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Author: Fishel Jacobs
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Two Kings 2: It's My Turn by Fishel Jacobs

Two Kings is a series of two Jewish children's books by American-Israel rabbi and author Fishel Jacobs. The two books in the series are Two Kings: Let's Go Play (2008) and Two Kings: It's My Turn (2009). The books were later published in Hebrew in 2014. The Two Kings series centers around the story of a young boy named David and his Good King and Bad King. The two kings represent his Yetzer Hatov, the inclination in Judaism to good, and his Yetzer Hara, the inclination in Judaism to do evil.

In this new series, Two Kings, the kings represent a young boy’s Yetzer HaTov and Yetzer HaRa, his good inclination and his bad inclination, based on a parable from the book of Ecclesiastes. As the boy, David, struggles with choices, the two kings battle with him and with each other, to influence his behavior. In the end, when David chooses to do the right thing, he finds that he is proud of himself and feels older and wiser. The situations David faces are appropriate to today’s young children, but they feel forced and preachy  . Two Kings: It's My Turn Rabbi Fishel Jacobs Campus Living & Learning Shuls, Inc. 2008.

Two Kings children's series, which began appearing a couple of years back, is moving forward, again. Two Kings (2) – It’s My Turn: Showed David on the computer enjoying some down time. His older sister, Debbie, asks to use it for a pressing school project due the next morning. Two Kings (3) – is in preparation for publication. Things which you, ators would like to see covered.

Two Kings is a Jewish book series by author Rabbi Fishel Jacobs. Launching of a mainstream version is still in progress. Though catalogued as a "children's" series, the subject stems from traditional Jewish literature. Based on a parable by King Solomon, it is expounded on at great length in the Midrash and Talmud. Two Kings for Adults, a series expanding on the psychological ramifications of this parable is scheduled for.

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It continues the story of the kings over the divided kingdom (Israel and Judah. The Book of 2 Kings concludes with the final overthrow and deportation of the people of Israel and Judah to Assyria and Babylon, respectively. Key Verses: 2 Kings 17:7-8: "All this took place because the Israelites had sinned against the LORD their God, who had brought them up out of Egypt from under the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. They worshiped other gods and followed the practices of the nations the LORD had driven out before them, as well as the practices that the kings of Israel had introduced. First, the Lord will judge His people when they disobey and turn their backs on Him. The Israelites’ unfaithfulness was reflected in the evil idolatry of the kings and resulted in God exercising His righteous wrath against their rebellion. Second, the word of the true prophets of God always comes to pass.

Fishel Jacobs (Rabbi, Major re. Born. He retired from that position in 2005 and subsequently published the first book ever describing life within the IPS, republished in 2016 under the title Coffee Melts Bars: My Israeli Prison Career Rabbi Jacobs is a devout Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi and speaker

Two Scoops of Spirit. God has decided to bring Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind. He tells his future successor and disciple, Elisha, that God is sending him to Bethel, and Elisha insists on coming along. Elisha pours some salt in the town spring, saying God has healed it. From that day on, it's pure, Dasani-style water. In a less benevolent miracle, Elisha encounters a crowd of boys who call him a "Baldhead" and mock him. He calls down a curse from God, and two she-bears come and maul and kill forty-two of the boys.

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Kids learn to relate to the Good King (Yetzer Hatov) and the Bad King (Yetzer Hara) and their influences on their decision-making process. A fundamental, powerfully educational portrayal, which kids will love to read or have read to them, again and again.