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Author: Anita Jeram
ISBN13: 978-0744596755
Title: Bunny Love
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Language: English
Publisher: Gardners Books (October 31, 2002)
Pages: 72

Bunny Love by Anita Jeram

Anita Jeram Bunny Art Bunny Drawing Rabbit Art Arte Popular Cute Drawings Cute Love Watercolor Art Children's Book Illustration. Anita Jeram - Guess How Much I Love You? husanu andreea.

Gina said: Delightful. Anita Jeram, a native of Portsmouth, England, studied art at Manchester Polytechnic and published her first book for children while she was still a student. Today, she lives in Northern Ireland with her family and a menagerie of pet animals. In the future she hopes to establish a wildlife sanctuary. Books by Anita Jeram. Mor. rivia About Bunny Love.

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The best magic of children’s books is that it’s never enough of them. With years and generations, the global heritage of them grows in a non-stop mode but there is always the space for new ones.

Perhaps once in every generation an artist will stamp their personality onto a book and the book will become as much loved for its illustrations as its words. A Bear Called Paddington’ illustration Peggy Fortnum 1958. and when we think of Guess How Much I Love You by Sam MacBratney we immediately conjure up Anita Jeram’s pictures of The Little Nut Brown Hare with his dad. The book is already a classic that children who grew up in the 1980s are now sharing with their own children. Nutbrown Hares by Anita Jeram (Walker Books 1994). Anita’s illustrations and Two Bad Mice cards are inseparable in many peoples mind.

Two comforting tales by top illustrator Anita Jeram - ALL TOGETHER NOW and BUNNY, MY HONEY - are now tucked together in one cozy padded cover. ALL TOGETHER NOW introduces a unique family made up of Mommy Rabbit, Bunny, Miss Mouse, and Little Duckling - all of whom love to sing the "little Honeys" song and thump their Great Big Feet.

I love nature - Anita Jeram. Dark Silence In Suburbia - Anita Jeram. New collection of artworks presenting a famous book illustrator Anita Jeram: learn her bio and get amazed with lovely characters of her illustrations. Anita Jeram Beatrix Potter Bunny Art Cute Drawings Coelho Children's Book Illustration Cute Art Watercolor Paintings Watercolour.

Anita Jeram Archives - Two Bad Mice. Lovely subject material for a wood burning project ; New collection of artworks presenting a famous book illustrator Anita Jeram: learn her bio and get amazed with lovely characters of her illustrations. Mouse ✿ Dandelion ✿ Mushroom ✿ Ladybug ✿. The World of Cute Love: Sweet Illustrations by Anita Jeram. Blossom Notecard – The Busy Bunny Online Store. A rabbit holds his snugglebunny

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Really sweet
This book is a beautiful book about love an family. My son, age 2, wants us to read this book daily and he loves it and listens intently while looking at the gorgeous illustrations. This book is one that I would recommend for families with adoptive children. In the book "Mommy Rabbit" has three "little honeys". The first little honey is her own bunny, the second is little duckling, and the third is miss mouse. It makes a point in the second story in the book "All together now", to say that even though miss mouse and little duckling don't look like bunnies, Mommy Bunny is their mommy just the same. I would recommend it to anyone for their children at any age, it's a great story to share between mother and child.
Bunny Love contains two stories by Anita Jeram. The first story is Bunny My Honey and the second story is All Together Now. The description of how the bunny is given his name is stated in the first few pages. In the first story the mother rabbit teaches the bunny to run, hop, dig, twitch his nose, and thump. The young bunny soon becomes a friend with a mouse and a little duck. Soon after they make up a song that describes all their characteristics. After playing with his friends the bunny becomes lost in a vast forest and the mother finds him in the end. The next story starts the same way by informing the audience of how the bunny got his name. This time he goes on another adventure with the mouse and duck. All Together Now concentrates on honey bunny's friendship. It is a very easy story that can be greatly enjoyed by all parents.
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