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Author: Doug Murray,John Watson
ISBN13: 978-1606901984
Title: Stargate: Daniel Jackson
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Language: English
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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment (May 3, 2011)
Pages: 112

Stargate: Daniel Jackson by Doug Murray,John Watson

Temporarily out of stock. This trade caught my eye as I am a fan of the series and in particular the character of Daniel Jackson.

Dynamite opens the Stargate. again! This time around, they're featuring.

This is the first issue in a 3-issue miniseries in which good ol’ Dr. Jackson takes a front seat in all the action. The story starts with Jackson, Mitchell, and Vala getting back from a mission in which they took fire.

Stargate: Daniel Jackson is a comic book trade paperback collecting issues one to five of the Daniel Jackson comics by Dynamite Entertainment. Dynamite opens the Stargate.

Stargate’s popular character, Daniel Jackson, will be featured in his own comic book in June, 2010! Daniel Jackson was first introduced in the 1994 film Stargate, and was originally played by James Spader. In the television series, the character was played by Michael Shanks. Daniel Jackson is a civilian archeologist and linguist who works with the Stargate military project and therefore holds no military ranking.

Stargate's Daniel Jackson gets comic. Boom! Studios announces a comic starring Stargate character Daniel Jackson. Boom! Studios has announced a comic starring Stargate character Daniel Jackson. Writer Doug Murray and artist John Watson envision the project as a modern homage to the scientist/soldier characters common in sci-fi and horror films of the '50s and '60s. I wanted to put Daniel Jackson in a situation where he had to rely upon his own smarts and capabilities to solve an age-old problem while dodging many kinds of dangers,".

Stargate: Daniel Jackson - Dynamite opens the Stargate. Dynamite Comics (2010) (23 items) list by SA-512. View all Stargate: Daniel Jackson pictures (16 more). Description: Dynamite opens the Stargate.

Collects Stargate: Daniel Jackson ca. 2011.

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Dynamite opens the Stargate ... again! This time around, they're featuring fan-favorite character and resident bad boy Daniel Jackson as he heads off world (through a Stargate, of course) to explore a seemingly primitive planet with deadly treasure and danger all around!
Reviews: 3
I had been looking forward to this book. I wasn't expecting great things, but I was excited to revisit one of my favorite television characters. So I returned home today to find it on my doorstep, and immediately tore into it. I was on about page 3 or 4 when I sadly decided that it wasn't worth my time... but I read on, just in case I was being too hasty. My opinion did not change. Bring back such iconic characters from the scifi genre to the comic page is a very heavy task that should not be taken lightly... and this was a very disappointing effort.

I got the feeling that the author of this story really doesn't understand the characters he was writing about, and probably had never really paid very close attention to the Stargate franchise. After only a few pages, I was finding issue with the actions of several of the characters. Even if I excuse this out-of-character actions as "creative license", then I still have to say that I found it bland and uninspired. Much of the character dialog can be easily interchanged with nearly any other character.

Also, I feel that the artist has failed to capture the appearance of these well-known characters. Many of the figures are drawn very rigidly, and are barely recognizable as the famous Stargate characters (except in that they are referred to by name). However, the artist does realize his limitations. It seems that when he doesn't feel equal to the task of drawing a character, then he either constantly draws them at a distance, facing away from you, or simply shrouding them in heavy shadows. I'm sure this makes his job easier, but that's an issue. It should be about pleasing the comic reader and making them want to come back for more.
To start with I'd like to make mention of the fact that I would of rated this garbage a zero if possible.

Now then, to the review. I'll keep this simple and quick as it's so bad it doesn't deserve nor provide enough substance for an in depth review. This trade caught my eye as I am a fan of the series and in particular the character of Daniel Jackson. I figured that combining a franchise I like with a medium I enjoy (trade paperback collected volumes) and focusing it on my favorite character could at worst end up in something mildly disappointing. I was wrong. There is absolutely nothing of value in this book.

The art is exactly as the previous review described it. The characters are unrecognizable if their faces are actually shown but for the most part are facing away from the reader or in General Landry's case, constantly in heavy shadow. Aside from that, it's just completely lackluster. The only positive thing I can say about the art is that it is better than the story and dialog it depicts.

Again, I am in complete agreement with the previous review. The story was completely lacking in inspiration and that in itself could of been overlooked if the characters were done right but instead they were written completely lacking substance. I'm almost positive that the writer had absolutely no experience with the characters and was given one or two plot points to throw in to make it jive with the SGU. I've simply never read a comic that was this poorly written.

I've someone gives you this to read then they aren't your friend or haven't read it themselves and purchased it because they know you're a fan of the show. If this was the first comic I had ever read I would swear off the medium for good. I hate this book. I want the 20 minutes of my life back it took it to read and the extra 5 it took for the review as I feel like I had a duty to warn in regards to this book. Again, I hate it. I really truly do.