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Author: Diana Wynne Jones
ISBN13: 978-0688154929
Title: The Time of the Ghost
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Language: English
Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Publisher: Beech Tree Books (September 1997)
Pages: 256

The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones

The dwarf had a tangle of dark hair and was wearing what seemed to be a bright green sack. The sack stuck out so far in front that Sally thought the dwarf was hugely fat at first, until she saw its long, skinny arms propped on the edge of the sink. The dwarf was leaning forward, propped on its arms, so that a sharp white nose smeared with freckles stuck out from among the tangled hair, and so did two large front teeth. From between those teeth came a jet of water, squirting onto.

There's been an accident!Something's wrong!She doesn't know who she is, and doesn't know why she's invisibly floating through the buildings and grounds of a half-remembered boarding school. Then, to her horror, she encounters the ancient evil that four peculiar sisters have unwittingly woken - and learns she is their only hope against a deadly danger. First published in the United States in 1996 by Greenwillow Books. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the Publisher, Greenwillow Books, a division of William Morrow &.

Diana Wynne Jones is one of the best, respected, but vastly unknown fantasy authors out there. Despite this trying to find her in a bookshop is like wringing water from a stone. She is overshadowed by all the other fad-of-the-month books, which is such a shame as she’s a good, quality author. This is true for Time of the Ghost, too, and although it certainly is not Diana Wynne Jones' best book, it was nonetheless great fun to watch the story unfold and find out what's behind all the strange goings-on. I agree that it is to a certain amount darker than her other books, a little more disturbing, too. I've Anyone who has read a couple of books by Diana Wynne Jones knows that anything can happen and the explanation in the end is almost never the one you expected it to be in the beginning.

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This book creeped the heck outta me. Published by Thriftbooks. Much tension is developed by the ghost trying to find out exactly who she is, and why she is condemned to haunt this family. At the same time the characters and the lifestyles of the children are fascinating in themselves. But as the book evolves we learn about the evil that has been evoked and what the consequences are.

Diana Wynne Jones (1934–2011) spent her childhood in Essex and began writing fantasy novels for children in the 1970s. With her unique combination of magic, humour and imagination, she enthralled generations of children and adults with her work. She won the Guardian Award in 1977 with Charmed Life, was runner-up for the Children's Book Award in 1981 and was twice runner-up for the Carnegie Medal.

by Diana Wynne Jones. A ghost, uncertain of her identity, watches the four Melford sisters hatch a plan to get their parents' attention and slowly becomes aware of the danger from a supernatural power unleashed by the girls and their friends from the boys boarding school run by the Melfords.

The previous owner has certainly very much enjoyed reading this book more than once, therefore please be aware there will be some creasing on the spine or slight shelf wear. If it's been in their collection for some time, say years old or more, some pages might be discoloured and there may be other minor age blemishes, but that won't affect its readability. Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones Paperback £. 9. Only 8 left in stock (more on the way).

"In this complex fantasy, a ghost who does not know her identity -- only that she is one of four odd, unhappy sisters, whose negligent parents run a modern-day English boys' school -- must save herself from an evil goddess that the sisters have unknowingly summoned.... Engaging.... A wonderful, bizarre tale that readers will not soon forget."
Reviews: 7
I think the story behind this book is unique -- the main character starts off confused, only to discover she is bodiless and has no idea why, except an overwhelming panic of "There's been an accident!". She turns out to be a ghost and it takes several chapters for her to figure out which of four sisters she is a ghost of -- and yet, all four are still alive and healthy. There is some jumping back and forth in time but it is not meretricious, and it is clear when it happens, except maybe the first time when it is not clear to the character and so cannot be clear to the reader if the whole confusion thing is to be pulled off. Once it is discovered what has gone on and what will soon go on that is, well, rather deadly, the ghost has to figure out how to stop the bad things from happening. The way the bad thing is stopped is rather cheesy and predictable, if you're in the "feel good" kiddie novel mindset, but that is the only fault of the book. Otherwise, the characters are excellently portrayed and very unique, and the book has a lot more depth to it than you'd think.
A slightly disjointed story with unlikeable characters eventually lead to one of dwj's few perfectly wrapped up endings. Though the plot of the story was not up to her usual standards, the ending was moving, surprising, and extremely satisfying. Worth a read for that alone.
Diana Wynne Jones' work always make me grab my head exclaiming "this so clever and original, how did she ever think of that?" while they read effortlessly. Can't think of sth I could write without adding spoilers. Powerful stuff. I have heard the theory diana's fans are in either the "Archer's Goon" camo or the "Fire and Hemlock" camp. i definitely belong to the former, yet i believe this one is more similiar to the latter. Utterly enjoyable, surprising, moving, thought-provoking. in a word: Diana.
Great storyline, ROCKSTAR writer. I was surprised HOW QUICK I got it, and it was in ok to good quality. I would suggest this book to anyone who loves Jones and a GREAT MYSTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have come down with Jonefever.
Diana can make suspense last to the end of the book. I believe this was considered an "adult" book but all of Dianna Wynne Jones Books are Adult in that all ages can read them and enjoy them.
Another great story from Diana Wynn Jones; she was a master story teller.
I have so far enjoyed all of Diana Wynne Jones' books, and this one was no exception. It's a good story as well as an adventure. Besides just that, having a favorite author consistently providing good stories of varying subjects is refreshing.