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Author: Ian Baxter
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Title: Western Front : The Ss Secret Archives
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Publisher: Gardners Books (August 31, 2003)
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Western Front : The Ss Secret Archives by Ian Baxter

Featuring 250 previously unpublished action photographs, SS: The Secret Archives - Western Front illustrates in vivid detail the campaigns of the Waffen-SS against the Allies in the west from 1940 to 1945. The book covers the deeds of the Waffen-SS divisions in France, the Low Countries, the Balkans, Italy and finally Germany itself, each photograph in the book accompanied by a lengthy, informative caption describing the subject matter. Events featured inside include the fall of France, the Normandy campaign and the Battle of the Bulge. I purchased this book (SS: Secret Archives - Western Front) in addition to its companion, SS: Secret Archives - Eastern Front - also written by Ian Baxter. First the books are hardcover which is nice in this day and age of cheap paperbacks. The chapters in the book are set out logically and address the battlefield history of the SS from 1939 through 1945.

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The Secret Archives book. This volume, which focuses on the Western Front, reports on the Waffen-SS attacks into Holland and Belgium in 1940; the recruitment of Waffen-SS soldiers from Nazi-occupied countries; its actions at Normandy; its destruction of the British "Market Garden" operation outside Arnhem, Holland; and its actions against American forces at the Battle of the Bulge.

This book is part of the two-volume The Secret Archives set that chronicles the exploits of the Waffen-SS, using information collected from old albums, as well as from newspaper and divisional archives. It includes a wealth of photographs, many of them previously unpublished, with extensive and informative captions.

Featuring 250 previously unpublished action photographs, SS: The Secret Archives - Western Front illustrates in vivid detail the campaigns of the Waffen-SS against the Allies in the west from 1940 to 1945.

This book in the popular Images of War series covers the deeds of the Waffen-SS on the Western Front during the Second World War. With extensive text and in-depth captions with many rare and unpublished photographs it describes the fighting tactics, the uniforms, the battles and the different elements that went into making the Waffen-SS such an elite fighting unit. The Waffen-SS on the Western Front 1940 – 1945 provides an excellent insight into one of the most effective fighting formations in military history. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Pen and SwordReleased: Oct 8, 2013ISBN: 9781473829916Format: book.

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This is the companion photo book to Baxter's Western Front. The cover again states that these photos come from Secret Archives of the SS, which don't exist.
Because the Eastern Front was cold, this book includes lots of snow photos. As in the Western Front book, Baxter lists any photo that he likes as showing SS troops. He lards his descriptions with unit designators such as SS-Gebirgs Division Nord, or Totenkopf, or Das Reich, or Leibstandarte, when nothing in the photograph identifies the soldiers as members of those units. Most are actually Army troops.
Readers should understand a bit about German insignia to be able to tell the differences. SS troops wore their national eagles on their left sleeve instead of over their right breast pocket. They wore an SS decal with runes on the right side of the helmet. The Army wore an Army eagle decal on the left side. The Waffen SS wore distinctive camouflage smocks, easily distinguishable from Army camouflage. SS tankers wore runes on their collars while Army tankers wore little metal skulls. All these uniforms and insignia are so distinctive that they cannot be mixed up. Baxter does it anyway. Here are some samples from the vast numbers of mistakes:

Page 19: "A Das Reich Soldier's grave, October 1941." The problem is that the helmet on the grave marker is the later style that was not issued for several more years.
Page 25: The NCO on the right of the photo is described as an officer.
Page 29: "A Stug advances with a Totenkopf soldier." However, the soldier has no arm eagle, so he's army. That means that the Stug is also.
Page 104: Soldiers in a halftrack are described as SS, but their helmet covers are Army.
Page 118: A tanker with skull collar tabs is included in an SS book. He's Army. The WSS didn't wear collar tabs with skulls.
Page 145: "A typical Waffen SS soldier....," actually has Army collar tabs and an army belt buckle.
Page 159: Baxter mistakes a 20mm FLAK gun for a 37mm anti-tank gun (a PAK).
Page 184: Baxter says that an Opel Blitz truck is pulling a Stug out of the mud. A 3-ton Blitz truck could NEVER, EVER pull out a 20 ton tank. It's actually a FAMO or other large prime mover.

Why does this matter? So what if a caption is wrong? The problem is that wrong captions riddle the book. Apparently there just weren't that many photographers accompanying WSS troops and the number of photographs are few. To fill up his book, Baxter attributes any convenient picture, whether Army or Luftwaffe insignia are present or not, as Waffen SS.

If the reader is interested in becoming knowledgeable this is not the book. Baxter is misinforming his readers on a grand scale, and he's doing it just to pad the photo count.

Enjoy the pictures. They are genuine. Discard the information. There is no way for the novice historian to determine what Baxter says is true or is just made up.
Silly Dog
I purchased this book (SS: Secret Archives - Eastern Front) in addition to its companion, SS: Secret Archives - Western Front - also written by Ian Baxter.

First the books are hardcover which is nice in this day and age of cheap paperbacks. The chapters in the book are set out logically and address the battlefield history of the SS from 1939 through 1945. The history is very brief and covers the main battles that the SS fought on the eastern and western front in a chronological order. If you have a splattering of knowledge and have read about the battles previously you will learn nothing new. The text is relatively well written, although a number of grammatical errors are evident. There are no maps indicating unit locations, so you will have to rely on your knowledge of geography to determine the locations written in the text.

The images in the book are superb, and I was very impressed with the pictorial content. I had not seen 80% of the images. The images depict uniforms, weapons, armour, geographical scenes, award ceremonies and day to day life of an SS soldier. One image depicts an SS dentists at work in the field. I was amazed by the assortment of photographs of armoured fighting vehicles and accessory vehicles. Camouflage schemes and techniques are especially well covered - this would be an advantage to the model maker who seeks to view vehicles with winter wash patterns, etc.

Beneath each image is a detailed examination of the photograph and other information relating to the scene such as unit, battle, time, etc. The author has strived to match photographs with the varying battles briefly mentioned within the historical part of each chapter. Therefore, for the most part the photograph observation notes augment the historical text.

Although the author is portrayed as an expert on the SS, I discovered many factual errors, especially relating to the detailed examination of the photographs. For example: one image shows an officer wearing a Knights Cross with the caption stating he is receiving the Iron Cross (when he already has an Iron Cross on his tunic. Another image states that this is an SS artillery unit in Russia, however, the vehicle and uniforms belong to the Luftwaffe and the location is France. Another image depicts a SS battle group, however, the belt buckles are all Luftwaffe and Army buckles. Another image shows an armoured self propelled gun and claims to be from such and such division, yet the battle badges on the tunic are Luftwaffe and the helmets worn belong to the paratroops. This said, I am not an expert of SS regalia, formation

These very basic mistakes shed concern regarding the credibility of the written observations regarding each photograph.

But, despite these shortcomings, the photographs are sharp, provide outstanding detail and offer an incite into the Waffen SS on both fronts. I would definitely recommend the book based on the photographs alone.

7/10 (text)
10/10 (photographs)