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Author: McCandlish Phillips
ISBN13: 978-0889651159
Title: The Bible, the Supernatural, and the Jews
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Publisher: Christian Pubns (June 1, 1995)
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The Bible, the Supernatural, and the Jews by McCandlish Phillips

This book helped me understand better how G-d views me as a Gentile and how He views the Jews especially in regards to what He expected of the nation of Israel that was chosen to represent Him. It also answered some of my "WHY's". If you are Jewish - esp. a young Jew - I think you will find some of your "WHY's" answered as well.

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McCandlish Phillips was a New York Times reporter for 25 years. The Bible, the supernatural and the jews" tells of the world of spiritualism and the dangers of entering that dimension. To read such a book is like sitting down to eat a BIG steak dinner-you need to pace yourself .

The Bible, the Supernatural and the Jews is an investigation of the supernatural in its many aspects and a startling report on its effects on young people today, based in part on the author’s own encounters. He takes his readers to places they have never been,.

This book, by an award-winning New York Times investigative journalist, will open your eyes to the vast and fascinating realm spiritual lives. But they need not be. Because of the unique role of the Jewish people, according to God's promises, Jews are especially subjected to the supernatural. You'll learn some surprising facts. The Bible, the Supernatural, & the Jews (9780889651159) by McCandlish Phillips.

McCandlish Phillips, former reporter for The New York Times, makes what may seem like a startling claim in his book, The Bible, the Supernatural and the Jews: If you are a Jew, involvement or experimentation with certain areas of the supernatural entails a risk beyond that for the Gentile, great as that is. A Jew who steps into these areas for whatever reason is more likely to experience these destructive effects sooner than the Gentile. The door that can never be reopened slams shut faster on a Jew than a non-Jew.

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Love Me
For such an intense topic, it sets your mind on a course to start viewing the world and the media in a different light. Born in '61, I vividly recall the strong esoteric influence impacting the late '60's and throughout the '70's - from music to fashion, to movies and the explosion of religious cults & The New Age, the Occult saturated modern culture. As I read this book I kept thinking would Mr. Phillips be shocked at the current state of our culture, such as the musical offerings of say, Minaj and Jay-Z (they are on the top of the successful heap [success and true talent aren't necessarily related, Miss M.] but the list is too long for this forum), and the quintessential herald, Gaga; to ignore the intentionally obvious dark symbology and lyrics of the modern pop music, is to turn a blind eye to a deliberate agenda. . .an agenda most of these mega stars don't deny. Peruse their videos and interviews and hear in their own words, about their "alter egos". . .explore the real meaning behind their logos, gestures, imagery, and like a kaleidoscope, the pictures emerge. . .When the blinders are removed, one begins to see reality and behind this reality is a much larger and deeper one, one in which we are pawns, if we allow ourselves to be used as such. We are to be "wise as serpents, gentle as doves". "The Bible, The Supernatural and the Jews" is an eye-opener indeed.
This book helped me understand better how G-d views me as a Gentile and how He views the Jews especially in regards to what He expected of the nation of Israel that was chosen to represent Him. It also answered some of my "WHY's". If you are Jewish - esp. a young Jew - I think you will find some of your "WHY's" answered as well. Though written in 1970 it is amazing how what the author saw then is upon us now.
The author was a reporter on the staff of The New York Times and he does an excellent job on this subject. Not dry reading either but very lucid! Loved it!
I highly recommend this book as a must-read for every Christian and for those searching for solid truth on which one can anchor his/her life. I am surprised how fresh and relevant it is today, considering it was written almost 4 decades ago.

This is a book of great insights. Timely warnings as well as deeply encouraging revelations. It has strengthened my determination to say no to even the smallest temptations from Satan, by helping me understand how deadly and immediate the consequences of giving even the slightest toe-hold to the devil can be. We are wise to be sober and alert and guard our God-given freedom in Christ, with God's help of course, for He doesn't ask us to do anything for which He doesn't also supply the strength to carry out.

I love the way he explains how the supernatural world is all around us and able to affect our physical world, without us being able to perceive that anything is going on, except God give us the ability to perceive it with our physical eyes, like Elisha's servant in 2 Kings 6.

Highly recommend this book as a must have item in the library of every believer in Christ and those seeking truth that gives real not imaginary hope and peace.
I ordered a new one but got a very used one!! Otherwise I like it
You'll learn a lot about the Bible, the Supernatural, and the Jews by reading this book...great research and a must to have in your faith library.
Very good service, the product arrived on time and as described ! Thank you !
A most read for any one interested in the bible.
This is one of the best books that I have ever had the privilege of reading. The author is completely new to me, but the subjects of the Bible, the Supernatural & the Jews are not.
The author declares during the preface of this book that he had in fact initially sat down to diligently write another book on another subject, when suddenly & with no prior announcement, a theme was struck and words began to inexplicably flow with such a rapidity that three & a half days later, some 167 un-chaptered pages had piled up which form the basis of this book.
I appreciate that there will be many scoffers, and many who will undoubtedly approach this book with a degree of apathy or scepticism, but all I can say is that having studied the subjects concerned for many years, I fail to find any errors within what is written here on any of the subjects concerned or matters discussed.
The writer maintains that, above and beyond the natural realm, exists another realm peopled by unseen, intelligent beings. A supernatural domain of angels, demons exactly as outlined in the Bible, that are intensifying their involvement and contact with the human race in what the Bible describes as these `last days'.
A plethora of examples describes with incredible clarity and precision, this spiritual realm together with it's implications for each individual, the human race and the nations.
The book eloquently describes an affirmation of the Biblical and `spiritual reality' beyond `human reality'. Further to this the author describes the person of [evil], his reality, origin, intent, nature & agenda, together with a detailed explanation of the dangers associated with the occult & it's widespread disposition in so much of today's society and the world in general.
The book also examines the unique relationship of the Jewish people to Almighty God, a people who were chosen to be separate and distinct from other peoples and through whom God would provide blessing and the message of redemption to the whole world. The Jewish foundations of Christianity are also examined, as indeed are all the above matters in relation to their Biblical context.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I commend this even to the sceptics amongst you. It is so well written that no prior knowledge of these subjects is required.
Although sadly now out of print, this book is still readily available second hand. I shall continue to treasure my copy.