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Author: Sir Henderson Neville
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Title: Failure of a Mission: Berlin, 1937-1939
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Failure of a Mission: Berlin, 1937-1939 by Sir Henderson Neville

Sir Nevile Meyrick Henderson, KCMG, PC (June 10, 1882 - December 30, 1942) was the Ambassador of the British Empire to Germany from 1937 to 1939. He believed that Adolf Hitler could be controlled and pushed toward peace and cooperation with the Western powers. In February 1939 he cabled the Foreign Office in London: "If we handle him (Hitler) right, my belief is that he will become gradually more pacific. Germany did not respond, and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war at 11:15 . After returning to London, Henderson wrote a book, Failure of Mission: Berlin 1937-1939, published in 1940. In it, he spoke highly of some members of the Nazi regime, including Hermann Goering. In contrast, he was not complimentary about Joachim von Ribbentrop.

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Home Browse Books Book details, Failure of a Mission: Berlin 1937-1939. Failure of a Mission: Berlin 1937-1939. In a book of this nature, written so soon after the events recorded therein, there must necessarily be certain reticences. In the first place, I occupied an official position at Berlin, and was then, and still am, in the service of His Majesty's Government. Over 14 million journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. Henderson, Nevile, Sir, 1882-1942. World War, 1939-1945-Personal Narratives, British. World War, 1939-1945-Germany. Great Britain-Foreign Relations-Germany.

Failure of a Revolution: Germany 1918-1919. Rate it . You Rated it .

Doubling as an apologia and as two-pronged propaganda, "Failure of a mission," is about failure Читать весь отзыв. Пользовательский отзыв - neddludd - LibraryThing. This is a self-serving work that shows Henderson's complete misreading of history. He published this book in 1940, before the blitz and before Germany conquered Western Europe, and there is not one.

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Sir Nevile Meyrick Henderson GCMG (10 June 1882 – 30 December 1942) was a British diplomat and Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Nazi Germany from 1937 to 1939. He was born at Sedgwick Park near Horsham, Sussex, the third child of Robert and Emma Henderson. His uncle was Reginald Hargreaves, who married Alice Liddell, the original of Alice in Wonderland

Doubling as an apologia and as two-pronged propaganda, "Failure of a mission," is about failure. But, for English consumption, because of Henderson (and Chamberlain), we've delayed the war, and now we are more prepared and more aware of the duplicity of Hitler. So hail Britannia! But, for German consumption, Hitler can be rational, but the crazed extreme Goebbels and the crazed stupid Anglo-hating Ribbentrop have too much of the ear of Hitler, while good Nazis like Goering and Neurath would be better advisers. A really interesting book printed before Dunkirk and showing the British Political view towards Hitler during the period 1937-39, although Germany may not have been at war with Great Britain during those years he tried his luck a few times. A very good book to use "hindsight" to read between the lines. Hooker Jul 27, 2009.

Failure of a Mission: Berlin, 1937–1939. By Sir Nevile Henderson. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Oliver J. Lissitzyn.

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I'm a Russian Occupant
I don't see how one can say he was a "Nazi Sympathizer", he goes on and on about how deplorable the Nazi regime was but it was his literal job to see the good aspects of them to communicate effectively between Britain and Germany.

I give 3 stars because he seems to constantly make excuses and contradictions. He admits what Germanys aims were from an early stage, and points out the good points that top National Socialists made, without giving any rebuttals other than a general line of "Britain doesn't like some of their methods."

For example, he talks about how the Anschluss with Austria was a negative thing from the British point of view but admits that should Britain go to war the majority of Austrians would side with Germany anyway. This is a recurring theme throughout and seems to indicate that the German view of Britain simply not wanting a strong Germany was the motive rather than "National sovereignity" of Central/Eastern Europe.

Britain did not care about the National sovereignity of their Colonies, including the Irish who they had blood relations with. Simply put the Author tries to paint himself as Pro-British but with an Objective viewpoint, which is false and is indicated throughout the book.

On the Goodside it was a very interesting perspective from someone who had actually met with top National Socialists including Hitler himself, and a must read for anyone wanting to see the British justification of declaring war on Germany and turning a border dispute into WW2.
Neville Henderson was British ambassador to Germany during the critical two years when Hitler was tipping over the dominoes of his initial conquests of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. Henderson was ambassador during Chamberlain's trip to Munich and supported the concept of appeasement. As the world knows, that was a failure, hence the title of this book. He wrote these memoirs as soon as he came back from Germany along with the entire embassy staff in a special train when war broke out Sept. 1, 1939. It is a remarkable experience to read the chatty, personal tone of this account with Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, etc. all spoken of in the present tense and described as individuals the British ambassador knew and often dealt with. He liked Goering, despised Goebbels, hated Ribbentrop, and viewed Hitler as not sane. He had good reasons for all these intuitive judgements and we learn what the reasons were. Henderson goes over in detail each elaborate diplomatic effort to shore up peace, and each betrayal and conquest during the two years leading to war. It is a gripping, beautifully written account of a dire time.
This is an extraordinary book. Sir Nevile Henderson was sent to Berlin as an Ambassador from England to try and make a pathway for England and Germany to continue to respect each other. Thus the title. This is profound. It has been called the best account of the political history during the last days of the 1930s ever written. Yes, the very best, and my husband and I agree. I am going to get another book for our grandson who is in high school, and I believe that he will read it. Every history teacher in every high school in the United States should have this in their classroom and every student in the United States should read it.
Hitler was a mad man and those who were his Generals and confidants went right along with him, and the people of Germany were taken down the road to destruction, and then nobody felt that they could do anything about it. We need to listen up to that...All of us...
For those of us who were not born yet, this journal clearly reveals the events that led up to the start of WWII in Europe...and it chronicles the sincere (but failed) efforts by Neville Henderson to prevent war.
I don't understand how there can be more than one of these, supposedly old, books in stock. I really don't care. This hard cover was in great condition. The dust jacket showed signs of wear, making it appear authentic. I was not looking for a collectors item, however, and this fit my needs perfectly. It is a fascinating work recalling the thoughts of the last western diplomat to speak to Adolf Hitler prior to the invasion of Poland.. Nevile Henderson wrote it before he knew the outcome of the war. His "failed" mission was to prevent conflict between Great Britain and Germany.
Eh, he was a Chamberlain Nazi sympathizer. Not as good as I hoped but an interesting historical perspective from a Chamberlain mentality.