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Author: Steven Nojiri
ISBN13: 978-1470119485
Title: In Praise Of Spies: Ninjutsu's Role In Shaping Japan
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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 4, 2012)
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In Praise Of Spies: Ninjutsu's Role In Shaping Japan by Steven Nojiri

Andrew said: A well written book!Easy to read and gives a lot of back ground information  .

A Public Benefits Corporation dedicatedto spreading seeds of inspiration and wisdom throughout the world just the same japan. Which shows in a very low key way the racism and prejudice that the Chinese experienced in early new Zealand as well as spies. It's exactly the sort of deepening of the backstory that I was wanting at this point of the series.

Originally serialized in the Asahi Newspaper in Japan, it was later published in book format. Steven Nojiri (You?) 2012. 8. Shinobi-no-jutsu played a crucial role in the history of Japan, yet its contributions have become almost completely forgotten.

Shinobi-no-jutsu played a crucial role in the history of Japan, yet its contributions have become almost completely forgotten. ISBN13:9781470119485. Release Date:March 2012.

者 : Steven Nojiri出版年 : 2012ISBN-10 : 147011948X ISBN-13 : 9781470119485 出版社 : BookSurg. 続きを読む). Shikata Ryu Ninjutsu Training Manual【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】. Shikata Ryu Ninjutsu Training ManualProbably you have chosen to pick up this book because you are i. Modern Ninjutsu: A Definitive Guide to the Tactics, Concepts, and Spirit of the Unconventional Combat Arts【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】. Ninjutsu: Winning Ways (Mastering Martial Arts)The mysterious ninja warriors of ancient Japan creat. What Is Ninjutsu?【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】.

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Shinobi-no-jutsu played a crucial role in the history of Japan,Documents. Role of Women In WWI Elizabeth Farnsworth. Pre-World War I Women typically played the role of the homemaker. Women were judged by their beauty rather. Geoffrey Smith, Royalist Agents, Conspirators and Spies: Their Role in the British Civil Wars, 16401660Documents.

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Shinobi-no-jutsu played a crucial role in the history of Japan, yet its contributions have become almost completely forgotten. Based on actual shinobi manuals and intricate historical analysis, this book presents an accurate presentation of shinobi-no-jutsu and the role it played in shaping Japanese history.
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No book on historical ninjutsu will provide you with what this book does. It is not merely a robotic rendition of dryly translated shinobi manuals, but rather give you the bigger picture IN HISTORICAL CONTEXT. A wealth of information on the shinobi origins, the history, the different lines and schools, the different traditions. Historical examples, of the usage of shinobi are given, speculative yet accurate analysis of shinobi conspiracies are presented.

This book is simply golden. While done on a low budget and with a few spelling errors here and there, this book basically condenses all of Antony Cummins' work plus 10 other books on the history of Japan. Cummins, provides de-contextualized archaic manuals that barely anyone wants to read through. This is different, it is a birds eye view of ninjutsu, done from a methodical but not pedantic perspective. Nojiri is not afraid to sometimes give his opinion on unclear matters, provided he has sound reasoning behind it.

You will also find, some very interesting information on southern court/northern court dynamics, as well as what really happened in the Meiji restoration.

A caveat here, is that this is simply history. You won't be able to become a ninja, nor should you. In fact the book concludes with the somber fact that shinobi is dead because it has served it's purpose. Read this for fun, and you will enjoy it
Well, don't know any other way to put it. THIS BOOK IS FANTASTIC!!! It travels into the important, yet often hidden, corridors of ninjutsu. A deep-dive into naval tactics, battle formations, ambushes, and many esoteric strategies of the shinobi can be found here. The way it is written is superb. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a deeper look in the true components of shinobi-no-jutsu and how they are embedded within Japan's history.
"In Praise of Spies: Ninjutsu's Role in Shaping Japan" by Steven Nojiri is about Shinobi (aka Ninja) who were essentially highly trained covert agents in the feudal Japan era. The Shinobi specialized in unorthodox warfare which included the black arts of espionage, sabotage, infiltration, evasion and assassination, and overt combat in certain situations. Their covert methods of waging war contrasted the ninja with the samurai, who observed strict rules about honor and combat.

This book focuses on the "spying" aspect of the Shinobi. Espionage was the chief role of the ninja; with the aid of disguises, the Shinobi gathered information on enemy terrain, building specifications, as well as obtaining passwords and communiques, just information in general to develop plans of action. Overall intent of this book is twofold. First the author wanted to provide a reference to the effect indirect impact that Shinobi had on early Japanese history. Additionally the author has intended for this book to be a jumping-off point for the reader to investigate and delve deeper into the various topics through outside sources. Of note this book contains a significant amount of material that has never been printed in the English language. The material within this book is based on actual Shinobi manuals and intricate historical analysis presenting accurately the role played by the Shinobi in shaping Japanese history.

I highly recommend this book to anybody interested in spycraft, espionage, early Japanese history and Ninjutsu practitioners and historians.
This book contains within it a deep historical insight on the earlier aspects of shinobi tactics, it provides the reader not only with a real feel for the history of ancient warfare, but also with guidlines for further study on the true skills of the ninja. Packed with insights and never before translated material, the author has produced a book that is a must for those interested in the shinobi or samurai way.
Gold Crown
This book gives you a perspective of the shinobi like no other, the book goes into great detail about the two major areas of shinobi-no-jutsu operations In-nin and Yo-nin, and key personalty involved in the development of Ninjutsu.

If you're interested in the shinobi and want a deeper look into history and their operations this is the book for you.
I think the last reviewer might have said it all. This book is so well written and researched. Yes, the translations of the manuals are accurate. I know, I checked. After you read this book, you will feel like you have just gain a great deal of important knowledge and will be thirsty for more. I hope he intends to write a follow-up book to this one. Like the other reviewers stated this is a great book and a must have. I give it 5 stars. I would have given 10 if possible. Buy it, read it and gain some real knowledge.
Mr Nojiri provides quality information and insight about little known events and techniques about Historical Ninjutsu to light in this book!! Mr Nojiri provides detailed insight into Yonin and Jonin methods of Ninjutsu along with iteresting information on sea bearing Ninjutsu in this book!! Recomended buy!!!