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Author: SparkNotes
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Title: French Vocabulary Study Cards (SparkNotes Study Cards)
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Publisher: SparkNotes (January 25, 2004)

French Vocabulary Study Cards (SparkNotes Study Cards) by SparkNotes

Series: SparkNotes Study Cards. ISBN-13: 978-1411469983. Product Dimensions: . x . x 9 inches. Shipping Weight: . pounds (View shipping rates and policies). These are some good study cards. You must have additional training and invest the time in learning. One person found this helpful.

pdfFrench Vocabulary Sparknotes Study Cards  . pdfFrench Vocabulary Sparknotes Study Cards.

UNBOXING My Sparknotes MORE Vocabulary Study Flash Cards. For those students sick of scribbling on index cards, SparkNotes flashcards are the solution. The cards ask questions, present fill in the blank troubles, as well as present layouts and photos. On the back of the flashcards, pupils could find answers as well as quick descriptions. Publisher: SparkNotes (January 25, 2004).

French Vocabulary Study Cards book. For those students sick of scribbling on index cards, SparkNotes flashcards are the answer. The flashcards boil down subjects into digestible tidbits, making studying easier. The cards ask questions, pose fill in the blank problems, and present diagrams and pictures. On the back of the flashcards, students can find answers and quick explanations.

French Grammar SparkNotes Study Cards. Format: Other Number of Pages: 1000 Vendor: SparkNotes Publication Date: 2014. Dimensions: . 8 X . 3 (inches) ISBN: 1411469984 ISBN-13: 9781411469983 Series: SparkNotes Study Cards.

Ditch the scribbled-on index cards, these are better, smarter, and more helpful! SparkNotes Study Cards boil down subjects into easily digestible tidbits that make studying faster and easier. The cards pose questions, provide fill-in-the-blank problems to test your skills, and present diagrams and pictures that make everything clear. And on the back of each flashcard, you'll find answers and quick explanations.

2005 SparkNotes Study Cards: Algebra II SparkNotes Study Cards by SparkNotes Staff. Condition is Like New. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. German Vocabulary SparkNotes Study Cards. More Spanish Vocabulary SparkNotes Study Cards by SparkNotes 9781411470040 (Cards, 2014)

For those students sick of scribbling on index cards, SparkNotes flashcards are the answer.  The flashcards boil down subjects into digestible tidbits, making studying easier.  The cards ask questions, pose fill in the blank problems, and present diagrams and pictures.  On the back of the flashcards, students can find answers and quick explanations.

Reviews: 7
I got these to help my son practice French for 4th grade. They don't have homework every day and there's nothing to study except maybe one day week that the teacher sends vocabulary words home. I figured if I got a box of 1000 cards, the words he's studying each week have to be in here somewhere. They aren't going to learn that many words in 4th grade. These are nice, easy to read. The English side is blue and the French side is white. They are smaller than full sized flash cards (which is fine with me because the box is easier to store when it's not so huge). Instructions in the box say: Verbs are shown in the infinitive form and are not conjugated. Some verbs have the reflexive form listed next to the infinitive. Nouns have a singular definite article to indicate gender. For some nouns, the plural form is given in parentheses following the word. [For example, if you add an x for plural, they would include that.] The adjectives are given in the masculine form,with the feminine ending in parentheses. Words that being with an aspirated h are marked with an asterisk*.
These cards are small and difficult to read. I ordered them because there were 1000 and I wanted lots of vocabulary.
I also ordered Flash Sticks as an aid to learning French and found them much more user friendly and helpful. The Flash Sticks are on "post-it" type notes are color coded for gender and the verbs are in another color. There are also pronunciation cues on the Flash Sticks.
These cards do not give pronunciation. They are small, plain and unattractive and the writing on the card is much too small. I paid 9.99 for them and it seem true in this case - you get what you pay for - not much. I won't return them because once their shipping is deducted and I must repackage them, then drive to the post office or ups store to return them, there won't be enough money refunded to be worth all the effort.
Still In Mind
Variety of words... cards are rather flimsy but it saves time instead of making them yourself. Especially for the price, I'm happy with them. If nothing else, it should help having one more tool to use.

Think about how you want to use these though. My husband feels that it will be more beneficial to create his own cards as he learns the words, which I totally understand. I already have a French base so I feel confident using these even though they stretch past the lessons we are currently learning together.
Okay, so it's a thousand random french words, which is great if you already have learned to conjugate verbs etc. But if you're a first year like me, learning random words isn't very helpful. Maybe I'll pick these back up next semester. Also, they are in a completely random order. Makes no sense
I just received these cards today. I've been going through them slowly and they seem to be good. Blue side is the english word and the white side is the french word and part of speech (noun, verb, etc). That part in particular is a nice touch.

I have another set, the "QuickStudy by BartCharts 1000 Cards" (also bought through Amazon, you can find my review through my page) that is tabbed by topic. So I can find words quickly, easily get to the words I'm currently working on in class or need to study for in a test, or simply study by subject, etc (Adjectives, Adverbs, All Verbs, Studies, Family, Weather, Time, Habitat...). Which leads me to my few qualms about this set of flash cards.

There's no organization what so ever. So am I supposed to spend a few hours sifting through them every time I need to study a specific set of words? Also, the cards are so flimsy. They are the size of small business cards, and are thinner than most business cards-even the basic cheap ones. I'll have to go to the store and find self laminating sheets to take care of this issue. Just going in to grab a few a fingernail damaged a few of them significantly.

If you dont' mind spending a few hours your first time going through them and organizing them yourself into a system so you can study efficiently when you need to, then by all means grab these up. I just find it tedious. But, it's not enough of an issue to make me return them.

So folks, if you don't mind the flimsy paper, small size, and lack or organization...then this is your set! I recommend the other set I mentioned. They're much bigger and thicker.
Doesn't provide a way to pronounce the word. I bought these with the intention of trying to learn new words but I had no base of French so they were worthless.
Very happy with these - 1000 cards. Yes, heavier on nouns but you can also buy the grammar version from sparknotes. I'm obsessed with these. Every other option seemed to have way less amount of flashcards. Only thing that would make better is if they had English-guided pronunciation sound-out (ie - trouver - "true-vay"). They DO have the gender (le / la ) listed for the nouns though, which is very helpful.