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Author: R. J. M. Blackett
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Title: Divided Hearts: Britain and the American Civil War
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Publisher: Louisiana State Univ Pr (November 1, 2000)
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Divided Hearts: Britain and the American Civil War by R. J. M. Blackett

This book was written by Richard Blackett and came out about 12 years ago. I was wondering if anyone had read it and if so what you thought.

By the 1860s, the United States had be-come not just one of the world’s leading economies but a much-debated exemplar of the perils and possibilities of political democracy– the last best hope of Lincoln and so many others  . Having said what Blackett’s book is about, it is neces-sary to state what it is not about.

Divided Hearts: Britain . .has been added to your Basket. This work explores the passionate political strife that raged in Britain as a result of the American Civil War. Moving beyond Mary Ellison's 1972 landmark regional study of Lancashire cotton workers' reactions, .

Divided Hearts addresses the reaction of the British citizenry to the American Civil War. The author, . Blackett, argues that the British public’s varied reactions to the war are best understood when placed in a wider transatlantic context. He constructs his arguments through the lens of nationalism, abolitionism, and economic ties between America and Britain. The book is divided into six chapters in addition to an introduction. The chapters are organized chronologically ending with the assassination of President Lincoln. A weakness of the book is the lack of a conclusion or epilogue. Throughout this work, Blackett illustrates the keen interest Britain had in the American Civil War. For the most part, Radicals and commoners supported the North, while Conservatives and aristocrats lent their backing to the South. Many British also supported neither side, and opposed the war in general.

Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2001. Pp. xiii, 273; $ 4. 5, cloth. During the 19th century, Great Britain and the United States were the most interconnected nations in the western world, both in terms of their economic relations and their culture. This is an important and readable book that deserves wide readership for its contributions to our knowledge about the transatlantic world during the American crisis. Generally, many English Conservatives and aristocrats supported the Confederacy, while Radicals, some liberals and many members of the working class supported the Union. However, Blackett goes beyond this simple dichotomy to show a more complex picture. Many supported neither side, but condemned both for the wanton carnage.

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Blackett, R. J. M.
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I just finished writing my Thesis on Britain and the American Civil War. Blackett does yeomen's work here in drilling down to find what the popular reaction to the war was. Of course what he finds is complex, but it builds on the more simplistic history that Mary Ellison completed in 1972 with her book Support for Secession. This is a niche book, of course, but it is a well-researched look into English sympathies during the war.
The book is well written and obviously well researched. But it is almost exclusively a book that concentrates on the 'popular' British reaction to the American Civil War. Those looking for more detailed information about government actions and decisions regarding the Union Blockade, The Trent Affair and any other official reactions would do better to find something else.
The book does, though, bring to light the less well known reactions of people in Britain who were affected by the Civil War economically.