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Author: Beverly Lewis
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Title: The Sunroom
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Publisher: G K Hall & Co (October 1, 1998)
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The Sunroom by Beverly Lewis

When I was twelve, I made a naIve, yet desperate pact with God to keep. Beverly Lewis has written a beautiful yet heart-wrenching story of a young girl's struggle with life, death, and change. You will find lessons about love, trust, and faith while reading this simple yet elegant acccount. You will weep, then rejoice in the final chapters!

About book: I really did not expect the ending in this book. It worked well and was great to read. So many times we force our will upon the Lord, but it is so much better when we look for signs and cues pointing us in his direction, guiding our lives with his will. This book would make a fabulous coping mechanism to a tween girl whose mother is dying, but also others can learn from it as well. There are things that we do not understand in life, but really we have to give it to God and then everything will be okay. I really enjoyed that the mother didn't die.

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When I was twelve, I made a naïve, yet desperate pact with God to keep my ailing mother alive  . As the daughter of a country preacher in Lancaster County, Becky knows well the significance of sacrifice, and in her bargain with God, she vows to exchange her most cherished possession for her mother's life. General's sunroom window.

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When Becky Owens learns of her mother's critical illness, she makes a pact with God promising to give up her piano and love for music in exchange for a divine extension of her mother's life. A surprise reunion and a lesson in unconditional love compel Becky to rethink her "deal" with God, and the hospital sunroom becomes a place where miracles happen. Becky's journey of faith as she comes to a new realization of a love beyond limits is an inspiring, tender and unforgettable tale.
Reviews: 7
This was a very interesting book, the author told it in the first person, from her journals when she was a child. It is about her mother's illness and how she and her sister lived through it and what their thoughts and impressions were. This was during the time when children under the age of 12 were not allowed to visit patients.

The story was well written and interesting and I definitely read all of the book, the story was very good and grabbed my attention, my only problem was the ending. It jumped from her mother being in the hospital again, to the present and then didn't explain anything. I was a bit befuddled but it isn't a huge issue. I enjoyed the book and would read others by this author. First person doesn't bother me, so no problem there.

This is an inspirational book but, I couldn't and can't tell if it was meant for teens - again I don't have a problem but I'd like to know. Her bio mentions books for children but not much about adult.
Young girl of twelve goes through many emotions and heartaches trying to deal with a serious illness of her mother who had encouraged her every day with her gift of music. Having her mother in the hospital separates her from her beloved encourager and also causes her to take on the responsibility of a younger sister and father. She prays and seeks to know what God would have her do for Him in order that He might heal her mother's illness and comes to a very difficult and wrong decision. The book is hard to put down for it keeps you in suspense and wanting to know
just how God will work in all this.
The sunroom deals with the struggle of a teenage girl in the face of her mother's serious illness. There were so many parts of this book, I could relate to. Just when you think that the mother is going to die, that it will be their last Mother's Day together. God steps in and does something totally unexpected and years later you see the results of it. This is a good read. You will experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you walk through the mothers illness with them.
The Sunroom is an incredibly captivating story. I felt the emotions of each character as if i was in story, too. It invited me to hope and trust for a miracle, which was not revealed until the last few paragraphs. It's a book that beckons you to keep reading to the finish.
After purchasing this book months ago I just got around to reading it. It is well written
as usual as all of Beverly Lewis books are. It did however take me a few days to get
thru it even though it is a shorter book. It has a good storyline and you find yourself
feeling for the characters. It has as real charming ending. I would recommend it to those wanting a good Christian book to read.
Beverly Lewis always brings her characters to life and this book is no different. Reading the journey of a young girl, becoming a young woman while fearing for her mother's life is both poignant and familiar. God is good all the time.
Sad - about young girl's yearning for mother, possibly dying of Cancer. The only thing wrong with book is the story doesn't continue with the mother's return home. Her recovery is written - as addendum - by author - after end of story.
What a beautiful story. You need to keep a hanky close by.thanks Beverly Lewis. I love reading your books always.