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Author: Nigel Watts
ISBN13: 978-0955328107
Title: Fill Your Hole: Self help - Spirituality
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Language: English
Category: Alternative Medicine
Publisher: Sunshine Foundation (March 6, 2008)
Pages: 114

Fill Your Hole: Self help - Spirituality by Nigel Watts

Find nearly any book by Nigel Watts. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Fill Your Hole: Self help - Spirituality. ISBN 9780955328107 (978-553281-0-7) Softcover, Sunshine Foundation, 2008. Find signed collectible books: 'Fill Your Hole: Self help - Spirituality'. ISBN 9780340487914 (978-0-340-48791-4) Hardcover, Hodder & Stoughton General Division, 1989.

Fill Your Hole: Self Help - Spirituality, Reorientation - Reality - A Practical Guide by Nigel Watts. So, on the quiet, everyone spends their life trying to fill their hole, but you do get hold of something, without knowing, in your hobbies and pursuits, everybody is tasting the same thing! And that’s why you love your particular thing, but that could be anything! Whether you love to ride horses, play golf

Nigel Watts has included excellent tips and examples and "how-to" advice for just about any question one might have. It's a friendly, helpful, wonderful book and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a book like this. 24 people found this helpful.

finding and embodying your true self allows you to tap into the realm of infinite possibility and potential. photo: phoenixie photocase. Every stage of our development serves a purpose in getting us to the next level. Babies crawl before they walk, cry before they talk, and play with blocks before constructing a building. James Hillman, in his book The Soul’s Code, discusses the idea of the acorn as a metaphor for how our destiny unfolds, although the concept of a destiny, calling, or governing image in our soul has been articulated throughout the ages-in the Kabbalah, Buddhism, Hinduism, Plato’s Republic and in many indigenous cultures.

Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Nigel Watts's books. Nigel Watts’s Followers (7). Nigel Watts. Writing a Novel: And Getting Published.

Are self help books really just a big waste of money and time? . I’ve come to realize that by just going out and taking action, you will learn a lot more than you can from reading any self help book. Pick up a few books and read them to get the basic foundation of success. You can find some recommendations on my books page. But from there, it’s all up to you to put in the work.

I often get asked which self help books I'd recommend to read. While I was always drawn to spiritual books seeking for the truth of what is, I never glimpsed the actual experience of spirituality. Spiritual awakening, as Eckhart Tolle writes himself in the book, is not some super-human accomplishment but simple the felt oneness with being. Myrko Thum on 2. January 2013 at 5:47.

I feel self help encompasses spirituality, financial, physical, relationships and many, many more areas of our lives. For each of the best self help books on this list, I give my highest recommendation. Tolle takes readers on an inspiring spiritual journey to find their true and deepest self and reach the ultimate in personal growth and spirituality: the discovery of truth and light. In writing about enlightenment, he introduces you to it’s natural enemy, your mind. He goes further by showing readers how to live in the present moment.

Self-help manuals are worthless. Chuck them in the bin, and enjoy what you've been dealt in life. Janet Street Porter said that, almost two months ago, in this very newspaper. Paul McKenna, the self-help guru's guru, whose works include I Can Make You Thin, is a virtual industry unto himself, with six million book sales and counting.

This is a good title-something new and outstanding, "Fill Your Hole" is a practical guide that brings us back, before you appeared where we find our spirituality at last. Through this understanding and reorientation a natural bliss and intimacy is found, fulfilment and joy. Your hole is filled, as we learn to let go of this self illusion. There is no you or I as such. That's the problem, the great illusion that has held us in too much separation, causing fear, dissatisfaction, that hole. The calamity of thinking we are someone is seen through now, as we expose what we really are, strip naked of what we have taken too be, and enjoy this paradise we are. This has the potential to change our life. We are spiritual, experiencing the physical, but this has been covered over - we are deluded. He gives an understanding, which leads us to let go of the intellect and engage in this simple but profound reorientation, and be found. Come and take a step in evolution.