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Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Title: Among the Barons (Shadow Children)
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Among the Barons (Shadow Children) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix is excellent at presenting topics and situations that really get kids thinking. Her books are well written and provide an excellent springboard for classroom or small group discussions not just about the book This is one of the best series for upper elementary aged kids. Each book in the series is full of suspense that causes the kids not to be able to put the book down. Premise/plot: Among the Barons is the fourth book in Margaret Peterson Haddix's Shadow Children series. In this fourth book, Lee/Luke faces new challenges and dangers. Lee's 'brother' Smits has come to the boys school.

Among The Barons A Shadow Children Book 04 Margaret Peterson Haddix Their lives had depended on it. Luke didn’t know how many shadow children had ever been discovered because of a poorly timed squeal of joy or a scamper across a creaky floor. He didn’t want to know. But his friends were so good at not moving, at not talking, that they sometimes seemed hidden even now.

The Shadow Children, Book As a third child in a society that allows only two children per family, Luke Garner was in hiding for the first twelve years of his life. Luke finds that living among the Barons puts him in the deadliest danger he has ever faced. Serious fans of the books won’t be disappointed; there’s plenty of suspense, and there are lots of thrilling twists and turns.

Book 4 of 7 in the Shadow Children Series. Margaret Peterson Haddix is the author of many critically and popularly acclaimed YA and middle grade novels, including the Children of Exile series, The Missing series, the Under Their Skin series, and the Shadow Children series. A graduate of Miami University (of Ohio), she worked for several years as a reporter for The Indianapolis News.

­Full Book Name: Among the Barons (Shadow Children Author : Margaret Peterson Haddix. Date of Publication: 2004. PDF, EPUB File Name: Among the Barons (Shadow Children Among the Barons (Shadow Children Among the Barons (Shadow Children Among the Barons (Shadow Children pdf epub mobi Download by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Download Among the Barons (Shadow Children by Margaret Peterson Haddix in PDF epub mobi format complete free. You can read this before Among the Barons (Shadow Children PDF EPUB MOBI full Download at the bottom. Luke Garner, an illegal third child, spent his first twelve years in hiding. For the past four months Luke has lived among others, using the identity of Lee Grant, at the Hendricks School for Boys.

Margaret Peterson Haddix continues her Shadow Children series with this harrowing tale about a boy in hiding, and his sudden catapult into upper-crust Baron life. In absorbing scenes that change direction with each page turn, Haddix tells the story of Luke Garner, a "third child" at the Hendricks School for Boys who is told that his identity has suddenly become "Lee Grant. Used availability for Margaret Peterson Haddix's Among the Barons. August 2008 : USA Library Binding.

By Margaret Peterson Haddix. A Guide for Reading Groups. Sometimes in this world it's hard to know who is telling the truth, who isn't, and what can be done about all the things that are wrong. The government claims that there isn't enough food for everyone in the world, and so they have made it illegal for any family to have more than two children. Yet hundreds of these illegal shadow children exist, and they want desperately to find a place for themselves in society.

The Grants were Barons-really rich people-so Luke’s new identity was an impressive one indeed. But Luke didn’t like to be called Lee, didn’t like even to be reminded that he was supposed to be somebody else. Everyone knows we’re almost all third children with fake . Nobody’s going to report us. Really, Mr. Hendricks said. Is your memory that short?

Shadow Children is a series of seven books by Margaret Peterson Haddix about a dystopian country which suffers food shortages due to a drought and the effects of the government's totalitarian attempts to control resources as a way to solidify its power. The Population Police enforce the government's Population Law, killing or imprisoning "shadow children," any child born after his or her first two siblings

Among the Barons is the fourth book in a seven book series that revolves around shadow children. I consider this series/book a must read because it was suspenseful, mysterious, and it had some humor it to lighten the mood. This book takes place in the future but it gives no specific time and what the government did is pass a law that said you can only have two children, what this book revolves around is the struggles of shadow children. Among the BaronsMargaret Peterson Haddix2003 fictiontThis book is about a boy whose name is Luke. He has taken Smits brothers identity after he was shot by the government. His name was lee, a spoiled baron kid. Barons took all the money of the normal people.

Reviews: 7
I am sure to say that so far this is the best in the series. When you pick it up you will not be able to put it down. But before you try to purchase this book you should read the rest of the series first. This is book 4 you should read 1, 2 and 3 first. You don't have to but you would enjoy the story more if you did. This book is full of decisions that Luke has to make. Most decisions are life and death. Another great thing about this book is the way the author includes all the characters from the other books in here. So you get a taste of all the characters. This book also has a fabulous ending to it. It ends so happy and it really gets you exited to pick up the next bok in the series. Hope you enjoy your copy and can give it a five star rating just as I did!! :)
I buy books for my classroom. This is a good condition hardback book that holds up to the abuse of being toted around in a backpack. Series books are a bonus as it creates interest to keep reading beyond the first book. The more kids read the more they acquire new vocabulary.
I would definitely recommend this series for anyone ten and up. My almost eleven year old daughter calls me overprotective and that may be true :), but I read the books before her. The first book "Among the Hidden" has one spot where it talks about a bra. Also, the second book "Among the Impostors" talks about boys looking at ( I believe it was) pictures of naked girls. This was bad enough I considered not letting her read the rest of the series; however, those are the only things I found inappropriate for her age. She is not a a big reader but cannot put these books down.
Good series if you like these type of books.
great product, great price and fast shipping
A wonderful read. It keeps you guessing who is telling the truth, and what is the whole. The adventure continues with Luke, or should I say Lee.
This is a great series for upper elementary and middle school kids--both boys and girls. My son read the whole series and loved it so much he is now reading other stories by this author. I too read the series and as an adult thought it was very well written. The suspense keeps you from putting it down which is great for reluctant readers!
I bought this book to share with my students and they loved it!