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Author: Renee Ertl,Beth Wiseman
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Title: Plain Proposal (A Daughters of the Promise Novel)
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Publisher: Oasis Audio; Unabridged edition (March 29, 2011)

Plain Proposal (A Daughters of the Promise Novel) by Renee Ertl,Beth Wiseman

One of the Daughters of the Promise series. Beth Wiseman is a gifted author who obviously writes from the heart. Well-written with good characterization and believable dialogue. WARNING: Spoilers Plain Promise is a compelling novel about a wealthy modern man, Kade Saunders who, despite his wealth and fame, is not content or happy after his wife leaves him and he realizes that girls and people in general were only interested in him for his money. He comes to Lancaster county looking for peace while renting a cabin from young widow, Sadie Fischer.

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Stephanie S Atkinson.

Miriam's heart is set on having a future with Saul Fisher. When rumors circulate that Saul may be leaving the community, Miriam makes a bold claim: she will stand by him, either way. As Miriam and Saul make plans, God reveals things to Miriam that make her think twice. Inspired by a true story, Beth believes this is the book she’s been working toward for a long time. 2015 brings Beth back to the Pennsylvania Amish with her new series, Amish Secrets.

by Wiseman, Beth, 1962-. Publication date 2009. Publisher Nashville : Thomas Nelson. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; china; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive.

Plain promise: Sadie Fisher wonders if she'll ever find true love again after the death of her husband. When wealthy Englischer Kade Saunders rents her guest cottage for a month, Sadie's world is turned upside-down. Kade has a five-year old autistic son who is unexpectedly left in his permanent care. As Sadie's feelings for the child grow, so do her feelings for Kade. Will the direction she's been heading since birth be suddenly derailed, and who will stand by her convictions - mother or daughter?Plain proposal: Miriam Raber enjoys life in her Amish community, and she is hopeful that Saul Fisher will propose to her soon. But when Saul starts talking about leaving, Miriam imagines what her life might look like as an Englischer.

Tagged as christian, contemporary, amish. Just when Carley is getting used to the quiet nature of the Plain community, Lillian and Samuel's son falls ill. But the local doctor who can offer the most help has been shunned by the community and forbidden to intervene. As David's condition deteriorates, Dr. Noah determines to do whatever it takes to save the boy's life. Carley is caught in the middle-drawn to Noah, wanting to be helpful in the crisis-and confused by all their talk about a God she neither knows nor trusts. Carley must decide what in life is worth pursuing.

Narrated by Renee Ertl. Miriam secretly vows to follow Saul no matter what the future holds. She never thought that future might take them away from their Amish. series A Daughters of the Promise Novel You have this audiobook. Listen to your audiobook on Apple (iOS) or Android phones and tablets.

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Beth Wiseman is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Daughters of the Promise, Land of Canaan, and Amish Secrets series, as well as novellas that have been included in many bestselling collections such as An Amish Year and An Amish Garden. Visit her online at BethWiseman. Библиографические данные. Plain Proposal A Daughters of the Promise Novel (Том 5).

Miriam secretly vows to follow Saul no matter what the future holds. She never thought that future might take them away from their Amish community. Miriam Raber could have her pick of any of the eligible bachelors in Lancaster County. But she only has eyes for one . . . Saul Fisher. He captured her heart years ago, and she’s never looked back. Even when rumors circulate that Saul may leave their Amish community to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime apprenticeship, Miriam makes a bold assertion: she will stand by him, whether he stays or he goes. Saul Fisher has experienced an inordinate amount of loss in his short life. Raising his two brothers and caring for a grieving father who privately seeks solace in the comfort of his homemade wine, Saul has kept his father’s drinking from the community. But if he leaves Lancaster, the burden of secrecy will be left to his young brothers. How does he balance this with the dream that burns bright within him? As Miriam and Saul consider leaving their lives behind, God starts revealing things to Miriam that make her think twice about what it means to be a Daughter of the Promise, and what it means to make a home.

Reviews: 7
My rating 4.25.

Miriam Raber, at eighteen, is a lovely young woman who hasn’t dated in her Amish community as she is waiting for the right boy. She has believed for years that Saul Fisher is the one for her. This troubles her mother as it is well known that Saul has had a couple of rumbles and now there are rumors that he has plans to leave the community. Why can’t Miriam be interested in Jesse who is interested in her? Jesse is handsome, kind, hardworking and an excellent choice for a partner.

Miriam is looking forward to her first outing with Saul when she learns that her cousin, Shelby, has arrived from the city. Shelby is disgruntled and wary after suffering through her parents’ divorce and getting herself into a bit of trouble which has resulted in her being ‘sent away’ to her Amish cousins. The Amish farm is a culture shock for Shelby and Miriam tries her best to make her feel welcome.

Saul cares for Miriam and wants the chance to spend time with her even though he knows he shouldn’t. He has dreams that will take him to the city if only things remain smooth at his home so he can comfortably leave his younger brothers with their father. But their father is still having struggles after the death of Saul’s mother and sister. Saul is torn between protecting his family, wanting to be with Miriam and pursuing his dream.

Miriam believes that she is willing to be with Saul no matter where he goes but she doesn’t understand his moods as he seems to be pushing her away. She doesn’t yet know the extent of his dreams or his home problems. Will she still be supportive when she learns the full truth?

Initially Miriam’s mother is judgmental of Saul and later misjudges Shelby for influencing Miriam. Later her father becomes controlling as he fears Miriam may choose to leave the community.

Miriam’s parents are walking a fine line between trying to hold on to their beloved daughter and allowing her freedom to make her own decisions. Saul is hiding secrets at home rather than seeking help from others in their community. Shelby is finding her way to rebuilding her relationship with God as she discovers benefits and peace in the simple lifestyle of the Amish community.

This is a sweet story with likeable characters. It reads quickly and easily and the conflicts create a good plot. I really like the premise of what it means to be “a Daughter of the Promise”. There are several faith issues reflected and there are good discussion questions at the end. There are also some yummy recipes. (I’m eager for my hubby to make the Overnight Blueberry French Toast.) I recommend this to readers who enjoy Amish romances.
I like Beth Wiseman's other books but this was just too sweet. It was very drawn out but tied up neatly at the end. The book did not keep my interest but I did finish it.
Would I recommend it? Not really. It's not bad but it was not a page turner. The writing was Ok but this was like the Hallmark Saturday night movies that are so sweet you get cavities.
I like Amish books that feel a little more true to life. In my life I've never met people as perfect as those portrayed here. While there was a little conflict and some anger they still always behaved perfectly. Even the Amish I bet have times when they don't behave rationally. After all they are still just human.
I enjoy reading novels about the Amish because there are so many object lessons to be picked up while reading. Beth Wiseman does another good job of writing a novel that draws on the real life decisions and troubles that people face.

Our four main characters are Miriam, Shelby, Saul and Jesse. Yes the story will revolve around love and courtship. But real life problems loom for each character. Shelby is Miriam's Englisch cousin come to live with the Rabers because her parents are divorced and she has not handled the situation well. She has experimented with drinking and drugs and having the wrong friends. As punishment she is sent to spend the summer with herAmish relatives.

But is it punishment or God's designed plan to reach his hurting child? Bottom line, Shelby finds God waiting for her and their relationship is renewed. Shelby also finds a relationship with a young man that she would have never imagined could exist.

In the midst of this story we also have Miriam and Saul coming to terms with their relationship and with Saul's desire to leave the community and move to Pittsburgh. Will Miriam follow him? Will their families allow it? Is Gods hand at work?

All these questions will be answered and done in such a way to remind us, the readers, that God desires to be involved in our daily life decisions and He does love us and provide help even in the hardest of choices that we must make.

Beth Wiseman again gives us real life lessons, real life struggles that people have with God and reminds us that our loving heavenly Father desires to give His children the desires of their hearts.

This Amish story is a page turner. The characters become real, and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. I highly recommend everyone who loves Amish fiction to read this book. It reads as a stand alone.
As with all the other books in this series. I have laughter cried been sad then happy. You have the ability to cause the reader to become the character!
This is the latest in Beth's series of books about the Amish in Lancaster County, PA. I visit there often and love to read about their lives. Miriam, Saul and Shelby each have their own struggles to contend with and must make their own decisions. I read the book in 1 day because I couldn't put it down. I wanted to see what happened and how everything worked out for Saul and his family and for Miriam and Shelby. I did shed a few tears. I always love Beth's books and cannot wait for the next one.
Plain Proposal( Daughters of Promise was the best book ,, I couldn't put it down for what was going to happen next . Love the Amish book
I thought it was a pretty good read I only gave it four stars because I thought it got a little boring but as I got closer to the end it got better.