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Author: Diane Asitimbay
ISBN13: 978-0975927601
Title: What's Up America?
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Language: English
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Publisher: Culturelink Press (October 2004)
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What's Up America? by Diane Asitimbay

What's Up America book. Diane Asitimbay is the award-winning author whose insights have been featured on FOX & Friends, KPBS Public Radio and in various magazines and newspapers. As a speaker, teacher and intercultural trainer, she has helped countless international newcomers feel at home in the United States.

What's Up America? book.

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book by Diane Asitimbay. An irreverent and witty guide to understanding American behavior that explains why Americans act the way they do, drawing on twenty years of experience helping international visitors adjust to the United States. Unique in its format, readers get a visual picture of the American people in illustrations, pie charts, and informational graphics.

Unlike other books that will tell you what American culture is, What’s Up America? tackles the why questions foreigners ask Americans and no one wants to answer. Why do American children leave their family homes at 18? Why are Americans so overweight? Why are Americans so religious? This book investigates the why, uncovers the culture’s hidden rules, and for the first time, reveals the American psyche to foreigners. Diane Asitimbay holds a degree in international relations with more than 20 years of experience working with international people.

Asitimbay says she drew on her own experience as an English teacher easing international students into American life to write her book, What’s Up America? – a guide that records foreigners’ questions spanning two decades and their clashing lifestyles. The book, which is based on the real questions that her international students and friends have asked her, won a Fresh Voices travel finalist award this year. In her book, Asitimbay takes her readers on a long road trip across the . stopping along the way to discuss cultural aspects of the country’s immense landscape

What’s Up America? will make readers, both Americans and foreigners alike, want to learn more about the rest of the world. Library descriptions. No library descriptions found. Diane Asitimbay is a LibraryThing Author, an author who lists their personal library on LibraryThing. profile page author page.

Asitimbay often speaks about the need for Americans to become global citizens and advocates developing genuine relationships with people from other cultures. Her insights have been found useful to a wide array of international organizations and universities including the . Department of State’s Fulbright scholars, the San Diego Consular Corp, the Citizen’s Diplomacy Council, and National Association of Foreign Student Advisors

Updated and Expanded. by answering some of their most common questions in the author's fearless and frank way. "If this is the land of the free, why are there so many rules?

An irreverent and witty guide to understanding American behavior that explains why Americans act the way they do, drawing on twenty years of experience helping international visitors adjust to the United States. Unique in its format, readers get a visual picture of the American people in illustrations, pie charts, and informational graphics. Original.
Reviews: 7
I am an ESL teacher and have been looking for a book like this one for quite a while. My students want to know about American culture! They want to learn English of course, but they also want to feel part of their host (or new) country. They want to understand informal speech and humor. This is a daunting task for a newcomer, and this short and easy to read book gives the student a good start. My students are at the advanced level and are ready to read this book and will especially enjoy the idioms in it. It will push them regarding vocabulary which is just what I want as a teacher. For lower level classes the teacher can use this book as a resource. The subjects addressed are interesting and will get students talking. The book was also interesting to me. It is so refreshing to get an honest assessment of certain aspects of US culture. Most of the time all I read about American culture is flag-waving propaganda. The author of this book tells it like it is. I highly recommend it.
I've stayed in the US for 11months to take a TESOL course. I've just finished the course and am going back to my country next week. I am very excited to find this wonderful book before I leave. It's going to be a perfect resource for teaching American culture to my high school students back in my country. I've read some American culture books before, but they are just boring. As you know, the title of each chapter tells a lot about what the book is going to be like. Most of books I've read follow a traditional boring sequence: history, economy, demographic informatipon, education, politics and so on. It is just like wikipedia. This book, however, answers questions I am wondering about in daily lives. Those topics are exactly what I've asked about so far. Culture is not about big issues or categories in general such as politics or economy in the US, but about situations that you are facing everyday, which triggers a question "why". I'm very satistied with author's brief but thoughful and insightful explanations. I'm sure that you'll find it very useful for understanding as well as teaching American culture.
I have bought 3 copies of this book now for my different au pairs. Each has absolutely loved it. I have also enjoyed reading it and seeing America from a different perspective. It is funny, easy to read, and has cute illustrations. I also have recommended it to our au pair coordinator to recommend to other host families for their au pairs. We really are crazy Americans!
Phallozs Dwarfs
This is a fun book for foreigners visiting America for the first time. This book explains fun holidays as well as silly things Americans like to do! Really great and light-hearted book.
I'm from Saudi Arabia, but now I feel as I have spent my life in the USA.
Now I know every thing about American culture.
Best West
Couldn't be better!!!
I used this book with a class of international students and regretted my decision. The author does present some useful information. However, much of the writing consists of her own opinions, quite often negative opinions, presented as fact without providing evidence or sources. I'm no flag-waver, but I was shocked at the negativity of the book. Unsubstantiated generalizations such as "We are one of the most materialistic nations on the planet" and "Sex is everywhere in the United States, and available to all" reinforced every stereotype my students already had about the U.S. Additionally, the choices of what information to present contribute to the negative impression the book gives of the U.S. For example, the section on health focuses on how bad our health system is compared to other countries and how unpleasant it is to go to the doctor or to an emergency room. The chapter on education, entitled "Shrinking Teachers and Growing Grades," discusses all of the problems in our educational system without mentioning anything positive. I think this book represents irresponsible journalism. It should be subtitled "One Person's Opinions" rather than "A Foreigner's Guide to Understanding Americans."
Its a good book for understand American people I didn't have any problem with the book