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Author: Gertrude Howe,Lenora Mattingly Weber
ISBN13: 978-0963960733
Title: Meet the Malones (Beany Malone)
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Publisher: Image Cascade Publishing (November 1999)
Pages: 279

Meet the Malones (Beany Malone) by Gertrude Howe,Lenora Mattingly Weber

Lenora Mattingly Weber (Author), Gertrude Howe (Illustrator). Book 2 of 14 in the Beany Malone Series. Ships from and sold by imagecascadebook.

In 1943 the first Beany Malone book, Meet the Malones, was published. Beany Malone became Weber's most well-known creation, featured in 14 books and appearing as a minor character in the Katie Rose Belford and Stacy Belford series. Other books in the series. Beany Malone (1 - 10 of 14 books). Books by Lenora Mattingly Weber. Mor. rivia About Meet the Malones.

The Beany Malone series is Lenora Mattingly Weber's most popular book series. There are 14 books in the series, which takes Beany (real name: Catherine Cecilia) from childhood through marriage and motherhood. Beany and her family also make occasional appearances in Weber's next series, the Katie Rose and Stacy Belford series. The first Beany Malone book, "Meet the Malones," was published in 1943 and is the only Malone book in which Beany herself is not the central character.

Meet the Malones" is the first book in the Beany Malone series. Elizabeth's husband, Don, is sent overseas, and a weak and wan Elizabeth arrives at the Malones' with her two-week-old son, Martie. When Mr. Malone is called away on business for the Call, the children's step-grandmother, Nonna, arrives to "run" the household and shower them with gifts.

Lenora Mattingly Weber is a published author of children's books.

Lenora Mattingly Weber (1895–1971) was an American author of short stories and novels. Lenora Mattingly was born in Dawn, Missouri on October 1, 1895, and lived most of her life in Denver, Colorado. She married Albert Herman Weber in 1916 and was the mother of six children. Al Weber died in 1945. In 1943 the Thomas Y. Crowell Co. published the first Beany Malone book, Meet the Malones. Weber died on January 30, 1971. She wrote 34 books, including a cookbook of Beany Malone-inspired recipes, and more than 80 short stories (including serializations of some of her novels. Until they were republished by Image Cascade starting in 1999, the Beany Malone and Belford series were scarce and avidly collected.

View on the Mobile Site. Meet the Malones ~~ Lenora Mattingly Weber. Lenora Mattingly Weber. The Malone family counts on sixteen-year-old Mary Fred for her strength, especially with their father away reporting on World War II, but when the star football player takes an interest in her Mary Fred hardly notices how much the family needs her. About the Book.

Horse & Pony Books in the Beany Malone Series: The Malone series is a longish girl's/family series which is for the most part non-pony although does contain a couple of horse-themed books which I include below. See the full series here. 2) BEANY AND THE BECKONING ROAD (CROWELL 1952) Reprinted a number of times in hardback and paperback. Most recently reprinted in paperback by Image Cascade. SUMMARY: Book 4 in he series. Beany takes a road trip with her brother and a horse named Quaker. RIDING HIGH (CROWELL 1946) ILLUSTRATED BY GERTRUDE HOWE Reprinted in hardback by Crowell. SUMMARY: Horsy teenage romance. Emily and her horse Pal O'Mine are friends with Kip and his horse Pinto, but gradually romance develops.

The Beany Malone cookbook. Library of Congress Control Number: 71158712 /AC/r89. Weber, Lenora Mattingly, 1895-1971. Personal Name: Levering, Robert, 1919- illus.

The Malone family counts on sixteen-year-old Mary Fred for her strength, especially with their father away reporting on World War II, but when the star football player takes an interest in her Mary Fred hardly notices how much the family needs her.
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I can barely espresso how much this series of books has meant to me since I first read them growing up in the 1960’s. I’ve asked many if my friends of the same age if they are familiar with the series and I’m surprised to find that most are not, but the 60’s being as they were, these books were hardly hip and “relevant” then . That did not matter to me and I have read each and every one many times since then. I hope that they appeal to young readers now . I would love to see a resurgence in interest in them . I will always love the books and their characters . I have even nicknamed my little black lab mix “Beany”, in honor of Beany Malone .
These vintage books a truly a treasure to find and read again - the stories messages apply still today
The same as the day the were written.
This is young lit.at its best! Great characters, fun plot, life lessons without being preachy, and elevated vocabulary. This particular writer writes vibrant descriptions which pull the reader into her world.
I've loved these books since I was a kid for their ability to capture a (rather idealized) vision of a time and place, but the KIndle edition is so terrible that I can't believe they're allowed to charge money for it. It not only doesn't have the pictures (whatever), but it's missing a lot of punctuation, including ALL the apostrophes, and suffers from random breaks in the lines. so
all fineif youd like to know about Maryfredsnew horse. Hell cost her a lot of money, but

figure it out.

I was so excited about my new Kindle but not if books are going to be sold that are input so carelessly.
loved it as a child, and still like to pick up an old friend and revisit from time to time
I loved this story. You can imagine what time was like during ww2. The family dynamics made you feel like you knew them
The Beany Malone books are so much more than children's books. They are deep and thoughtful and so beautifully written. I will always love them.
Lovely book of a different time in history. Depicts small town life of a family that has lost the mother. Nice story