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Author: Elisabeth Elliot
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Title: Through Gates of Splendor
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Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot

Through Gates of Splendor book.

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Elisabeth Elliot went back to the same Indian tribe with her young daughter and another of the widows after Jim and the others were killed. The Lord used these five men’s deaths to help bring the gospel to this tribe even though it was not the way most humans would choose. First published almost 70 years ago, Through Gates of Splendor has since inspired motion pictures and many other biographies of the men and women who were part of the team.

Through Gates of Splendor, " the story of Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming, and Jim Elliot, was first recorded in 1956 by Jim's widow, Elisabeth. Decades later, its story of unconditional love and complete obedience to God still inspires new readers. Through Gates of Splendor, " Elisabeth Elliot's first book, has become the best-selling and most powerful missionary story of the twentieth century  . The events of this book have been retold in numerous other books and a full-length feature film (End of the Spear). Few can touch this gripping tome by Elisabeth Elliot.

Through gates of splendor. by Elliot, Elisabeth. Publication date 1981. Topics Missions, Huao Indians, Indians of South America, Christian martyrs, Missionaries. Publisher Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House Publishers. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

Through Gates of Splendor is a 1957 best selling book written by Elisabeth Elliot. The book tells the story of Operation Auca, an attempt by five American missionaries – Jim Elliot (the author's husband), Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, and Roger Youderian – to reach the Huaorani tribe of eastern Ecuador. All five of the men were killed by the tribe. The book is Elliot's first book, and arguably her most well known work. com User, May 27, 2003. This book completely changed my focus on missions and missiology. Elizabeth Elliot uses diaries, notes,and her own memories to walk you step by step through the lives of those 5 men who were martyred on a sandy beach in Ecuador. com User, December 3, 2000.

Unabridged Audiobook. Through Gates of Splendor has since become a classic, one that has inspired hundreds of thousands of people. Genres: Biography & Memoir . Religious & Inspirational. Through Gates of Splendor. has successfully been added to your shopping cart.

Through Gates of Splendor, the story of Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming, and Jim Elliot, was first recorded in 1956 by Jim's widow, Elisabeth. xx. Files: Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot EPUB. Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot. epub (. MB). free audiobook version.

The unforgettable true story of five men who braved Auca lances. This edition includes a follow-up chapter that will give readers a unique perspective.
Reviews: 7
Wow!! What an incredible story!!! The deep faith in God shared by these five men and their families shines forth through the pages of this book. The story is written in a straight forward manner which engages the reader. Although the book is written by one of the widows, I appreciate the fact that she gave equal time and attention to each man and their families throughout the book. Personally, this story touched my heart probably more than any other missionary book I've ever read. The faith of these five men is just astounding!! Their willingness to sacrifice everything, including their own lives, to serve God is inspiring and brought me to tears. This book will make you examine your heart and Christian walk. I highly recommend this book to everyone and especially those on the mission field!!!
Point: By faith men and women set aside all that this earth may offer them of success, happiness, ease, and safety and look to a better country, that is, a heavenly one.

Path: Elisabeth Elliot retells the story of the five families who gave up what they could never keep, in exchange for what they couldn't lose. She details the preparation, planning, and mission of Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming, and Jim Elliot to reach the Auca Indians in Ecuador, South America.

Sources: Based on her heavily involved role as wife, mother and fellow worker, Elliot gives the reader an inside look into the thoughts, motives, and fears of a missionary.

Agreement: This story has had a tremendous impact on the evangelical world over the past fifty years. God used the lives of these servants to encourage men and women to reevaluate their goals and lifestyles. It challenges the reader to set aside the alluring lie of ease and comfort which the world tells us we deserve, and press toward the goal.
I believe stories like these do exactly what the author of Hebrews stresses in Hebrews 12:1 - they push us to run our race, laying aside every weight and sin, and looking forward to Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

Disagreement: Although it is highly challenging, this story strays close to becoming a hagiography (idealizing its subject). These men were dedicated and showed true commitment to Christ. But they were sinners as all men are.
This is understandable given the relatively recent time of writing after the event (I believe only several years according to the ending of the first edition). They wanted to caste the men in the best possible light, and there was much for which one could laud them.
With that said, I was very appreciative of Elliot's inclusion of the doubts of Roger in chapter 12, The Savages Respond. I believe in those several pages the reader gets a real look into the doubts and fears which often plague the missionary's life.

Personal App: What level of dedication do I display in my life day by day?

Favorite Quote: Quoting Barbara Youderian, "I want to be free from self-pity. It is a tool of Satan to rot away a life. I am sure that this is the perfect will of God" (236).

It would be worth another read and I would recommend it.
In 1955 a group of five missionaries entered the jungle in Ecuador to bring Christ to a violent and primitive tribe. They showered the natives with gifts and built an airstrip before being massacred by the very people they came to serve. Written by the wife of one of these martyrs, this story challenges the readers and forces them to ask, "How much would I give for the advancement of the kingdom of God?"

Elisabeth Elliot uses interviews, articles, journals and personal accounts to take the reader to primitive Ecuador. This book and these five men have done more to advance Christian missions then almost any event in the past 100 years. The 50s and 60s saw a swell of men and women willing to give their lives to Christ in the mission field. Even 50 years later, countless missionaries site this story as the catalyst for their own service in foreign lands.

These men and their families started out by giving no more than thousands of other missionaries give every day; their comfort, their wealth, their leisure and their normalcy. In the end these men paid a price that few dare imagine. Five decades later we see that the martyring of these five men purchased an army of missionaries and a generation of new Christians from the jungles of Ecuador.

The events of this book have been retold in numerous other books and a full-length feature film (End of the Spear). Few can touch this gripping tome by Elisabeth Elliot.
Elizabeth Elliot shares her heart and life as she and four other families bravely entered the jungles of Ecuador in the 1950's with the burning desire to share the story of Jesus Christ to known "Savages". This book offers a glimpse from the view of the other families, and how they endured such a profound tragedy. It is amazing how the events of this book still resonate in the hearts of people of faith nearly 60 years later. I highly recommend Elizabeth's other book Shadow of the Almighty, which tells the story of Jim Elliot from his childhood, through college years and eventually to the sands of "Palm Beach" where an Auca spear finally took his mortal body. We know that his "life" was anchored in Christ and his real life began on that isolated beach.Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot (Hendrickson Biographies). Jim Elliot and the other four missionaries are to be honored along with the millions of Christian Martyrs of the ages. These books are inspirational as well as challenging. Be prepared for them to change your perspective, and perhaps your life for ever!
I had heard about these missionaries so I wanted to read the book.
It showed their dedication to their "calling" as missionaries. It is well
written. Very relational since Elizabeth is still living and has a short
program on the radio. I listen to it often. I can recommend the book.
It is very encouraging if you are a widow to how the wives coped the
death of their husbands and how God used them.