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Author: Brian Azzarello
ISBN13: 978-1401201890
Title: 100 Bullets Vol. 7: Samurai
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Language: English
Category: Graphic Novels
Publisher: Vertigo (August 1, 2004)
Pages: 168

100 Bullets Vol. 7: Samurai by Brian Azzarello

Desiree said: I knew Loop would be back  .

Ships from and sold by Amazing Comics. Ships from and sold by A Visioncomix. Azzarello's comic-book noir, 100 Bullets, remains the best demonstration of his pulpish but modern sensibilities. samurai revisits two characters from earlier episodes. Loop Hughes, one recipient of a briefcase containing an untraceable gun and 100 rounds of ammunition from the enigmatic Agent Graves, is now behind bars and trying to evade a con out to kill him.

Azzarello's comic-book noir, 100 Bullets, remains the best demonstration of his pulpish but modern sensibilities. In the other story here, Jack Daw and his friend Mickey are headed to Atlantic City-site of a pivotal event in the series' animating conspiracy, which remains shrouded in mystery-when they get involved with an illegal roadside zoo, a corrupt cop, and mafiosi. Risso's sparse, atmospheric art ideally complements Azzarello's morally murky vision. As always, the tales in Samurai advance the series' overriding story line, which has now reached its halfway point.

The "Chill in the Oven" chapters are merely average work for Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, while the concluding "In Stinked" chapters are downright dull  .

100 Bullets 1 (1999) DC Vertigo Comics! Brian Azzarello! Low Grade. Shipped with Media mail. 100 Bullets 1-5 Azzarello Risso tpb graphic novel Vertigo comics. Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's great comic 100 Bullets. This lot contains the first 5 books in the series

100 bullets vol. 7: samurai. This seventh volume, featuring the story arcs "Chill in the Oven" and "In Stinked," features a new cover by Dave Johnson and an introduction by legendary Argentinean comics writer Carlos Trillo.

This seventh volume, featuring the stor. 100 Bullets, Vol. 5: The Counterfifth Detective. by Brian Azzarello · Eduardo Risso. In the fifth volume of the 100 BULLETS saga, Agent Graves continues his puzzling behavior of providing ordinary people an opportunity to exact revenge with impunity from those who have victimized them. After receiving an attach� case and the standard 10. 4: A Foregone Tomorrow.

The Eisner award-winning team behind 100 BULLETS-writer Brian Azzarello, artist Eduardo Risso, colorist Trish Mulvihill, letterer Clem Robbins and cover artist Dave Johnson-reunites to tell the story of the baddest Minuteman of all. When last we saw Lono in 100 BULLETS, Dizzy Cordova had shot him through the chest. but Lono always was too tough to die. Now, after the final events of 100 BULLETS, Lono finds himself in Mexico working on the side of the angels.

Brian Azzarello's and Eduardo Risso's VERTIGO crime saga 100 BULLETS continues its collected editions with 100 BULLETS: SAMURAI, reprinting issues #43-49 of the critically acclaimed and award-winning ongoing series. This seventh volume, featuring the story arcs "Chill in the Oven" and "In Stinked," features a new cover by Dave Johnson and an introduction by legendary Argentinean comics writer Carlos Trillo.This 168-page trade paperback returns first to the character of Loop Hughes, who is joined in prison by Lono, and then to Jack Daw, who finds himself in a roadside zoo face to face with several varieties of wild animals — both two — and four-legged!
Reviews: 7
I usually don't read crime comics. But with 100 bullets, I was hooked from the first page. Azzarellos writing. Jorges art. The characters. This is two arcs, loop and lono in the first. Two junkies and a zoo in the second. Get it. Read it. Enjoy.
Great Series
Book came with hard to remove label on the front cover.
Great condition.
100 Bullets is easily my favorite American comic series. It has a great story-telling style and mixes in a lot of elements from movies, and video games. Another great element of the series is that you don't need to have read any of the other trade paperbacks to understand what's happening in the one you're currently reading (although it does help a little to know why the character's are where they are). Samurai (which is a play on the Kurosawa masterpiece "Seven Samurai") has two story arcs "Chill in the Oven" and "In Stinked."

"Chill in the Oven" brings back the character Loop Hughes (who was arrested at the end of the Arc/TPB: "Hang Up On the Hang Low"), Loop has been in solitary confinement after attacking a fellow inmate named Nine Train, just as Loop is released back in the normal cells, with the other inmates, he is instantly warned that Nine Train is out to get Loop. A prison guard (Sgt. Dirtz) keeps hastling Loop (beating him, kicking him down stairs, giving him thinnly veiled threats). Loop just deals with this and tries to go about a "normal" existence in prison, but when he was out in the yard all that changed. Lono (who almost killed Loop in "Hang Up on the Hang Low", and whom everyone thought died in the comic "Night of the Payday") is put in the same prison (framed by Mr. Sheperd for robbing that bank in "Night of the Payday") to recruit Loop into the Minutemen organization. Lono, on his first night in prison, kills his cellmate and gets viciously beaten by prison guards landing him in the infirmary. I don't want to give away the rest of the plot (since I spoiled quite a bit already) but suffice to say it's a really well told story, that is definitely worthy of being in the 100 Bullets series.

"In Stinked" focuses on the character Jack Daw (last seen in "Sell Fish & Out To Sea" which is in "A Foregone Tomorrow" the fourth TPB), and Mikey Metcalf. The two are on their way to Atlantic City when they decide to stop at Mikey's cousin's house to crash there for the night. Harvey Metcalf (Mikey's cousin) runs and illegal "zoo" he charges people to kill the tigers he has there, and sells the various bits of the tiger to various sources for more money. Jack for some reason tosses his gun into the tiger's cage and sticks his arm in the cage (which the tiger almost rips off), truth be told I didn't much care for this particular arc. The only thing of real consequence is the part of when Graves gives Jack the gun (and the untraceable 100 rounds of ammunition), and explains to Jack how the person who screwed up Jack's life was Jack himself. Really this arc is a lot like a cliched action film. Pointless but you don't feel like you wasted your time with it. And it's good for learning more about Jack (a dormant minuteman). So if you love 100 Bullets, chances are you already have this volume. But if you don't it's definitely worth picking up.
Here we have the seventh edition of my favourite ongoing series. This volume we see a return of characters we haven't seen in quite some time. The first story arch in this volume is a four-part tale set in a prison where we catch up on loop, who we haven't seen since volume 3. In the second arch is the return of the drug junkie jack daw. This is a great volume from the creators of the 100 bullets saga. Get it today.
Loop is in prison, and he has a couple of large problems, namely other cons that would be happy to remove him from existence. He gets a third when Lono is introduced to the prison popular, starting off a wave of violence.

Shepherd visits Lono for a chat. In the other issues, Jack takes a friend to visit a guy that has tigers, and gets pretty wild. Scratch some mafiosos and a tiger or two.