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Author: Val McDermid
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Title: The Grave Tattoo
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Publisher: Minotaur Books; First Edition edition (February 6, 2007)
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The Grave Tattoo by Val McDermid

THE GRAVE TATTOO is a standalone book from the prolific and well-known author of, amongst many others, The Wire In The Blood series. When a tattooed, 200-year-old body is uncovered in the peat bogs of the Lake District, local girl turned Wordsworth Scholar Jane Gresham is instantly reminded of a local legend about Fletcher Christian, the man who led the mutiny on the Bounty, said to have returned surreptitiously to England from Pitcairn Island. What attracted me to the book: I love reading all Val McDermid books. Almost all Val's books are this way - if you've read any, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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Val mcdermid 3-BOOK bundle. A Place of Execution. Also by Val McDermid. Praise for A Place of Execution. Compelling and atmospheri. tour de force’. Val McDermid is a roaring Ferrari amid the crowded traffic on the crime-writing roa. crime writer capable of holding her own in any compan. he is a strong enough writer to create her own distinctive world’. JANE JAKEMAN, Independent.

For Kelly – my blossom of snow. O Reader! had you in your mind. Such stores as silent thought can bring, O gentle Reader! you would find. A tale in every thing. Harry cocked his head interrogatively. The Laureate of Spin: Politics, Poetics and Pretence in the Writings of William Wordsworth. What do you think?’ Harry frowned, considering. Makes the boring old bastard sound halfway interesting.

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In The Grave Tattoo, suspense master Val McDermid spins a psychological thriller in which a present-day murder has its roots in the eighteenth century and the mutiny on the . After torrential summer rains uncover a bizarrely tattooed body on a Lake District hillside, long discarded old wives' tales takes on a chilling new plausibility. For centuries, Lakelanders have whispered that Fletcher Christian staged the massacre on Pitcairn so that he could return home.

About book: The Grave Tattoo, by Val McDermid B-plus. Jane Gresham is a Wordsworth scholar. There has been a rumor that she has heard since childhood that Fletcher Christian, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame, made his way back to England, and that Wordsworth aided him in staying hidden and not arrested for the mutiny. As usual, Val McDermid writes a good story, but even the length of time it takes to lay out the plot shows what the problem is with this book. Too many things are going on, and it’s distracting. To top it off, we have excerpts throughout of the alleged manuscript.

In a novel reminiscent of The Rule of Four,The DanteCluband The Historian, suspense master McDermid spins a psychological thriller in which apresent-day murder has its roots in the eighteenth century and the mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty.After torrential summer rains uncover a bizarrely tattooed body on a Lake District hillside, long discarded old wives' tales takes on a chilling new plausibility. For centuries, Lakelanders have whispered that Fletcher Christian staged the massacre on Pitcairn so that he could return home. And there, he told his story to an old friend and schoolmate, William Wordsworth, who turned it into a long narrative poem--a poem that remained hidden lest it expose Wordsworth to the gallows for harboring a fugitive. Wordsworth specialist Jane Gresham, herself a native of the Lake District, feels compelled to discover once and for all whether the manuscript ever existed--and whether it still exists today. But as she pursues each new lead, death follows hard on her heels. Suddenly Jane is at the heart of a 200-year-old mystery that still has the power to put lives on the line. Against the dramatic backdrop of England's Lake District a drama of life and death plays out, its ultimate prize a bounty worth millions.
Reviews: 7
I’ve read a great many of Val McDermid’s mysteries with considerable but not unqualified enjoyment. What I like best about her writing is her ability to create settings with full sensory detail and to convey plausible everyday human relationships between characters. What I like least are serial killers as the focus of plot. (I stopped reading Patricia Cornwell years ago because she seemed to focus all of her books on serial killers–– a boring device for authors who cannot otherwise come up with a convincing plot!)

Because I enjoy well-written mysteries, classic and modern literature, and history, I found Val McDermid’s The Grave Tattoo to be superior to McDermid’s more conventional and (perhaps consequently) more popular mysteries. Her weaving together of the life and work of William Wordsworth with the always fascinating history of the Bounty mutineers and the geography, lifestyle, and economy of England’s Lake District seems inspired to me and altogether believable.
This is a beautifully crafted story, part English mystery and part English history. Those who enjoy reading historical fiction, as well as those who like unraveling mysteries, will truly appreciate this well-written book. The author expertly weaves the myths that surround Christian Fletcher, who in the eighteenth century was involved in the mutiny of the Bounty, with the discovery of a mysterious tattooed corpse found in a peat bog, creating an intelligent and erudite page-turner of a book. Add the inclusion of a Wordsworth scholar in search of a missing manuscript by Wordsworth about Christian Fletcher, and let the games begin.

The story move back and forth seamlessly between the eighteenth century and the present. The characters are well-drawn and fully fleshed, sacrificing nothing to the complexity of the plot. It is a well-executed, suspenseful novel, making for a satisfying reading experience that will keep the reader turning its pages. I simply could not put it down!
The idea was a good one and unusual subject for a story, however, reading this book was like slogging through a swamp. For some reason the author included an inner city teenager down on her luck, which I could never figure
Out why she was in the story in the first place.

Kept waiting and hoping for the pace to pick up, but unfortunately it didn't and the ending was sort of anticlimactic.
So save you $7.99 for another book.
For a modest price here, this is a fun and intriguing story to read.

It salutes the fact that most scholars and researchers of "Mutiny on the Bounty" don't entirely slam the door on the remote and unlikely possibility that Fletcher Christian somehow actually returned to England. The absolute certainty of his true fate has never been proven.

We can all second guess story lines and plots and suggest other paths to follow and develop. I just wanted to be entertained.....and I was. Character development and sub-plot criticisms elsewhere, notwithstanding, the story moved along with an intriguing premise. Speculation and fact from the "Bounty" saga can be taken at face value for the point of the story. To change the sub-plots and characters from what is written would make it a different story. Tell me what you would change, then we can discuss the merits. This review is from a reader and also "Bounty" enthusiast, not an English professor nor a professional book critic.

Some "Bounty" related fiction masks itself in a pseudo-documentary style and historical mode. This book is clearly marketed as fiction and weaves a good tale based on facts and on acceptable speculation where the facts are not known.

I came into this on the heels of "Pitcairn" research. Yet I believe reading this cold could propel you into "Bounty" research.

Hey, for less than the price of a movie here, you get several hours of entertainment and exercise for your brain.
I was certain that others who reviewed this book were being too harsh. After all, the author who wrote "The Place of Execution" surely would not have written anything but similarly excellent books. I was so wrong. This is, at best, a mediocre story filled with unlikeable characters who, I believe, the author thinks you will sympathize with. I found myself being unable to feel any connection to the main character, Jane, in her quest to find a historical document. She has no real personality, that I can fathom, nor does it seem that she has a particularly noteworthy life, past or present. Likewise, all of the supporting characters, equally unlikeable, behaved in unbelievable and unnatural ways. They seem to exist solely to provide a pool of suspects. If I hadn't been trapped in a car for 10 hours, in desperate need of something to read, I doubt that I would have bothered to finish this truly unremarkable book.
This is my first experience reading a McDermid book. As such, I did not know what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised by the plot and sub-plots of the book.

The Grave Tatoo is a take off from the traditional mystery as described by other reviewers but I enjoyed that interesting change from the typical "who done it."

McDermid's story holds up throughout the book. It is a solid read and well worth your time reading it.

I look forward to reading more of her work.