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Author: John Blaine
ISBN13: 978-1434409782
Title: The Pirates of Shan: A Rick Brant Science-Adventure
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Language: English
Category: Mysteries and Detectives
Publisher: Wildside Press (April 29, 2010)
Pages: 132

The Pirates of Shan: A Rick Brant Science-Adventure by John Blaine

A RICK BRANT SCIENCE-ADVENTURE STORY, no. 14. By john blaine. Rick Brant and his pal, Scotty, are plunged into danger and excitement when they encounter the cutthroat pirates of Shan in the heart of the Pacific tropics.

A rick brant science-adventure story. Grosset & dunlap publishersnew york, n. 958. Printed in the United States of America. Rick wielded the kris with deadly effect ]. I The missing scientists. The colonel was having a belated lunch with Dr. and Mrs. Brant, andRick's father had indicated politely but firmly that the two boys werenot to broach the subject of the missing scientists until the colonelhad finished eating. Dr. Brant had promised to call them for the meetingwhich was to take place immediately after lunch. Both boys were soimpatient for the meeting to begin that it seemed to them the otherswere taking an unduly long time to consume the meal. Come on into the library.

We'd better do something," Rick Brant stated grimly, "and we'd better do it fast. He picked up a stone and threw it far out into the green waters of the Atlantic, a gesture that did little to relieve his worry and anxiety. Don Scott, nicknamed Scotty, said soothingly, "I know how you feel. have long to wait, not with Colonel Rojas here. Rick knew that his dark-haired pal was right, but inaction, even under ordinary circumstances, made him restless, and now that two staff scientists had mysteriously disappeared, his normal desire to keep things moving swiftly was augmented by fear for their safety. The Spindrift Scientific Foundation, with headquarters on famed Spindrift Island off the New Jersey coast, was regarded by most people as a typical group of scientists, impersonal and efficient, who sometimes made important discoveries or got involved in scientific adventures.

Rick Brant 14 - The Pirates Of Shan. Rick Brant 14 - The Pirates Of Shan. Скачать (lit, 218 Kb).

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Rick Brant Science-Adventure by. John Blaine, Harold Leland Goodwin. Great adventures with modern day pirates! Get A Copy.

The Pirates of Shan A RICK BRANT SCIENCE-ADVENTURE STORY, no. 14 BY JOHN BLAINE Grosset & Dunlap ASIN: B0007EYLA4 Rick Brant and his pal, Scotty,are plunged into danger and excitement when they encounter the cutthroat pirates of Shan in the heart of the Pacific tropics.

A rick brant science adventure story. Grosset & dunlap publishers new york, n. y. 1958. Rick braced himself for the shock. Chapter I. The Missing Scientists. We'd better do something," Rick Brant stated grimly, "and we'd better do it fast.

The Pirates of Shan: a Rick Brant Science-Adventure Story. Book in the Rick Brant Science-Adventure Series). This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic, timeless works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

STORY, No. 10. The Head-hunter. It was hot in the cabin of the freighter Asiatic Dream. The heaviness of the tropical heat outside the ship penetrated through the steel and flaking paint of the deck to turn the cabin into an oven. Rick Brant and Don Scott, stripped to their shorts, were oblivious of the heat. They sat hunched over a three-dimensional chessboard, studying the complex moves of their newest hobby.

Rick Brant and his pal, Scotty, are plunged into danger and excitement when they encounter the cutthroat pirates of Shan in the heart of the Pacific tropics. During an expedition to locate two missing scientists, Rick, the son of a famous scientist and youngest member of the Spindrift Scientific Foundation, finds that piracy exists in a new and modem form. How he and his friends rescue the lost scientists and help to eradicate organized piracy in the Sulu Sea through the use of modern electronics makes one of the most thrilling adventures in the Rick Brant series.
Reviews: 7
Read this for the first time when I was 12 or so and loved it and the series. Just re-read it and it is still wonderful. Tightly written with a fine subtle mix of science in it along with reasonable suspense and adventure. OK, there is no way the rocket flies that fast, but what the heck, it's fiction. Mrs. Brant is clearly a period housewife and mom. I am a period guy, and remember when that was a good thing. This was originally written back in the late 1940s and a lot of America was like this.
This is part of the series of Rick Brant science-adventure books by John Blaine. This book was originally published in 1958 and reads like the formula books and movie serials that were popular at the time. Rick and his friend Scotty, this time, are on an adventure in the Philippines. Because of some of the descriptions in the book, I looked up various aspects of the Islands (not the political atmosphere, obviously, since I'm sure that's changed - the physical parts) online and was suprised to learn that, for example, the Banaue Rice Terraces actually exists and are as stunning as talked about in the book! I have enjoyed all the Rick and Scotty adventures that I've been able to find on Amazon for free (for Kindle). They're not good enough for me to spend money on all the stories that I've missed - but I did enjoy the fast pace and the constant action of the books.
[BTW, 3 stars to me is "I like it" not "it's okay"!]
I was interested in this series since High School (48 yr ago) because in those days I was reading the Hardy Boys books. Those had advertisements in the back of some volumes for this series, but I never saw the Rick Brant books in any store. Years later I can finally read some of these, thanks to the digital world. If you liked the Hardy Boys you will like this as well. The science is pretty out of date, but still a fun read.
This was an excellent first book for a series. It explained a little background on the characters without taking away from the story. It reminds me of the Jonny Quest cartoon only Jonny if he were in his twenties. It does not explain Rick's level of education very much but perhaps that is done in future books. This is the first of twenty five books.
Steamy Ibis
Just as good, and perhaps better, than when I first read it 60 years ago. Great memories from a fine writer. Not just for youth. If you read these when you were young, they age well.
It was nice to see the background of how the two loyal chums ended up together. How the family started at the island. Also to understand just how serious the issues they faced were.
The story just flows from the author and everything makes sense and comes together perfectly.
Knights from Bernin
Let me preface that you either like the Rick Brant series of books or you don't. They were written for teens back in the 50s and 60s so they are dated now - but so are the original James Bond books. As a kid I found them amazingly refreshing and eye opening compared to the pablum teen books of that era. I remember in the first book of the series I read, that when the bad guy dropped his gun, the teen protagonist picked it up and used it. This was unheard of then in a teen book and more like the Bond books. The reason was that the author had lived in the orient and had knocked about a bit. The combination of what was at that time advanced science (realistic and not phantasy) and as gritty a reality as could be allowed at the time hooked me good and influenced my career choices - I ended up in electrical engineering and software development at the beginning of the microprocessor era and then migrated into intelligence and I have since knocked about a bit in the orient. So I give an enthusiastic biased recommendation for these books.
Great literate story-telling for the young-at-heart. A much-overlooked series of many moons ago, wish they would re-issue or publish again this fun adventure collection.