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Author: Lacey Baldwin Smith
ISBN13: 978-0395597712
Title: The Elizabethan World (American Heritage Library)
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Language: English
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Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company; Reprint edition (November 1, 1991)
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The Elizabethan World (American Heritage Library) by Lacey Baldwin Smith

Start reading The Elizabethan World on your Kindle in under a minute. This is a well written book or not just England but also France and Spain. The author provides an excellent overview of the political and religious world in Western Europe. The author is primarily concerned with how the schism between Catholicism and Protestantism affected the political world during the times of Elizabeth. While the author covers the important political and religious figures of the age, the boom only goes into detail on the most important ones and only gives interesting details and anecdotes on a few.

The Horizon book of the Elizabethan world Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove The Horizon book of the Elizabethan world from your list? The Horizon book of the Elizabethan world. by Lacey Baldwin Smith. Published 1967 by American Heritage Pub. C. book trade distribution by Houghton Mifflin, Boston in New York. Bibliographical references included in "Acknowledgments" (p. -403) Also published in 1967 with few illustrations under title: The Elizabethan World. Horizon (New York, .

This is a little misleading.

by Lacey Baldwin Smith. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company. File name: Th. lizabethan. Similar eBooks: The Russian Revolution. by Alan Moorehead by Marco Palacios. Series: American Heritage Library. The Elizabethan world. Original publication date. Philip II, King of Spain. Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3rd Duke of Alba.

The Elizabethan World was a world remade. At the dawn of the sixteenth century, Europe was emerging from an age of ignorance and uncertainty. New lands were being discovered and old ones revitalized. People abandoned the ideals of medieval times to make startling advances in technology, science, and art. Here, award-winning historian Lacey Baldwin Smith vividly brings to life the story of Queen Elizabeth - perhaps the most influential sovereign in England's history - and the age she created

Series Statement: American Heritage library. General Note: Originally published: The Horizon book of the Elizabethan world. New York : American Heritage Pub. 1967. Bibliography, etc. Note: Includes bibliographical references (p. 310-325) and index. Geographic Name: Great Britain History Elizabeth, 1558-1603. Geographic Name: Europe History 1492-1648. Download The Elizabethan world Lacey Baldwin Smith. leave here couple of words about this book: Tags: Architecture Roman.

This book by lacey baldwin smith was published by the american heritage publishing company in 1967. This illuminating history examines "The extremes of anguish and delight "of the 16TH century  .

World War I (The American Heritage Library). World War I (The American Heritage Library) Houghton Mifflin Company 1987 ISBN: 0828104344 English 516 pages PDF 73 MB. The assassination of the archduke of Austria-Hungary in 1914 triggered more than a monstrous war; it set off a revolution so violent that it reshaped the thoughts and affairs of mankind, perhaps for all time.

Describes the social and political setting in England and Europe during Queen Elizabeth I's forty-five year reign
Reviews: 7
A text book - novel combined. I read a lot of this period material. This book fills in the blanks and I highly suggest it for both the scholar and to the interested layman.
Vital Beast
I'm not scholar of this or any era in history so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this book, but I found it to be a compelling read loaded with information on many aspects of of many nations and religions in Great Britian and Europe during this time. Included are overviews of science, politics, intrigues, betrayals, shifting alliances, exploration and of course wars and diplomacy.
I admit to getting lost trying to correlate dates since it was necessary to describe, for instance, the events occurring in the sciences up to some particular date but then to jump back in time to outline explorations or changes in religion. There's a lot here.
I would recommend it.
This was a very good history read. The author covers the Elizabethan times from several national perspectives. We learn what is occurring in Spain, Italian city states , The Holy Roman Empire , and England. The interaction between these political entities is explained and is also intriguing.
Well written and broader in scope than I had expected. Europe and Great Britain were hard places to live then and the religious wars were well presented. I can't comment on the historical accuracy of all this but it kept me interested.
This book gets off to a slow start but once you get past the first chapter it becomes very interesting and readable. The penultimate chapter is also slow reading, as the story departs from the characters we've been following to the Elizabethan's beliefs in the stars, astrology, etc, and personalities are no longer present. In my opinion, that chapter is totally unnecessary to the book, slows it down incredibly, and sad to say, is just impossibly dull. It brings nothing to the book as a whole... one just has to slog through it. Luckily, the final chapter wraps up the Elizabethan age nicely. I definitely recommend this book ... just without the first and penultimate chapters. Editing those out would leave you with an interesting, informative and historically accurate picture of this dramatic age and the personalities who lived in it.
I really liked this book. A nice tight, concise painting, if you will, of Europe in the 17th century with eventual focus onto England and the reign of the Tudors. It was a good page turner, you always wanted to know what was coming next. Not bad for a history book. I like these kind of history books where the author focuses on a particular time and paints a picture not in detail but with broad strokes and gives you a taste for the times. A description you can feel, smell and taste. If you want to know what was going on in Europe in general during the 17th century and then get an interesting portrait of the Tudor dynasty then this is your book.
If you don't really know very much about the era, this book is a darn good intro. and not just a dry listing of dates or battles or such. The author pays a good deal of attention to France and Spain, too, along with some asides about other Powers (including the Ottomans) & writes with clarity and keeps the story moving along---all in all, a good use of your book buying funds.
Short, entertaining, well written. Describes the english as they were: pirates set on getting wealthy by robbing other their riches.