawing on a wealth of previously unpublished papers, declassified documents, diaries, and personal interviews, Carlo D'Este has written the first full account of what actually happened in Normandy, how the campaign went wrong, and how it was eventually won. Step-by-step the reader is taken through the Normandy campaign from the earliest days after Dunkirk when Churchill first considered the idea of a cross-channel invasion of France, to the key battles that determined that outcome, with maps clearly explaining the strategy and logistics of each battle.
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Having read a significant amount on World War II in all theaters of battle I had an opinion about Gen. Montgomery. This book held my interest from page 1 through to the very last word, because of its perspective of recording history as it actually took place. Which, for this subject matter, is just about as rare as rocking horse poo.

If you think highly of Field Marshall Montgomery, or hate even the mention of his name, this book is for both of you. One of the most eye opening portions of the book was how Montgomery’s reputation became so widely at variance with the actual historical facts of what went on during the battle for Normandy and the final breakout achieved by the US Army led by General George Patton.

Again, an eye opening narrative. The best aspect is that...

D’Este is fair, balanced, & objective.
D'Este Show the Shape of the Normandy Campaign and does not just recite well-known facts. I would rate this as one of the best histories of the Normandy campaign that I have read and just a notch below Max Hasting's Overlord, which is the gold standard. D'Este's emphasis on Caen and his unstintingly critical but essentially fair treatment of Montgomery's excessive optimism about taking Caen gives the book a focus that others lack. Very rewarding study by a fair-minded historian, who seeks to understand the campaign and not to grind some ax. Comparable is the recent superb study of the naval side of Normandy, Neptune by Craig Symonds of the Naval Academy. To D'Este's, Hasting's, and Symonds' books, add Ambrose's D-Day and Pegasus Bridge volumes along with Donald Burgett's Currahee ! and Joseph Balkoski's two books on Omaha and Utah Beach -- and you'll have a small but solid shelf on that remarkable event. Pure protein, each of them.
It may not be the definitive account of Normandy that his two other books are but its definitely still 5 star quality. The books I'm referring to are "Bitter Victory" and "Fatal Decision", the assaults of Sicily and Anzio respectively.
The author had accumulated a wealth of background information from battle plans, personal diaries, official documents etc to delivery a straight forward, easy to read narrative on the largest amphibious invasion of the war. I say its not the definitive account because its not comprehensive; the author has deliberately selected keys areas to discuss, primarily the British offensive and Montgomery's influence on it. There is some mention of Operation Cobra and the American part of the Falaise Gap but the main theme will be the east flank in the Villers-Bocage - Caen area and the difficulties the British had there. The author will spend a lot of time discussing the good and bad points of Montgomery in what I would consider a fair evaluation of the Field Marshall's performance on and off the battlefield.
The author introduces the planning of Overlord and the initial troubles of designing it. Also the implementation of the staff is presented. The author also mentions that the British senior commanders did not heed the intelligence warning that 21st PzD was probably already in the Caen sector and didn't react accordingly on D-Day. The battle action includes the D-Day landings, Orne bridghead, the repeated attempts at Caen through Operations Epsom, Charnwood, Goodwood, the troubles at Villiers-Bocage, Tilly, Falaise etc. During all these engagements, the author makes judgements of Montgomery's handling of the battle and backs up his comments with documented evidence.
This is an informative read that not only informs you militarily of the British engagements but also gives you a balanced outlook of Montgomery. I highly recommend it, even if you have already read other books on the subject.
Excellent review of mostly the British side of the battle. The good and the bad with no holds barred. Well done. Will reread at a later date. It was that good!
D'Este has caught the essence of the battle.
Fantastic. If you enjoy the western front in Europe this is an excellent book. I like the middle of the road, present all the fact no bias no bs Monty viewpoint as well.
Not D'este best work. But overall solid research
Great value. Outstanding service.