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Author: Syd Baumel
ISBN13: 978-0658002915
Title: Dealing with Depression Naturally : Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Restoring Emotional Health
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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 2nd edition (April 1, 2000)
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Dealing with Depression Naturally : Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Restoring Emotional Health by Syd Baumel

Syd Baumel, a medical writer, is the author of Serotonin: How to Naturally Harness the Power Behind Prozac and Phen/Fen, and Natural Antidepressants. Using this book plus some free online information, I cured my moderate chronic depression in three months without drugs. 43 people found this helpful.

Damian said: I guess I was looking for more of a how-to book, whereas this is more like. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

dealing with depression naturally alternatives a. · dr carolyn dean s natural prescriptions for commo. The author did his homework. All in all, it was well worth it.

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When the world is too much upon them, some people know just what to do: they toddle off and take a nap. Studies by psychologist Suzanne R. Daiss and associates at Texas A&M University and by others confirm that these pit stops from the daily grind do indeed freshen people's moods and perk up their performance. Many such people would today be diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). And indeed, some people with CFS do find oversleeping helpful.

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It covers many alternatives to treating depression, most of which employ readily obtainable vitamins and herbs, or feature cognitive therapy or exercise programs. Good evening, Syd, and welcome to HealthyPlace. Syd Baumel: Well, the depression bug first bit me in my teens about 30 years ago. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It took until my mid-twenties for me to find some lasting solutions - first drugs, then natural treatments, which I continue to use as needed to this day.

From the cutting edge of natural antidepressant research, here is new information on St. John's wort, SAMe, bright light therapy, and other proven natural remedies for depression. This fully updated second edition explores emotional health, including mood-enhancing fats and herbal antidepressants.

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This book has helped me put together a great nutrition plan which has helped me tremendously. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life, and I now can not recall when was the last time I had a issue. I of course am doing work with a therapist using cognitive therapy, there isn't only one way to get through. The information in this book helps you do your part too.
Only giving this one 3 stars b/c most of the information is already well-known and /or practiced. A good read for beginners but not much new information for those of us struggling to find a healthy alternative.
Worth reading, informational, for myself not an easy read, but informational. fast delivery
This gives lots of information on diet,herbs,and practices.
To aid you in lowering your depression,like any new venture.
I takes a while to feel results,usually other will see the
changes before you do. Positive feed back form other works
wonderfully,remember to set realistic goals. Its like putting
one foot in front of the other. Little bye little you will
break down your wall of depression.
I love this book. It is such an inspiration for me as i am dealing with depression. Keep up good works. Thanks.
The book is very outdated. I don't know how old it is but I didn't feel the info was very relevant today.
If you're looking to treat depression without using drugs, this is the book to get. The book is packed with almost every type of therapy known to cure depression. If there's any academic research on the subject, Baumel mentions the study and also tells us whether it's an uncontrolled or controlled study (something I appreciate as an academic). He usually explains how the study was conducted in enough detail that it can be replicated at home. This means that he included supplement dosages and length of time needed to see results. He also mentions how to purchase St. John's Wort and light therapy devices, which could save hundreds of dollars.

The way to use this book is to read the therapy, see if it matches your symptoms, decide whether you're willing to make the commitment (e.g., am I willing to take B6 for the next 6 months?), and then to try it. I had to try several different therapies until I found ones that worked for me. If one didn't work for me, I would read another section of this book and choose a new therapy to try. One problem with the book is that it covered some therapies in limited detail, and sometimes I needed to look up additional information in other sources.

Before getting this book, I tried looking up information online, but there was too much noise rather than real information to get any use out of what I was reading. This book cut through the noise and gave a concise summary of therapies that I could use to help myself.

In summary, the book is well-researched and an excellent resource. Using this book plus some free online information, I cured my moderate chronic depression in three months without drugs. Thank you, Syd Baumel, for writing this book!
As a psychologist wanting my clients to be educated on the biochemistry of depression and possible solutions, I have found this to be the best of all the alternatives I have read. It discusses all the treatments rather than focusing on one alone, as many books do. It is well written, easy to understand, and treats the reader as if he or she is intelligent enough to grasp a good deal of information. I think this book would help everyone in therapy, and would also help therapists in their attempts to help.