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Author: Brad Dayley
ISBN13: 978-0321918963
Title: jQuery and JavaScript Phrasebook (Developer's Library)
Format: mobi lrf txt lit
ePUB size: 1907 kb
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Language: English
Category: Programming
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition (December 27, 2013)
Pages: 384

jQuery and JavaScript Phrasebook (Developer's Library) by Brad Dayley

series Developer's Library. jQuery & J avaScript Phrasebook presents carefully tested, flexible, adaptable code - all organized for quick lookup and easy use. Coverage ranges from the basics to advanced jQuery capabilities, including jQueryUI widgets and mobile development.

Brad Dayley is a senior software engineer with 20 years of experience developing enterprise applications.

jQuery & J avaScript Phrasebook presents carefully tested, flexible, adaptable code - all organized for quick lookup and easy use.

jQuery and JavaScript Phrasebook brings together 100+ instantly useful code snippets and idioms for performing a wide spectrum of common web application tasks.
Reviews: 4
I chose four stars because it doesn't cover Javascript as much as I expected. The topic of Javascript is quite dense, which the size of the book can't do it justice, but it would've been nice to introduce some techniques in Javascript, like assigning new objects to properties of objects and what contexts are used - things like that. The most that's covered is jQuery, which I appreciated the manner of which it was clearly written and concise. In fact, I was able to memorize jQuery much faster in this book than the jQuery pocket reference from O' Reilly and even videos on the topic.

After going at it for a full week, I feel confident in using jQuery - this is because the author always gave practical examples in how to use a particular function, so recalling the code from memory is easy. There are some nice sections like form handling, and some advice like using the .filter method that will go a long way. It goes over event handlers, animation, and even mobile jQuery design. It's these little things that I liked because it gives the reader a direction without throwing everything all at once along with abstract definitions in order to confuse you. In some areas, Javascript is used to describe what's going on under the hood, so that can be illuminating.

I haven't tried out the section on AJAX yet, but I've been having this little book with me wherever I go to study the core languages.

In sum, I think it's worth it if you want to have a working knowledge of jQuery without moving into advanced territory too quickly.
lucky kitten
This is a great reference book for jQuery. It is great for beginners and people who want to learn (with easy examples) how to get started with jquery / javascript. I was able to hand this book off to one of our interns to touch up some jquery ui interactions as well as some basic js bugs and he was able to use this book to help him out. It is packed with examples and should help you on your path of becoming a js ninja :).
This book has been a great resource. It is small which makes it easy to find things and has been invaluable for me when I can't quite remember how do do something with JavaScript or jQuery. I can usually quickly find an example in this book that covers what I am trying to do with a simple code example that is easy to adapt.

For example, the other day I was trying to animate some menu actions and looked at the animation chapter and was able to easily figure out how to animate the show() and hide() functions. I also used the fadeTo() example to animate enabling and disabling of menu items.

It's just a great little book!
It was very straightforward. I like that the text are readable and the page are short. However, a lot of examples I get are only JavaScript portion without an html portion to test the output.