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Author: Various,Robert Cowley
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Title: No End Save Victory: Perspectives on World War II
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Publisher: Putnam Adult (April 2, 2001)
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No End Save Victory: Perspectives on World War II by Various,Robert Cowley

This book, NO END SAVE VICTORY is an anthology of 7 unforgettable stories by 7 most respected and well-known military historians. This book offers another glimpse at the seven important events during World War II (1939-1945) but this time in a concise, incisive and enthralling manner. Sometimes, you don’t need to spend weeks on history books to appreciate what happened in the past.

A collection of riveting essays about World War II-often asking militarily, 'What if?'" (Richmond Times-Dispatch). has chosen judiciously, taking us to Africa, Asia, Guadalcanal and other WWII hot spots. combination of solid writing and star power. If you sick of "popular" history books and want to hear from some of the best writers on less often written essays, No End Save Victory is the book for you. Sully.

No End Save Victory is a collection of brilliant essays about World War II by some of the most renowned historians in their field. Essays include: Caleb Carr on Poland in 1939, the only war Hitler actually won; Stephen E. Ambrose on a pivotal battle to take the Rhine; John Keegan on the siege of Berlin; Thaddeus Hold on the King of Bataan; Kanji Suzuki on A Kamikaze's Story; Thomas B. Allen and Norman Polmar on the Voice of the Crane. No End Save Victory will find a large and appreciative audience eager to hear what our era's most distinguished historical thinkers and writers have to say about this most crucial of 20th-century conflicts.

World War II, with its multiple fronts, its massive battles, its appalling death toll, and its far-reaching consequences, continues to fascinate historians and the general public. More than 50 years after the war's end, new details and compelling stories are still coming to light. Many are being published in MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History. Drawn from the pages of that award-winning, authoritative journal, nine vivid essays reveal little-known facts and events from both the European and Asian theaters. This second set of essays from No End Save Victory will find a large and appreciative audience eager to learn more about his most crucial of 20th-century conflicts. Attn: Author/Narrator If you have any queries please contact me at info19782 @ gmail. I will reply as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

This collection of forty-four essays covers a wide range of World War II subjects and is written by bestselling and award-winning historians. Some highlights include Caleb Carr on Poland in 1939, the only campaign that Hitler won; Stephen E. Ambrose on a pivotal battle to take the Rhine; John Keegan on the siege of Berlin; Victor Davis Hanson on the charismatic and controversial Gen. Curtis LeMay; William Manchester on Churchill's failure to influence the French; and Antony Beevor on the battle for Stalingrad  . Stephen E. Ambrose, Robert Cowley.

Perspectives on World War II. by Robert Cowley, Stephen Ambrose.

by Ambrose, Stephen E; Cowley, Robert. Publication date 2002. Topics World War, 1939-1945. Publisher New York, . Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive. Previously published: New York : . Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

No End Save Victory: Perspectives on World War II. What If?™: The World's Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been. Experience of War: An Anthology of Articles from MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History. The Reader's Companion to Military History (with Geoffrey Parker). What If?™ 2: Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been. West Point: Two Centuries of Honor and Tradition (with Thomas Guinzburg). The Great War: Perspectives on the First World War. What Ifs?™ of American History.

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Essays on the most pivotal military conflict of the twentieth century written by renowned historians and presented by the editor of the acclaimed What If?No reader interested in twentieth-century history and the Second World War will want to miss this collection of fascinating essays. In more than two hundred thousand words and twenty maps, some of the most respected and well-known military historians of our time describe the horror and heroism that defined a generation: the chaos of Europe and the Nazi reign of terror prior to D day; the far-flung fight in East Asia and the Pacific; the secret struggle of intelligence services; the final Allied push into Central Europe; and the atomic end in Japan.Stephen E. Ambrose tells the miraculous story of a single American company that captured a bridge over the Rhine-a river Hitler had considered a barrier never to be broken. John Keegan takes us inside Berlin in the Spring of 1945 during the most intense city siege in history. William Manchester reminds us of the vital importance of the RAF's radar towers during the Battle of Britain, one of the truly hair-raising "narrow misses" of the war. In two pieces, Caleb Carr illuminates the only war Hilter won-the Blitzkrieg campaign over Poland in 1939-and brings to life the German "Black Knight," Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, who so inspired his troops in late 1944 that he may have prolonged the war another six months.Essays from other illustrious contributors include Antony Beevor on Stalingrad; Victor Davis Hanson on General Curtis LeMay; Eliot A. Cohen on Churchill; and Alistair Horne on Montgomery.
Reviews: 7
Even with my predilection for comprehensive, full length books, I can recognize and appreciate the nice job Mr Cowley has done in assembling this collection of memorable essays. Of the 46 essays which are divided into six sections, most are written by prominent authors/historians but a few were written by soldiers having first hand experience of the war. Some of my favorite authors include Carr, Weintraub, Beevor, D'Este, Murray, Ambrose, Keegan and Glantz but there are many more noted authors as well. Some of these authors do us the honor of writing several articles.

Though the book doesn't have complete coverage of the war, Cowley chooses wisely on the topics and gives the reader a nice balance of coverage of events on land, sea and air as well as monographs of key people. Some of the land events discussed are Poland, Dunkirk, Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor, Bataan, El Alamein, Stalingrad, Tarawa, Saipan, Falaise, the Bulge, Crossing the Rhine, Berlin, Okinawa and Operation Olympic. The sea adventures include the escape of the Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen through the channel, the sinking of the Hornet and action off Guadalcanal. Probably the most touching story had to do with a gunner on a US bomber. He and his crew were expecting to go home after running their 27th mission but the tail gunner never made it home and in honor of John Gabay his diary of his 26 completed missions are presented. Another personal account deals with a Kamikaze pilot, Suzuiki, surviving the war by being shot down before hitting a warship off Okinawa.

My favorite section which I learned the most from was entitled "The Secret War". The section consisted of six essays dealing with espionage, intelligence gathering, creating disinformation and sabotage. Some of the articles included a secret German weather station on the coast of Labrador, the capture of U-boat 110 and its Enigma machine, the sabotage of several British warships at Alexandria, the attack on the heavy water plant at Vemork Norway. One essay included a series of campaigns that never really existed but were generated to mislead the Germans. The most famous one was Operation Fortitude.

The key people discussed are Churchill, Montgomery, Rundstedt, Goebbels, Slim and LeMay, Rommel and Eisenhower; an unusual but worthy assortment.
There were also twenty black and white maps. They were modest but still helpful. They included coverage of the Poland Invasion, the French Invasion at Sedan, Bataan, Operation Mars, Stalingrad, Falaise, Crossing the Rhine, Burma, Okinawa, Operation Olympic.
The articles weren't always operational in nature but rather had a personal or tangential perspective from within the larger event.

I rated this book five stars for the quality of the essays as well as the assortment chosen. It gives the reader information and a perspective that's not always discussed in other books. All the essays have merit in their own right but taken collectively the reader may see the war in a more informed manner.
a multi storied book with articles by many different writers, all of whom had some contact with their article. by far the most interesting article was on the peppermint group and the alsos group in wwll. that is the very first time i had read about these two groups. that led me to the book, the alsos mission book which was a most exciting book about the german attempt at an atom bomb and our attempt to capture the german scientists andtheir uranium
Yellow Judge
I am happy with this purchase
No End Save Victory provides the reader with interesting and insightful short essays highlighting some of the most overlooked periods of an often overplayed part of history.
Covering the lesser know battles and looking at the performance of the other side, No End Save Victory offers the reader a view at history through the eyes of some of our most famous historians. How many books or articles have been written about the French defense after Sedan? How many movies show the confusion and tenacious fighting qualities of our Phillipeano allies as they fell back onto the Bataan Penisula? These are some of the essays which fill this great volumn.
If you sick of "popular" history books and want to hear from some of the best writers on less often written essays, No End Save Victory is the book for you.
This is by far one of the best WWII books in my collection. If you are looking for a overall history of WWII, then look elsewhere, but if you are looking for interesting more in depth side stories or a behind the scenes look at major events then this book is ideal. The audio version of the book is a very small fraction of the printed book. The first essay from Caleb Carr on the German invasion of Poland is superb and will hook any reader. These are short, easy to read essays great for getting students interested in certain events and encourage further research. All of these stories have been printed elsewhere, but to have them compiled into one book of 45 essays is great. Get this book while it's still available.
wonderful pieces by wonderful authors. Runs the whole gamut of WW2.
I don't have much reading time, but I like the stories of personal trials during battles. That is the best parts of the book.
I've read a lot about WWII - this CD audio book had some obscure tales that I had never heard of. Interesting material, well-produced.