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Author: Henry E Mcguckin
ISBN13: 978-0882861579
Title: Memoirs Of A Wobbly
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Language: English
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Publisher: Charles H Kerr; First Edition edition (January 1, 1987)
Pages: 96

Memoirs Of A Wobbly by Henry E Mcguckin

This small book is written from memory. It is written entirely to remind the reader that no social changes, economic betterment, higher wages, improved working conditions, breaking down of prejudice, et. were natural changes, but each and every one was a result of long and bitter struggle. I have written down here some recollections of my first twenty-four years at the center of activities to make possible some of the things we enjoy today.

Although 'Mac' knew and worked with many of the best-known Wobblies - Big Bill Haywood.

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Henry E. McGuckin Papers. Posted January 27th, 2016 by aorchard. The Henry E. McGuckin papers contain a copy of his book, Recollections of a Wobbly. There is no finding aid for this collection.

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Published here for the first time, this lively narrative by old-time Wobbly Henry McGuckin (1893-1974) is not like any other book on the Industrial Workers Of The World. Although 'Mac' knew and worked with many of the best-known Wobblies - Big Bill Haywood, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Frank Little and others - his purpose here is not to discuss prominent personalities or world-famous events, but rather to tell of the unsung tens of thousands of militant working men and women who, in the 1910s, made the IWW one of the grandest labor organizations the world has ever seen. Here at last is the Wobblies' inside story: how they lived and worked and hoboed; how they organized; how they ran their legendary strikes and free-speech fights; how they went about 'fanning the flames of discontent' each and every day all across America. Packed with invaluable firsthand information unavailable anywhere else, this splendid, compact chronicle of a rank-and-filer's exciting adventures fighting for working class emancipation takes its place among America's labor classics. Also included are a 1914 article by McGuckin from the International Socialist Review, and a sketch of the author's later life by his son, Henry McGuckin Jr.
Reviews: 4
One man's view of life as a wobbly. No intellectual pretensions. A straight up tale giving a lot of texture and flavor to the life and experiences of a wob organizer. Good but short.
I enjoyed the memoirs of a Wobbly. The message is never forgotten and it will always be part of history.
Slowly writer
This is one of those real life books that you almost do not believe. It is the real inside look to organize labor in the early 1900s