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Author: Brian J. Gail
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Title: Fatherless
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Fatherless by Brian J. Gail

Fatherless by Brian J. Gail. The keynote speaker from our recent Men's Conference, Catholic author Brian Gail, was Fr Groeschel's guest on EWTN's Sunday Night Prime show on January 22nd. Go here to watch the show r. Fatherless by Brian J.

About book: I received this book free through the Goodreads First Reads giveaways. I really loved the characters in this book. The main character, Father John Sweeney, is very likeable and I found myself really hurting for him when he had his crisis of faith. The families that play the main roles are very interesting and the various crises that play into their lives are so applicable to today's problems that it makes a good read for anyone, not just Catholics

Brian Gail takes us out into the "trenches" and shows what life was like for Catholics good and bad during this critical time. This book is a great opportunity for Catholics to take hold of who they really are. Get A Copy. I very much enjoyed Fatherless; I have read other Catholic fiction and the inclusion of Church teachings has felt forced. Because of the careers of the characters in Fatherless, dialogue about Church teachings (contraception, pornography, etc) was easily woven into the book. Despite being over 500 pages in length, this book was not a difficult read. The story flowed nicely although at times the scientific explanations were a bit confusing.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In this prophetic novel, Brian J. Gail tackles the problems in our American culture and from where those problems stem. Using fiction and flawed characters.

Author of Motherless, Fatherless, Childless The Critically Acclaimed Novel, Fatherless The Critically Acclaimed Novel. Created February 1, 2012.

By Brian J. Gail Ebook Fatherless online I read about one fiction book per year, but I'm sure glad I made this the one! This is Part I of a trilogy originally titled.

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In this prophetic novel, Brian J. Using fiction and flawed characters, Fatherless takes readers on a journey to the center of conscience of those trying to achieve the American Dream while struggling with moral and ethical dilemmas and trying to balance faith, family and a career. Brian J. Gail is a very talented writer and an excellent story-teller. Gerard, from Florida.

Called a book of the century, powerful, gripping, deeply moving, hauntingly beautiful, masterfully done, a must read and a freight train page turner! An intensely human tour of the great spiritual battles in the US Catholic church during the late 20th century. Brian Gail takes us out into the trenches and shows what life was like for Catholics good and bad during this critical time. This book is a great opportunity for Catholics to take hold of who they really are. Meticulously researched, brilliantly crafted, Fatherless takes the reader on an unforgettable journey inside Fortune 500 boardrooms and Madison Avenue screening rooms, behind one-way mirrors in America's heartland and two-way screens in church confessionals, to the very peak of Ireland's highest mountain and inside the papal dining room of John Paul II in Rome. It is the searing journey to the center of conscience, however, that marks Fatherless as the signature Catholic novel of its generation. In its pages we meet flesh an
Reviews: 7
Launches you into the lives of several families and their respected business settings. Quickly develops moral, faith and economic contexts that lead you to "page turning" and that "getting late, but just a few more pages" feeling and desire. First of three very interesting to quite excellent novels that can not help one into making comparisons to today's "haves and have-not social and political disorder." So ever slowly, faith and personal and professional morality and basic human abd social values are assessed and challenged in a multitude of ways, especially torn apart and deemed as anchronistic by those holding or seeking "power, greed, pleasure and reknown." Book leads this reader to recognize symbolically the Lenten 40 days-in-the-desert analogy with its revealed similar devilish offers. The latter part of the text added a degree of expectation viv-a-vis human challenges and personal crises to look forward to in the "next" volumn.
Within this site there are a number of reviews that offer a great detail of information for both the story and for the facts that are shared with the reader. So I shall not reiterate much of what you find in those reviews. In summary, the book is outstanding.
The facts of using artifical birth control and its impact upon women is greatly documented. There is also a strong thread regarding the results that can logically (though subtley) occur when a person vacates their moral duty as they evaluate such decisions.
The author has obviously drawn upon substantial (and probably very painful) real life experience regarding the personal pain for a parent of a mentally ill child. Plus there is very believable portrayal of life in the fast lane of Madison Avenue, which again represents the experience(s) of the author. All of this lends credence and belief to the setting, the story and the facts contained therein.

You may be a person that does not agree with the information or of the moral responsibilities that the author clearly points to within his story. If you are however, an open-minded person of good will, then you will find this story compelling and the facts worthy of your consideration. In fact it may lead you to change your position on certain aspects of American life.
I greatly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the story, and the opportunity it provides to absorb important information within a compelling plot. I greatly recommend that you read this book.
I was quite hesitant to even start reading this book because I thought it was a "religious" book, being a "Catholic Best Seller". I am also a practicing Catholic but it just didn't sound like a good book. I read it because the author will be a guest speaker at an upcoming Church function and all I can say is "boy, was I ever wrong!" The book is fantastic!!!! It held my interest from the very start & was hard to put down! It covers so many things I felt I could relate to.... growing up as a Catholic and some things I didn't even understand before! Brian Gail is truly gifted! I couldn't wait to read the next book in the trilogy, "Motherless" and read that in a matter of days and will soon embark on the last book, "Childless". I urge all Catholics especially, to read these books....not at all what you might think. I was wrong about what I thought and am not afraid to admit it! Kudos to Brian Gail for educating, entertaining & inspiring!
Great book that confronts head on the failure of the "American Church" and its bishops, priests and parishioners in pursuing the truth in daily life. Father Sweeney could and probably is many people's parish priest -- a kind of go along, get along type who doesn't really want to rock the boat. Just preach about love, peace and social justice and ignore all those "hard sayings" -- at least until the powerful ending.

Two subjective criticisms: 1) too much business/advertising/marketing minutia throughout the book. I know that's the author's background but I started to glaze over at times. 2) I could not determine at any given time what date the setting was in & its seems like the author couldn't quite determine what year(s) the story took place in either. He mentions 1985 early on and then seems to have the characters go through relatively long stretches of time quickly only to come back to the mid-80's. Also he mentions Pope John Paul II's encyclicals that were published in the 90's and Roseanne Barr's obnoxious national anthem rendition (1990) and on the next page mentioned an editorial that was critical of the current Reagan Administration. I doubt this would bother most and it is certainly not a bar to the enjoyment, I just found it a little distracting however.
I never would have experienced this book if it were not on cd. I was able to listen will doing housework. The story was easy to follow and the characters were real. I live near "St. Martha's" and can understand the changes in "Narbrook" now. I was intrigued that the weakness of fathers can cause such ripple down effects; even unintentional ones and strong fathers can save the day. I wonder if this world is so narcissistic that it will not hear the real message in "Fatherless".
My husband isn't a big reader, but I picked this out for him hoping it would capture his imagination and he stayed up late a few nights in a row to finish it and then so did I. It is an insightful, timely story weaving the weakening of a spiritual fatherhood and its consequences in the area of natural fatherhood. Heartwarming isn't a good description - it is a very real story that leaves you with hope, wonder but not without tears and helplessness as life can often do and for me it also leaves me looking forward to the next 2 in this series!