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Author: James Holland
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Title: Fortress Malta: An Island Under Siege, 1940 - 43
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Publisher: Miramax (September 24, 2003)
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Fortress Malta: An Island Under Siege, 1940 - 43 by James Holland

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International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 0752860380 (PB. System Control Number . Geographic Name: Malta History Siege, 1940-1943. Rubrics: World War, 1939-1945 Malta.

Fortress Malta by James Holland tells the story of the battle for Malta from 1940 thru 1943. Mr. Holland nicely merges personal remembrances with the historical events around the siege. Italian aircraft raiding the island and the defenders trying to cope with the attacks

During the siege of Malta between 1940-43, this labour was often carried out on a diet of three boiled sweets, half a sardine and a spoonful of jam a day. The longest such action in British history resulted in the entire island being awarded the George Cross: the highest award for civilian gallantry. Stories grow well in ruins.

James holland makes you live IT as well!!! His book is a true encounter, so real, the reader will feel the action taking place before him/her. most of all, you will never forget malta. I Have been there several times in tyhe past, but my next visit will mean so much more. I Salute james holland, and am looking forward to reading his other books. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 14 years ago. An amazing book (most especially for a first timer)about a little known part of the second world war.

The siege of 1940-43 was by no means the first. The Romans, the Norman kings of Sicily and the Spanish all grasped Malta's importance in struggles with the east. In 1530 Charles V of Spain handed Malta to the Knights of St John, to counteract Turkish ambitions and influence. After the great siege of 1565 the Knights ruled for centuries, erecting the massive fortifications that still surround Valletta. That said, Fortress Malta succeeds brilliantly in showing war's human position. James Holland deftly interweaves the personal histories of pilots, soldiers, submariners, sailors, nurses, office clerks and other civilians. All are brought compellingly to life in a brisk, tightly constructed narrative that has the impetus of first-hand experience. Ranging through the military and civilian communities, Holland shows the war's destruction of everyday life as food, water, fuel, electricity, transport and buildings gradually disappeared.

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It is the first of more than three thousand raids that the island will suffer as it becomes the most bombed place on earth. The day before, Mussolini had declared war on Britain, and in that moment, the tiny island of Malta?slightly larger than Cape Cod?became one of the most important strategic pieces of land in the world. Lying between Italy and Libya,.

June 11, 1940. Italian aircraft pummel the idyllic Mediterranean island of Malta. It is the first of more than three thousand raids that the island will suffer as it becomes the most bombed place on earth.

The day before, Mussolini had declared war on Britain, and in that moment, the tiny island of Malta'slightly larger than Cape Codbecame one of the most important strategic pieces of land in the world.

Today, this valiant story is largely forgotten, but James Holland offers a riveting portrait of the siege that helped determine victory or defeat in World War II. For nearly three years, Malta held the key to dominance in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Lying between Italy and Libya, Malta was the ideal place from which to attack shipping lines supplying Italian and German forces in North Africa. To save Egypt, the Suez Canal, and the Middle East oil fields from Nazi control, it was essential that the island be held at all costs.

The Axis powers were equally determined to annihilate Malta. In two months aloneMarch and April 1942more bombs fell on Malta than on London during the entire Blitz. A small band of fighter pilots facing the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica; a garrison of British and American troops; and a stubborn local population refused to surrender to vastly superior forces. Despite starvation and disease, the Maltese bravely held out. Not only did they hang on, their torpedo bombers and submariners continued to sink critical amounts of Rommel's supplies. In honor of this tenacity and bravery, George VI bestowed the George Cross, the highest civilian award for valor, upon the entire island.

Fortress Malta follows the story through the eyes of individuals who were there: the pilots, submariners, soldiers, and civilians who provide the tales of heroism, resilience, love, and loss. Using interviews with survivors, letters, and diaries never-before-published, James Holland brings to life this extraordinary real-life David-and-Goliath battle in a moving, astonishing narrative.

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This book is excellent and dives deep into the lives and struggles of the people who lived on the most heavily-bombed island by Axis Forces in WW2, from 1940 to 1943. The island and it's garrison suffered greatly from fuel shortages for their planes and severe food shortages, and were on the verge of surrender when each convoy of supplies would be decimated on the way to Malta. In mid-1942, another convoy set out across the hostile Mediterranean, but even while guarded by one of the biggest naval armadas in the war, it also fell under attack by German submarines, Italian torpedo boats, and German and Italian planes by the hundreds. One British carrier was sunk with over 260 dead, another was crippled, and the rest were forced to turn back. Thanks to the efforts of the crew on the oiler SS OHIO, which was loaded with critical supplies and fuel, while being crippled by bombs and torpedoes, the ship managed to make it into Malta, along with 3 other merchant ships, and actually sank at anchor after being unloaded! But the convoy's arrival helped change the course of the war in the Mediterranean and led to the rout of German forces in Egypt, since British submarines and aircraft were able to operate out of Malta and sink Axis supply ships that were fueling the war effort in North Africa.

World War 2 wouldn't have been won without the efforts of our own Merchant Marine sailors and the military personnel and civilians that lived on Malta. And this book is their story.
Fortress Malta by James Holland tells the story of the battle for Malta from 1940 thru 1943. Mr. Holland nicely merges personal remembrances with the historical events around the siege. He opens the story by telling us about the British defenses (or the lack there of) and the opening moves of the war in the Mediterranean. Italian aircraft raiding the island and the defenders trying to cope with the attacks. Two topics during the 1940 portion of the book that were interesting were Faith, Hope, and Charity (the Gloster Gladiators that defended the island) and the British attack on Taranto and how Malta contributed to the attack. Other sections of the book deal with the German intervention over Malta (actually twice) and the Pedestal Convoy.

While Mr. Holland is mainly focused on telling us the history of Malta during WWII, Mr. Holland does an excellent job of telling us the stories of the people that were caught up in events. Whether it's the native Malta people surviving the raids, gun crews living there through-out the time period (Army personnel seem to have been there for the duration), the pilots (due to the stress, the RAF was replacing crews about once every three months), or the Naval personnel. My personal favorite was Adrian Warburton and his exploits doing photo recon work. Simply amazing!

Mr. Holland's work is his Freshman work (1st) and is very nicely put together. On an Amazon scale, I'll give it 4.5 stars, but since they only deal in whole stars, I'll give it the nod to 5 stars because of the Mr. Holland's writing style, merging history with personal remembrances, and dealing with a topic that hasn't been written about heavily. I'm looking forward to reading other histories from Mr. Holland, assuming he can do half as well or better.
This is a truly outstanding book and is history at its finest. It is well written and researched, but also fascinating and at times gripping to read. History is not so much about places and events as it is about people, and this comes across strongly in Mr. Holland's book: while telling the story of Malta's ordeal in World War II, he manages to bring to life the citizens and soldiers on the island and their personal ordeals, tragedies, and triumphs. One is left with a reverent admiration for the people of Malta and the British soldiers, sailors, and fliers who defended her during 1940-1943. Very highly recommended.
A fascinating book about a piece of history on WW2, that is hardly known. I was not aware of the fact that in three years time, more german bombs had been dropped on this little island of 30 x 50 miles, than on the whole of England in 5 years. At times the whole maltese airforce was reduced to 4 fighter airplanes. The civil population has suffered tremendously. All food, weapons, ammunition, building materials, etc had to be supplied over sea. Mostly not more than half of the convois for Malta did actually get to their destination.
Personal histories of pilots, civilians have been recorded and described in a compelling way.
A fascinating book. I only reluctantly put it aside for other activities when they could not be avoided.
Malta was the most bombed place in WW II. Here you can read not only what happened, but how different People lived it, the Problems Military and civil People had to go through to survive, the importane of Malta to stop the Axis and how some People understood and other didn't. I want more!
Best history ever. Brought the terror of war home like no other book
Уou ll never walk alone
A moving mix of facts interspersed with the personal stories of many who lived through it. Mr. Holland manages to bring to life in the reader's mind the joys, challenges, tragedies and dangers of living on Malta through those darks days, when it seemed the world had abandoned this tiny outpost, standing on its own and defying the might of the Axis powers. A good read indeed!
James Holland uses many 1st person accounts to convey the challenges the British military faced while defending Malta. The book provides a wholistic approach to how each part of the British military engaged the enemy. Additionally, living conditions and individual experiences are discussed.