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Author: Elizabeth George
ISBN13: 978-0736920469
Title: A Woman After God's Own Heart® Deluxe Edition
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Language: English
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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers; Updated, Expanded edition (January 1, 2007)
Pages: 320

A Woman After God's Own Heart® Deluxe Edition by Elizabeth George

George, Elizabeth, 1944-. Varying Form of Title: Teen's guide to friends, faith, family, and the future. On this site it is impossible to download the book, read the book online or get the contents of a book. The administration of the site is not responsible for the content of the site. The data of catalog based on open source database. All rights are reserved by their owners. Download book A young woman after God's own heart, Elizabeth George.

George, Elizabeth, 1944-. Download book A woman after God's own heart, Elizabeth George.

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Author(s): Elizabeth George (Goodreads Author). ISBN: 0736908676 (ISBN13: 9780736908672). Published January 1st 2007 by Harvest House Publishers. Hardcover, 320 pages. Author(s): Elizabeth George (Goodreads Author). ISBN: 0736920463 (ISBN13: 9780736920469).

Become the woman of excellence God designed you to be. Genuine peace and joy come when women follow God in every area of their lives and become women after His heart. Libraries near you: WorldCat. Una mujer conforme al Corazon de Dios/ A Woman After God's Own Heart. Paperback in Spanish.

Genuine peace and joy come when women follow God in every area of their lives and become women after His heart. Let God fulfill His greatest desire for you. Allow Him to transform you by preparing your heart and mind to embrace His incredible work. You'll find lasting joy and peace in a life of prayer, a life of priorities, a life as a woman after God's own heart. People Who Liked A Woman After God's Own Heart Also Liked These Free Titles

Elizabeth George's A Woman After God's Own Heart®(more than 750,000 copies sold) has a fresh, lovely cover and features new material from Elizabeth, and is perfect for gift-giving and personal use.

In her gracious style, Elizabeth offers practical, Scripture-based principles to readers who want to become God's women of excellence. Refreshing ideas, illustrations, and insights will inspire every woman to:

develop a stronger partnership with her husbandimprove her relationshipsmake her home a spiritual oasisdevelop a growing, vital relationship with Godprovide care and encouragement to other

As women find direction for achieving balance in their schedules, they'll discover the love and leading of Jesus Christ.

Reviews: 7
I finally finished reading the updated and revised edition of A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George and, I must say, while the first part of the book was pretty much the same as it had always been (only minor changes and updates had been made here and there), the last two chapters really took me by surprise and left me totally disappointed...the next-to-the-last one especially.

While some scripture was sprinkled throughout, the entire text was filled with fear-producing unbelief. I was left with the feeling that Elizabeth George believes that seeking counsel from people within a church body takes precedence over searching the scriptures (seeking God's advice through His Word was suggested "in addition" to finding it from people in a church) and that, whether in her 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's or beyond there is no good season to a woman's life.

In fact, in the final chapter of the updated and expanded version of A Woman After God's Own Heart, Elizabeth begins by saying, "I don't know about you, but I realize that the reality check we've just been through could be discouraging. It could be a real downer, even the beginning step toward slipping into depression if we aren't careful..." WHAT?!?!? ????

I'm sorry, but the "reality" that Mrs. George referred to in this statement is so far removed from my own reality, and the reality experienced by the women within my own family and sphere of influence, that it isn't even funny! She doesn't even sound like the same person that wrote the earlier chapters of this book!

Unfortunately, it appears that Elizabeth George has succumbed to the worldliness, pseudo-psychology, and religiosity that is found so prevalent within the modern church of our day,

Sadly, this book that used to mean so much to me...a book that challenged and encouraged me for decades to keep pressing in and keep pressing on...inviting and inspiring me to be all that God created me to be as "a woman after God's own heart"...has suddenly left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.

As I have done dozens of times in the past, I will no longer be gifting women with this book and I, certainly, won't be encouraging women to read it. I was really saddened and surprised by the additions to this book and the changes that have taken place in Elizabeth George's view of reality as she has aged. It's very disheartening. ????
Oh my! What can I say except for that this book is soooo hard to take in. In a good way. If you are wanting to grow your heart in ways you never thought you could, if you are wanting to have a heart that is truly after God's own heart, this book is a great start. But be prepared to take some hard looks in the mirror and be prepared to have the reflection you see be something you aren't happy with. The good thing is, with this book, and the Bible, and the desire to strive to be better, you can like the reflection you see.
It is a good book with some good ideas. It does have moments and tips that caused me to roll my eye but I had to chalk it up to her particular point of view and tips on what worked for her life. She presents information well throughout the book. It is definitely a book where you relish in the parts where you can strengthen your Biblical calling as a woman but use her application methods as to your individual ability. We are not all created to be robots so don't hold yourself to her standard and her calling as a wife and mother. Definitely look at her way of life as suggestions and try out the ones that seem feasible but don't be hard on yourself if her way is not for you. The book presents things as a very "Christmas Card" or "Everything is Beautiful" kind of universe that became annoying at times. I am sure she is a lovely woman that did a wonderful job raising her family but she speaks more as someone that did it all wonderfully, which I think can make a struggling reader feel a bit dejected. I considered and prayed about the things she presented and took her book as a book of suggestions and encouragement versus feeling like this book details the only way a woman can be a Godly one. We are all uniquely made and have unique gifts and life experience. Don't allow one woman's perspective and experience be the way you try to live your life. Be the best YOU and seek the face of Christ in your daily walk...Christ is the best and only example we should truly strive to emulate.
This book was given to me by a pastor's daughter. I loved to read it. I am so happy to have found one that looks exactly as my original. This book helped me soften my heart and understand my role in life a little better. It's worth a read!
Zeus Wooden
Great book so far. Chapter 2 is a little bland but the other chapters make up for it. This will help you understand your role as a mother, wife and woman of God. I brought the workbook separately and recommend getting that as well. The workbook includes questions and studies so that you can apply what you are reading. Will buy more from this author.
Seems very old fashioned-like mother/wives of the 50's in the way secular culture is portrayed. I don't know any woman who could ever have the amount of energy required for the author's solutions to creating a perfect home. I'm on Chapter 16 for next week Bible Study and so far there have been no suggestions how to refuel ones self to be able to be this perfect. Our group I consider very faithful to the teachings of the Bible and several of us can't identify with this book so far. It gives us lots to discuss, however, not nearly the solutions we hoped for.
I really enjoy this book and it is making me rethink my relationship with God and even though I have been a little luke warm lately it pushes me to pray for that fire for God. My only regret is not buying the hard copy so I can highlight write and flip back and forth more easy.
I absolutely loved this book. It was easy to read, very applicable, and she gave practical advice that I felt I could actually try. Her writing is biblically sound and I even bought an extra copy to give to a friend. This is definitely a book I will come back to over and over again.