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Author: Bernard Diederich
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Title: The Dictator Beat: Haiti and the Dominican Republic 1960
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The Dictator Beat: Haiti and the Dominican Republic 1960 by Bernard Diederich

Bernard Diederich’s most popular book is Trujillo: The Death of a Dictator. The Dictator Beat: Haiti and the Dominican Republic 1960 by. Bernard Diederich.

The Dictator Beat: Haiti and the Dominican Republic 1960. The Asson and the Cross: The Evangelization of Haiti. It also marked the first time American intervention experienced defeat in Latin America. Bernard Diederich, Somoza and the Legacy of . Involvement in Central America.

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Bernard Diederich (born 1926), is a New Zealand-born author, journalist, and historian. Diederich studied in England in the early postwar years after having participated in World War II in the Pacific. In 1949, Diederich started a sailing trip with two friends that brought him to Haiti, a country that since stayed close to his heart. He stayed and settled down, while his partners continued their trip.

They were accompanied by activist priest Jean-Claude Bajeux. Diederich had known Greene since the mid-1950s and had lived in Haiti for 14 years. He was a seasoned correspondent for the British and North American press and had reported many stories from the region, including Castro's triumph in Cuba and the death of the Dominican dictator, Trujillo. This book tells the story of how a series of extraordinary and often hair-raising journeys gave one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century new inspiration in his writing.

Bernard Diederich, is a New Zealand-born author, journalist, and historian. Somoza and the Legacy of . Involvement in Central America by Bernard Diederich (2007-06-30). Trujillo: The death of the goat.

by Bernard Diederich. ISBN 13: 9780595470877.

In the case of the Dominican Republic, this new policy allowed a ruthless military dictator with fascist tendencies, Rafael Trujillo, to seize power. Despite warnings from those in the know, the . held fast to its non-intervention policy and allowed Trujillo to hold power for years. The book documents all of this as well as Trujillo's well-organized and continual lobbying effort to gain the approval from . officials that he craved. There are even fewer books on the Dominican republic and Haiti. The only books that come to mind besides this one are & the Cocks fight' by Wucker and & of a dictator' by Diederich. Trujillo is best remembered for the massacre of the Haitians, immigrants who had invaded his country.

Author, Diederich, Haiti's foremost writer/journalist, was exiled by Papa Doc to the Dominican Republic, where he faithfully recorded the events of the Duvalier regime. Diederich uses his formidable knowledge of Haitian history, occult spiritualism, and folklore to expose the machinations used by the Duvaliers to enrich themselves. Diederich lived in Haiti for fourteen years and had personal experience of the early Duvalier days and the period of Maloire's rule. Exposes the evil of Duvalier's rule and the tale of how Duvalier undid US policy. Library descriptions.

The Dictator Beat, a nonfiction historical thriller by an award-winning foreign correspondent, and set in the second-largest island of the Caribbean, is akin to a Hitchcockian suspense drama. Two side-by-side dictators-Francois (Papa Doc) Duvalier in Kreyòl and French-speaking Haiti and Generalissimo Rafael (Chapita) Trujillo Molina in the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic, sharing the island that Columbus named Hispaniola-were in the year 1960 each endeavoring to crush rising dissatisfaction among their peoples.Though very different in their personas, the two tyrants bore the same contempt for human life, which filled their respective countries with the unmarked graves of their countless victims.In Haiti, Papa Doc Duvalier, though elected president three years earlier, had assumed virtually absolute power. His murderous "Tontons Macoutes" thugs roamed at will, striking fear into all. On the Dominican side, Trujillo, after nearly three decades in power, was finally losing his grip. Yet his dreaded secret police still cruised the streets at night, reinforcing Trujillo's long siege of terror. The question was: What would be the fate of these two tyrants themselves? The answer is provided in this mesmerizing book by Author Bernard Diederich, who spent years reporting from both countries.