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Author: Joshua Harris
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Title: Dug Down Deep: Building Your Life on Truths That Last
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Publisher: Multnomah (May 17, 2011)
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Dug Down Deep: Building Your Life on Truths That Last by Joshua Harris

Doctrine and theology – no matter how they are viewed today – are vastly important and inescapable. Theology matters, because if we get it wrong, then our whole life will be wron. e’re all theologians. The question is whether what we know about God is true. And with that, the book takes off on the course of a systematic theology, though you’ll find no dry, dusty doctrine here

In Dug Down Deep my longtime friend Joshua Harris explains the basics of Christian theology in a way all of us can understand. He is a humble man and teaches humbly. If you are tired of hyped promises and want essential truth, this book is for you. As religious fads come and go, the truths in this book will last. Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz. When the apostle Peter says, "Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of Go. asting all your anxiety on Him," he implies that humble people are fearless. They have the courage to stand up for truth humbly

In Dug Down Deep my longtime friend Joshua Harris explains the basics of Christian theology in a way all of us can understand. They have the courage to stand up for truth humbly  . Dug Down Deep is an incredible book! It's a tangible and incarnate look at theology. I would give it to any young Christian who wants to understand their faith.

Dug down Deep : Building Your Life on Truths That Last. This book will introduce the young Christian to the glory of orthodox Christian doctrine. It will also encourage those who do know doctrine, to aim for a humble orthodoxy and see how such knowledge should fuel love and service for others.

About book: Dug Down Deep is not your typical doctrinal or theological study book. You most likely will not find it in a pastoral theology class. Yet, the book offers a profoundly simplistic view at doctrine. Without getting tied up in weighty words and denominational divides, Joshua Harris writes about his own journey in Christianity while teaching the reader the doctrinal truths. By producing a relational approach to doctrine instead of a conceptual approach, the reader grasps a firmer understanding of concepts and story. very good book!!build on life!! arpitam123. Other books by History & Biography.

Harris begins Dug Down Deep with a thought-provoking question: what are you building your life on? He then goes on to talk about Jesus' parable in Matthew 7, comparing the man who built his house on the sand with the man who built his house on the more solid foundation: rock. Harris argues that building on the rock takes work, it takes some digging, but in the end, after the wind and the rain and the storms, the house remains standing. Another recommended chapter is the last one, where Harris writes on humble orthodoxy, bringing home the point of how crucial it is to remain humble in our lives. This is something I think many of us should read and take to heart, as pride is ever so subtle and we must be on guard.

As I mentioned before, he wrote the book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a book that turned Christian dating on it’s head, advocating courtship over dating. Since then, he has become a pastor and written several books on the church. In Dug Down Deep, Harris takes on the pragmatism of most Christians when it comes to doctrine. It’s sort of a toned down version of J. I. Packer’s Knowing God for today’s Christian. Many Christians tend to eschew doctrine just for following Jesus, whatever that means to people.

What are you going to build your life on?Dug Down Deep is systematic theology like you’ve never seen it before. Readable. Relevant. Powerful. As best-selling author Joshua Harris shares his own journey from apathetic church-kid to student with a burning passion to truly know God, you’ll be challenged to dig deep into the truths of God’s word.  With humor, conviction and compelling insight Dug Down Deep covers the basics of faith—God, scripture, Jesus, the cross, salvation, sanctification, the Holy Spirit and the church. Don’t settle for superficial faith, dig deep.   "If you're looking for ‘that one book’ that will push you farther down the road to faith than you've ever journeyed before, Dug Down Deep is it. I highly recommend it!" —Joni Eareckson Tada“…a humble, helpful, courageous testimony to biblical truth." - John Piper"I can probably count on one hand, the number of books of which I've read every word from cover to cover in one sitting. Dug Down Deep is one of them.” – Adam Young (Owl City) "Dug Down Deep is an incredible book! It's a tangible and incarnate look at theology. I would give it to any young Christian who wants to understand their faith." – Lecrae, hip-hop artist“A humbling, compelling, invigorating read." - J. I. Packer

Reviews: 7
I enjoyed reading this book. While Mr. Harris refers to it as a "boring book" (jokingly I assume) in his acknowledgements, I found it to be engaging and easy to read. He teaches on theology, orthodoxy, doctrine in down to earth terms and insightfully. He quotes authors like J.I. Packer, who's book I never quite made it through, in a way that makes me want to take up the book again. He brings truths from sometimes hard to read books to a level that is easier to read, but no less true or powerful. He also shares insights and knowledge gained from his personal walk and shares his father's testimony in an example of how God saves.

Personally, I really appreciated his chapter on the Holy Spirit. Coming from a liturgical/charismatic/evangelical background, I could relate so much to a lot he had to say. He summed up my feelings on the matter well and reassured me on some things that I still struggle with based on my mixed experiences with Spirit teaching.

I also appreciated the chapter on Humble Orthodoxy. He reminds us of something that Rich Mullins once said. "God is right, the rest of us are just guessing." We are all saved by grace. We have all been wrong. We need to share the truth and the love of Christ, but not in a prideful, spiteful way. As Paul taught Timothy, "The Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness."
Doctrine and theology can be fun. No, seriously.

Joshua Harris has done both serious and light-hearted on this subject of uber-importance. As he writes early on, "all of us are constantly 'doing' theology." Since "all of us have some idea or opinion about what God is like" we might as well 'do' theology properly.

See, we all know things about God. But we have to be pushed to make the applications for that knowledge. For instance, it's one thing to know that God is good. But what does that mean for us in a practical sense? Sigh if you must, but it's the working out of in depth questions, like how a good God can allow bad things to happen or even knowing if God can make a burrito so hot that even He can't eat it.

Yeah, it's deep stuff.

So Joshua tackles all the basics, from reading the Bible, redemption and sanctification to the 3 personalities of God. He even tells us why church is important. As a pastor, I have to give that chapter 2 thumbs up.

He does it all with an understated humility, which is where he ends his book as well. The truth is not something for Christians to use as a weapon, against other Christians or non-Christians. The truth is something that exists outside of us. Since we cannot control it or own it, but only claim it, we need to be careful how we use it. Joshua emphasizes that our main task is to live by this truth. Much like the parable of the wise and foolish builders, our job is to dig down deep and continue discovering core truths and then shaping our lives by the Truth.

I received this book from my good friends at Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing. They send me books for free and ask that I say something about said books. This latest edition comes with an in-depth study guide, which would be great for small groups.

You can purchase this book here. I recommend that you do.
Right off the bat, I have to say that this book is something that I've been waiting for, and has been desperately needed in this generation of Christians. It's a book that is theologically sound but also engaging enough to activate the interests of young people caught up in this age-of-short-attention-spans. As students, it's really difficult to find books that engage our ever-wondering minds yet speak in a language we understand. It's even worse for books on theology. In order to thoroughly study theology in college you either have to buy a textbook that easily exceeds our generous 300-page limit (the only non-required reading books students are willing to read are less than 300 pages) or somehow major in religious studies. We simply don't have the time or energy to wade through another textbook.

Enter Joshua Harris and his new book, Dug Down Deep: Understanding What I Believe and Why it Matters. It's not hard to guess what this book is about. Quite simply, it's about theology. But not only does Harris explain fundamental principles of who God is and how he loved us, he indicts himself as the main case study. Acting as a pseudo-biography of himself, this book is relatable because it gives people an opportunity to look at their own lives from a different perspective. It's refreshing. It's convicting.

Dug Down Deep covers a plethora of biblical doctrines, all neatly packaged and delivered in a coherent writing style. "It's only as we study and consider truth about Jesus with our minds that our hearts will be moved by the depth of his greatness and love for us," writes Harris. Reading this book wasn't like other theological books either: theology was woven into life stories that were tangible and real. I was hooked from the beginning and before I knew it, I had blown through eleven chapters that had covered at least twenty different doctrines of the Christian faith. Everything from God and the Bible to the Holy Spirit and church were covered in great detail and with proper biblical support. Harris doesn't try to fit into a category or camp (charismatic, conservative, etc.) but sifts through controversial issues in order to point people towards the truly important details of theology---namely, glorifying Christ and him crucified.

This book lived up to its billing and encouraged me personally. I've known for quite a while that theology is important to the Christian life, but it's been hard to articulate these everyday concepts to myself. Harris helped me have a higher view of God and his work on the Cross while motivating me to pursue sanctification with a reckless abandon. Wisdom is meant to be used and theology is meant to be life-changing.

I would highly recommend this book to readers of all ages, though it may be more effective for people who have grown up in the church and have some basic understandings of the Christian culture. As a college student, I can't help but want all my friends to pick up this book and soak up all the truths revealed in it. It will undoubtedly proved to be worthwhile and paradigm shifting.