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Author: Tracie Peterson
ISBN13: 978-0764221125
Title: A Shelter of Hope (Westward Chronicles, Book 1)
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Publisher: Bethany House Pub; English Language edition (August 1, 1998)
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A Shelter of Hope (Westward Chronicles, Book 1) by Tracie Peterson

Westward Chronicles Book 1. Get A Copy. Convinced she has murdered the man, she steals his horse and gun and flees, leaving the remote mounta In Tracie Peterson’s A Shelter of Hope, Simone Dumas’s childhood has been fraught with terror, murder, and emotional and physical abuse. In an ultimate act of betrayal, her father sells her, along with his property, to another man.

Books in Westward Chronicles (3 Book Series). Page 1 of 1Start OverPage 1 of 1. Previous page. Tracie Peterson is a full-time author who has written over fifteen books, both historical and contemporary, including Entangled, Framed, Controlling Interests, and A Shelter of Hope. She and her family live in Kansas.

Tracie Peterson - - A Shelter of Hope (html)/A Shelter of Hope. She had begun to read at the age of three, and by the time she was seven, the Bible didn’t seem such a difficult book to master. Of course, reading and understanding the meanings were two different things, her mother had often told her. Simone shuddered and hugged her legs tighter.

By: Tracie Peterson Relase Date: 2005-08-01 Genre: Religious, Fiction & Literature. I cannot believe I finished this book. I do not think I had read maybe one or two chapters and I was going to quit reading this book and then there I was hooked. This story can tear your heart out of your body one minutes and then things were so beautiful. Yes Ms Tracie Peterson is a wonderful writer. When I see one of her books listed you can be sure I will select it.

Westward Chronicles Book Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 10 years ago. THE WESTWARD CHRONICLES is a delightful three-book series set around The Harvey House, an establishment offering fine dining along the stops of frontier rail travel. Each book highlights a Harvey Girl and the circumstances and situations that brought them to serve at the Harvey House. Originally published in 1999-2000, THE WESTWARD CHRONICLES were re-packaged in 2005. A sucker for the Old West, I enjoyed the simple charm of these books and the loveable characters created by Tracie Peterson.

Jeffery O'Donnell is captivated by the mysterious Simone, who arrives at his office hoping to acquire a position as a Harvey Girl at the popular way-stops along the frontier rail line. Jeffery is torn, however, when he suspects that Simone may harbor a disturbing secret. Westward Chronicles Book 1. Show more.

About book: In Tracie Peterson’s A Shelter of Hope, Simone Dumas’s childhood has been fraught with terror, murder, and emotional and physical abuse. Convinced she has murdered the man, she steals his horse and gun and flees, leaving the remote mountain settlement she has called home for seventeen years. She takes a job as a Harvey girl.

The Westward Chronicles Series. Love–familial and romantic–is at the heart of the last book in Tracie Peterson’s WESTWARD CHRONICLES series. One sister goes to extreme lengths to help her twin catch the man of her dreams and in the process may have just found a beau for herself as well. A Veiled Reflection continues the series’ success of touching stories that evoke the world of the frontier Harvey Houses. Tender and humorous, the book’s inimitable characters will take on a life of their own when you look into A Veiled Reflection.

After years of living with her father's cruelty and the isolation of the vast Wyoming Territory, Simone Dumas escapes to get a position as a Harvey Girl where her employer, Jeffery O'Donnell, tries to uncover her dark secret
Reviews: 7
As usual, Tracie Peterson has woven a very well written story of the old West. How she could ever imagine the sordid beginnings of the life she has portrayed is beyond my comprehension, but I hope she keeps up the good work.
The beginning of Simone's life & this book was actually different than so many of the author's other books but to understand Simone, you need to know of her beginnings -though very sad & disturbing.
Plus knowing of her beginnings also brings about why she ran.
Overall a very good book.

And I do want to state that Simone's story does end & Book#2 is about Rachel (& though I've not read yet, perhaps Simone will find out about her mother's family - but maybe not - even so, this story is about Rachel - so it is ok not to have to read #2 to continue #1 like other books are)
Hidden Winter
Loved this book. Suspense from beginning to end. Tracie Peterson is a fairly new author to me but I'm really enjoying her books. Clean Christian fiction.
Not a single one of Tracie's books can go unread.
She is a marvellous writer and wonderful Christian woman.
Pick up any of her books and grab a blanket and a cup of tea and jump into the world Peterson creates.
Can't wait for a new one and then retread some of the older ones.
Thank you Tracie and may God Bless you.
Yellow Judge
I've been a huge fan of Tracie Peterson since she wrote the Kit Shannon books with James Scott Bell. This has been the most amazing book ever of all her books, and she has authored and co-authored many. When I first started reading this book, I wanted to close it. It was too gruesome , it was too horrifying, but Tracie ' s writing drew me in. When (and I do mean 'when ' because after reading this, you will want to read all her books )you finish reading this, you will be amazed at the awesome talent this writer has that could write such a horrifying tale as this and turn around and write such winsome books (Striking a Match series). As I said, this book drew me in. At times, I was horrified, other times, my knees were knocking and my heart pounding what was going to happen on the next page, then I'd be outraged, then smiling. You have got to read this book!!!!
The love story of Simone & Jeffery against the backdrop of the Harvey Houses is almost minor in comparison to the greater story of Simone Dumas.

There are stories within stories in "A Shelter of Hope." Violence against women, murder used so willy nilly through hate & greed, the innocence of a child stripped from a small human, the search for survival, the old west justice system & last but certainly not least the love & caring of an all powerful, awesome God.

Take the time to read this book slowly & with care, there is so much to learn & appreciate about its contents. Enjoy
This book was a blessing to read. That said there is human cruelty regarding Simone Dumas for most of her life. Now 17, she runs away. You'll have to read why.
She applies as Simone Irving, to be a Harvey Girl with Jeffery O'Donnell. He accepts her immediately & leave by train the next morning for Topeka, Kansas.
The Harvey House restaurants are at Santa Fe Railroad depots.
There are many more characters, trouble & will Simone ever be able to trust people or ever able to love & return to God being in here life.
There are very detailed descriptions of heinous murders. All in all a very inspirational book.
I really had difficulty​ putting this book down. This was a very exciting story! The plot started with the main character having a terrible childhood and it get worse as she flees for her life. Her bitterness could distroy any hope of her life having a happy ending if not for God's love and grace