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Author: Lindy T. Redmond
ISBN13: 978-1882664900
Title: Thinking Quests: Book 2
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Language: English
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Publisher: Prufrock Pr (October 1, 2002)
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Thinking Quests: Book 2 by Lindy T. Redmond

Thinking Quests should be in every classroom! It offers about 60 activities for students. The book is organized by themes and the students can choose from 10 exciting activities under each theme. The activities range in difficulty. A wonderful resource for independent study topics! Great Book! Published by Thriftbooks

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This PDF book include grammar and beyond workbook 1 answer key document. 11th Grade Chapter-1Documents. The activities in this book focus on the basics of letter, number,. Brain Quest Grade 1 Workbook reinforces what kids areDocuments.

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Do your students want "more of the story"? Do they want to delve deeper into the unit or lesson but you feel you must move on because of time? Do you wish you could provide more adventurous learning opportunities for your entire class or maybe just a few students? Stop now! Thinking Quests carries these learners to new heights. The activities presented encourage students to ask "What if…?" Your students will be enthusiastic and raring to go!

Excite and engage your students with the thrill of discovery. Thinking Quests offers over 60 exciting enrichment activities. In each activity, students are encouraged to discover the important concepts being taught through learning experiences that emphasize both creative and critical thinking.

Six major themes are offered, each containing ten energizing activities. Themes include: Animals, Flowering Plants, Bugs, Sports and Outdoor Activities, Parks and Forests, and Weather. Activities encourage a variety of thinking skills and open-ended responses. Your students will apply facts, organize data, classify, create, design, investigate, hypothesize, observe, and imagine.

The activities offer students a fun and challenging way to learn beyond the curriculum and develop powerful productive thinking skills. For example, in "Animal Antics," students identify animals by their unique characteristics, write jokes that incorporate these traits, and imagine what life would be like if they owned an elephant and had a neck like a giraffe. In "A New Ending," students change the facts and the events in "The Three Little Pigs" and consider what would happen if the first pig built a brick house or if the wolf was friendly. Students are then encouraged to select a new story and predict new outcomes. In "Exploring Ecosystems" students create a biosphere and keep track of their observations. While studying the national parks, they design a vacation and plan the entire trip.

Grades 4-8

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My name is Tanita Kelly and I have been a teacher, for seventeen years, at Hollywood High School of Performing Arts Magnet Program for Gifted Talented students in Drama, Dance, Music and Film. Since teaching these students English classes is part of our curriculum, I would so much like to thank Prufrock Press and Amazon.com for having the insight to publish and offer on their site, respectively, the wonderful Thinking Quests Book II by Lindy T. Redmond.

My fiancé bought me this book at Amazon.com, as well as an earlier book she did called Choosing And Charting, which was released by Creative Learning Press. Choosing and Charting became the best book I have ever used to aid students with their compositions. The theme ideas were superb. The wonderful thing, too, is that Mrs. Redmond, in each book, gives permission for teachers to Xerox her material for their students. Every teacher that sees the lesson plans wants to know where I got them. The book is learning gold.

Mrs. Redmond's extensive expertise with gifted-talented students has enabled her to create another gem, Thinking Quests Book II, which gives the students exercises, not just for reading comprehension, but also for acquiring important knowledge.

Both of her books are able to excite kids...to light a fire in their brains. Instead of stories like "Jane and the Poor, One-Legged, Blue Spider"-which generates political correct sympathy and an appreciation for difference, but has begun to beat the dead horse of repetition and make one cry, "Enough already, I get it."-Thinking Quest provides thought-provoking lessons that are designed not only for socio-psychological value, but also, at the same time, allow the students to be educated about spiders and of which ones to be wary.

Each story provides information about something important like ecology and ecosystems, climate patterns, parks and forests, sports, working together, insects, animals, plants and so many other vital issues. Mrs. Redmons's creative problem solving skills are imparted to the students as gifts, which they will always be able to use.

Mrs. Remond's books would be excellent for the many parents in the Los Angeles area who are choosing home schooling due to overcrowded classes and the hours of teacher attention that are mandated for students who do not speak English or for those who have not been adequately educated for the grade to which they are assigned.

I will be looking in great anticipation for any future books written by Lindy T. Redmond. Where does this lady find the time to be a wife and mother as well? Very impressive. Prufrock Press, could you please tell me if Thinking Quests Book I, which I cannot find, is available and if it is for elementary school, middle school or high school?
If you want a book filled with lots of activities and learning opportunities, this is your book! It's the one I'd want to use in my 5th grade classroom; it's loaded with higher level thinking activities and creative thinking activities! This is a must for those who work with grades 4-8!
"Thinking Quests" is a valuable resource for the teacher who wants to bring the excitement of doing research to the classroom. Instead of passive learning, students can actively participate in the discovery of knowledge through their involvement in the many activities suggested for a variety of themes. Creativity and critical thinking are encouraged with a basis in learning standards.
Thinking Quests should be in every classroom! It offers about 60 activities for students. The book is organized by themes and the students can choose from 10 exciting activities under each theme. The activities range in difficulty. A wonderful resource for independent study topics!