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Author: H. A. Baker
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Title: Visions Beyond the Veil
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Visions Beyond the Veil by H. A. Baker

Baker, (1881–1971), was an American author and Pentecostal missionary to Tibet from 1911 to 1919, to China from 1919 to 1950, when he was forced to leave the mainland, and then lived in Taiwan from 1955 until his death in 1971. Visions Beyond the Veil – Full Book. Heaven and the Angels – Full Book. Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City – Full Book.

ABOUT THE BOOK VISIONS BEYOND THE VEIL: Supernatural Visitations at Adullam Rescue Home H. A. Baker 1950, Osterhus Publishing House, Minneapolis . Such were the forgotten, uneducated children in China where the Spirit of God fell upon their humble orphanage, the Adullam Home. Visions beyond the veil. supernatural matters that Mrs. Baker and I confessed to each other that these things had already passed to the place where the only resource we had was to believe that God was bigger than the devil. We took refuge behind the promise of God that we had before found safe, the promise that those who sought the Father for bread would not get a stone; those who sought a fish would not get a serpent; those who sought an egg would not get a scorpion; those who with pure motives, like these children, sought the Holy Spirit would not.

This book documents the visions and miracles that happened when revival broke out in their midst. The children saw angels, demons, heaven, hell, etc. They related their experiences to missionary H. Baker and his wife Josephine, who oversaw the orphanage where the children lived. The visions changed the children's lives and behaviors. The children would lay or sit still for hours as if in a trance, and would reported their visions to the Bakers, who faithfully documented them. 5. The complete harmony of these visions covering numberless details is beyond any natural explanation. Even the most ignorant children, who could easily be confused on cross questioning, whether questioned singly or in groups, gave as clear and uniform answers to questions covering great numbers of details as could possibly have been given by eye witnesses of anything.

In his book: Visions Beyond the Veil he tells the story of a group of orphans that he and his wife care for. He describes how the children are taken into heaven together and sometimes separately during times of prayer and worship. When questioned separately, their stories match each of the others in precise accurate detail. They meet with angels and eat food of heaven and try to bring it back in their pockets. They are shown hell as well and the New Jerusalem H. Baker is Heidi Baker's father. Harold Armstrong Baker (1881–1971), known as . Baker, was an American author and Pentecostal missionary to Tibet from 1911 to 1919, to China from 1919 to 1950, when forced to leave the mainland, and then in Taiwan from 1955 until his death in 1971. With his wife and co-worker Josephine, Pastor Baker began the Adullam Rescue Mission for street children in Yunnan Province, China.

A. Baker (1882-1971) and his wife, Josephine, were missionaries to Tibet from 1911 to 1919 before returning to their home in America for several years, believing their missionary days were over, due to sickness. But God soon called them to China, to the southwest corner of the Yunnan province. There they settled in a little town called Kotchiu that was home to brigand robbers and said to be the worst town in all of China  . H. Baker wrote of these events in his classic book Visions Beyond the Veil.

Ships from and sold by GreenIceMedia. Baker was a missionary who chose the furthest reaches of south-west China as his field of service. He persevered in dedicated service for years, apparently without fruit, until the Holy Spirit came into his life in power. From then on he witnessed one of the most wonderful outpourings of God's Spirit recorded in all of Church history - the subject ofVisions Beyond The Veil.

Visions beyond the veil. by Baker, H. Publication date 1973. Topics Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Church work with children, Visions. Epub FB2 mobi txt RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format.

Visions Beyond the Veil – Livre audio de H. Baker. Lu par William Crockett. Accédez instantanément à tous vos livres préférés. Aucun engagement mensuel. coutez-les en ligne ou hors connexion via Android, iOS, Chromecast, le Web et l'Assistant Google "It seemed most wonderful how the Spirit revealed to these simple believers, who had only heard of the Bible for a few months, the things of Christ, His salvation, and the things of the future by visions of the unseen worlds. Baker Harold Armstrong Baker was the grandfather of Rolland Baker - husband of Heidi Baker of IRIS Ministries. He and his wife were missionaries to China during the 20th century. This book discusses different visions that should not only excite the believer, but encourage him to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

Originally published many years ago, this outstanding book, now revised, is still fresh and challenging to us today. It tells the story of a group of children—mostly street beggars and orphans—living in the Adullam Rescue Mission in Yunan Province, China, under the care of missionaries H. A. Baker and his wife —the grandparents of Rolland Baker, founder of IRIS Ministries in Mozambique.

These children experienced an immense and incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit—so great that they literally "experienced Heaven" through visions, were aware of the presence of angels, and were able to describe in great detail what they saw. The result of these experiences of God was fervent passion for worship, the Word of God, and prayer.

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The supernatural events happening to the orphanage children were both inspiring and fascinating. I have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit through the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church and ecumenical Pentecostal gatherings. I deeply believe these events took place as described in book. Simila events in all Christian denominations have taken place and are taking place right now. Kibeho in Rawanda amongst school children in the 1980's is one such example. At the same time one pagan Rawandan farm boy of 15 years started having visions of Jesus, prophesied and eventually was baptised a Christian and was sent by Jesus on an evangelical mission around Rawanda and the Congo before dying in the genocide of 1994. His name is Segatashya. Some of the other children were sent on preaching missions to the villages in the old prophetic style with stick in hand. Thousands of African Pilgrims would go to Kibeho to listen to the children and watch them have visions of Jesus and his Mother Mary. All the injuries from the long march were often spontaneously healed on mass. Food was often provided miraculously along the journey.
Oh my goodness. This is an amazing book! The pure simple faith of these children allows God to do the supernatural for the encouragement of all who read. A vivid reminder that we're in a spiritual battle with "spirits", but we have a mighty and all-powerful God who gives us personal power by His Holy Spirit and a beautiful promise of heaven for our eternal future! Thank you Jesus.
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If you are a children's minister this is a must read.
If you are a parent this is a must read.
If you are a young person this is a must read.
If you desire to intimately know the Holy Spirit this is a must read.
If you are a children's ministry volunteer this is a must read.
If you desire to see children from our generation experience the Love of God this is an absolute must read.
I have been reading it to my five children and they absolutely love it.
I have been also reading portions of it to the children at our church, and they cant wait until each Sunday when Ms. Kenia tells them another true story of the Holy Spirit living in Children.
God loves children. And His great love for orphans is clearly on display in this book. When two adults keep from interfering with Holy Spirit's interactions with a house full of children - that is a miracle in itself! And you can tell by reading this book that there were too many miracles for them to even write about. God awakened the hearts and imaginations of these precious children in ways that gave them strength, security, joy, boldness, and bliss - and made them know that they were not orphans in His eyes. They were accepted, loved, and cherished - and they knew it. I have "loaned" this book out a few times - and every time, I have to buy another one for myself. Great book!
Confirmation through testimonies of who God is to us, as a teacher, healer, physichiatrist . All through the Holy Spirit available if only we would spend time on our knees in prayer. Meant so much to me to read this book as I myself being native American was filled with Gods love and instant deliverance from alcohol/tobacco addiction in my own living room as I was on my knees in prayer back in Feb. 1978.
This is a very interesting story. It does match accounts from the Welsh revival of children having visions from God. God is still moving heaven and earth through his son Rolland. Wonderful family, wonderful Jesus.
God in His great compassion , mercy and love, revealed life in the Kingdom , the death of life apart from Jesus Christ. For our encouragement and joy, our Lord revealed the greater reality of His Holy Word and the beauty and marvelous Kingdom. It is a .message to Christian s to encourage us on our journey. It is a message of truth and an admonition to the unbeliever. Jesus is the. only way to our Creator God.
An excellent documentary of supernatural revelations manifesting through children who have next to no knowledge of these things in scripture; yet their experiences verify God's Word. Many theologians won't even admit to this; to their regret for sure. More importantly here is valid empirical evidence for unbelievers, doubters and other outsiders concerning God's will, plans and future events that will occur soon. In addition, it is further proof of the parallel universe (albeit concentric) that we live in, through the experience of children (who could NOT make any of this up). Rev. John H.