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Author: Ben Mikaelsen
ISBN13: 978-0786263516
Title: Thorndike School Softcovers - Large Print - Touching Spirit Bear
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Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Press; 1 edition (February 2, 2004)
Pages: 308

Thorndike School Softcovers - Large Print - Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

Other Books by Ben Mikaelsen. Touching Spirit Bear. Part One. Chapter 1. COLE MATTHEWS KNELT defiantly in the bow of the aluminum skiff as he faced forward into a cold September wind. Later, after school, Cole cornered Peter outside in the parking lot. With anger that had been brewing all day, he attacked him and started hitting him hard in the face with his bare fists. Peter was no match, and soon Cole had pounded him bloody.

Touching Spirit Bear, by Ben Mikaelsen. Ben Mikaelsen, Touching Spirit Bear. Thank you for reading books on BookFrom.

Touching spirit bear. Within Cole Matthews lies anger, rage and hate. Cole has been stealing and fighting for years. Ben Mikaelsen paints a vivid picture of a juvenile offender, examining the roots of his anger without absolving him of responsibility for his actions, and questioning a society in which angry people make victims of their peers and communities. TOUCHING SPIRIT BEAR is a poignant testimonial to the power of a pain that can destroy, or lead to healing. will fascinate young and old, and have everyone waiting for the sequel. Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA).

Touching Spirit Bear (Spirit Bear, Published January 4th 2005 by HarperCollins. Paperback, 289 pages. Author(s): Ben Mikaelsen. ISBN: 0060734000 (ISBN13: 9780060734008). Touching Spirit Bear (Spirit Bear, Published April 20th 2010 by HarperCollins. Touching Spirit Bear (Paperback). Published April 1st 2018 by Thorndike Press Large Print. In his Napra Nautilus Award-winning novel Touching Spirit Bear, author Ben Mikaelson delivers a poignant coming-of-age story of a boy who must overcome the effects that violence has had on his life. After severely injuring Peter Driscal in an empty parking lot, mischief-maker Cole Matthews is in major trouble. But instead of jail time, Cole is given another option: attend Circle Justice, an alternative program that sends juvenile offenders to a remote Alaskan Island to focus on changing their ways

In his Napra Nautilus Award-winning novel Touching Spirit Bear , author Ben Mikaelson delivers a poignant coming-of-age. by Book Geek:) on February 28, 2018. Decided to read it because my son was reading it for school, i can't believe i didn't read it sooner. by The Book Of Negroes on December 05, 2014.

I found this book at my middle school where I substitute teach. While this story has teenage characters the values of anger, forgiveness, restitution, resolution, friendship and a community response to justice needs apply to any age group. The teaching metaphors in this book will have teens and adults alike sit back and examine their own experiences in light of the metaphors. Clearly this is a kid who has done some very bad things. Two men are with him for the journey-his parole officer, Garvey, and a Tlingit (Native American) elder named Edwin. He's the one who is steering the boat and knows where they're going

Winner of the Nautilus Award

Interest Level: Middle/High School Reading Grade Level: 3rd & 4th Lexile Level: Not Available Theme: Emotions/Growing Up

Reviews: 7
This book is an excellent book to use within your family to talk about healthy relationships and how to value yourself. I found at 52, reading it because my 11 year old was assigned it in school, that I was still able to gain valuable insight into things that drive my actions. It helped me understand some of my standard parenting actions which I did not like. (Despite many around me saying I was a great parent). As you get Oder and begin to more easily recognize that life is truly a circle, Touching Spirit Bear has some ideas on how to be a happier and more effective part of your own circle.
I loved this book.

I was originally introduced to it during school. We read it as a class and did comprehension questions and tests and stuff. At first, I despised Cole. He was the exact type of person I normally can't stand, but as the book when on I found myself liking Cole more and more and feeling sorry for him.

I actually learned a lot reading this book. About life, death, friendship, everything.

We weren't even done reading it as a class when I decided to buy it on my Kindle.it was entirely worth every penny I paid.

I ended up reading ten times before the final test (which I aced, thank you very much).

You can bet that I will be off the coast of British Columbia someday, searching for a Spirit Bear. At first I thought this guy was lying, but anyone who can write something so perfect and touching is not a liar.

I would like to close this review by saying that I bought the sequel about three minutes ago, and I just finished the book for the eleventh time. Also I usually find at least four mistakes in young adult novels. I found none in this one. Congrats editors!!!!!!!!!!!!
Touching Spirit Bear was an amazing and eventful book that kept you wanting to read more an more! Touching Spirit Bear is a meaningful book about a violent teenager kid who has been in trouble all of his life. But after his latest crime of smashing Peter Driscal's head into the cement... he is given the choice of going to jail for a year or spending a year at Circle justice on a remote Alaskan island by himself for a year, maybe more. Once he gets to the island he has a near death experience with a mythical creature that will change his experience on the island and the way he lives his life forever. This book has such a wonderful meaning to it and really leaves you thinking about a reflection on your life and what comes next in the book...
Amazing work. It is a story for a young audience but carries such profound meaning in regards to handling anger and forgiveness that adults can benefit from it as well. I would recommend it for anyone, child or adult, facing the burdensome effects of anger, bullying, doubt, or difficulty with forgiving. It is an engaging story that kept me turning the pages of the book. It isn't too harsh or disturbing as some reviews have stated that it is, it shows real depth and development of the complicated events of anger and adolescent violence. Even to "good kids" this book can be a lesson in the self-anger that another person can display in the form of bullying. I am giving this book to my nephews to read this summer.
This is a very interesting and profound book, specially for these days that everyone is angry at something or someone, this book came to me at a moment when I'm angry at someone who betrayed me, but in the end anger only hurts the one that carries it so I'm going to stop my anger. Please read it you'll be surprised of the out come and what you'll learn.
Son I purchased the book for says it's a good story. Rates it 4.5 stars. Cole's character was well developed. My 12 year old says of him, "He was interesting, the worst person ever..not like anyone I know. So bad they sent him to an island by himself."
Ben Mikaelson’s book touching Spirit bear was truly magnificent. The plot was amazing and the events were very interesting. After I read this book I really just wanted to read more. When I received my package in the mail I was exited to start reading. All in all, this was an amazing read and I recommend it to all.
I have 2 children reading htis, one is 11 (girl) one is 13 (boy) they both are very much enjoying it. While they at this point do NOT like the main character at all, they are both hoping for a real character transformation. So far its great.