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Author: Donald J. Sobol
ISBN13: 978-0553155877
Title: The Case of the Secret Pitch (Encyclopedia Brown #2) (Encyclopedia Brown (Paperback))
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Language: English
Category: Mysteries and Detectives
Publisher: Yearling (July 1, 1982)

The Case of the Secret Pitch (Encyclopedia Brown #2) (Encyclopedia Brown (Paperback)) by Donald J. Sobol

First off I love the Encyclopedia Brown series. Read them constantly when I was a kid. What is great about the series is that you can get any book in the series and you don't loose out by not reading the ones before or after.

Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover. You should read Encyclopdia Brown and the Case of the Seceret Pitch. It's exciting!! It's about a boy that solves mysteries. Everybody should have one.

About book: I really love the mysteries in this series because they are practical (Encyclopedia doesn't want to get punched in the belly) as well as super difficult (for all ages from 8 to 80 year old!). I only guessed right in about half which wasn't the same stories that my children guessed because our skill sets are clearly varied

This was the second Encyclopedia Brown book That I have given a read. In some ways it is interesting reading these books and also the Hard Boys Books with my son currently. I first picked up a book in this series because Barry Lyga made mention of it on his blog. These are fun reads, especially waiting for meetings to start at work. And with almost 30 books in the series it will provide a lot of entertainment. Sobol's second Encyclopedia Brown collection requires a little more thinking and less guess work (and not a single instance of being outright wrong, which Encyclopedia was on his very first case). It is a little odd to revisit the idealized world of 1960s suburbia (even with the one bad neighborhood) where children are kidnapped for ransom and mumblety-peg is a perfectly fine past time for young boys.

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Title: Encyclopedia Brown books ; no. 2. Personal Name: Shortall, Leonard W. Rubrics: Brown, Encyclopedia (Fictitious character) Juvenile fiction Detective and mystery stories. ISBN: 1583811788 Publication & Distribution: San Francisco, Calif. Published on behalf of the International Astronomical Union by Astronomical Society of the Pacific, (c)2004.

Fifth-grader "Encyclopedia" Leroy Brown solves ten mysteries and, by putting the solutions at the back of the book, challenges the reader to do the same. Boxid 2 CH120120904-BL1. Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II. City New York. Donor bostonpubliclibrary.

These are just some of the ten brain-twisting mysteries that Encyclopedia Brown must solve by using his famous computerlike brain. Try to crack the cases along with him-the answers to all the mysteries are found in the back! In this series. Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games).

Scotty, the party of eastern tourists rode the Texas range. The hotel manager had promised them Historic Scenes of the Old Wild West. He rode last in line. Behind him came only the chuck wagon with the food. Around noon, even the chuck wagon passed him. Encyclopedia didn’t mind. Most of the tourists (including Encyclopedia) ate standing up. It made the boy detective mad to see his father sitting contentedly on the ground. You don’t look well, Leroy, he said. Leroy Brown, aka Encyclopedia Brown, is Idaville neighborhood’s ten-year-old star detective. With an uncanny knack for trivia, he solves mysteries for the neighborhood kids through his own detective agency. But his dad also happens to be the chief of the Idaville police department, and every night around the dinner table, Encyclopedia helps him solve his most baffling crimes.

Reviews: 7
First off I love the Encyclopedia Brown series. Read them constantly when I was a kid. What is great about the series is that you can get any book in the series and you don't loose out by not reading the ones before or after. Second of all you can use these to help your budding logic puzzler kids or as fun ways to teach them how to approach a problem logically.

So why the two stars? Well the formatting sucks, it sucks worst than a Kirby Vacuum that has been souped up Tool Time Style. There is no hyperlink to the solutions page. There is no chapter listing for the solutions page either, so it makes it hard to navigate the book. The worst the way the formatting was done at times you are presented a page that has just a title, or a picture or even just a caption to a picture then you scroll to the next page of text. I have seen free kindle and home publishing kindle books better formatted than this book. Bought the next in the series and it only gets downhill from there. You would think that Penguin Publishing would know how to do this.
Encyclopedia Brown books are the best fun for a kid looking to exercise some brain power. Good logic puzzles.

The thing that sucks is the formatting for the books sucks. From no hyperlinked solutions to the way page breaks are happening so that one can get a picture, a caption to a picture or even just the border to the start of a story for a page or two. Let alone the solutions aren't even listed in the table of contents. You have to scroll through the last story or click on the end and scroll backwards. It sucks and should be fixed. I mean even home publishing efforts are better formatted that the three books I have bought in the series so far.
This is of the same books my 4th grade teacher would read us in the 80's. I got this one to read to my 5 yr. old and we both love it! All the clues are there and after you guess, flip to the back and read the outcome and solution. It's great. I will be getting all the books I can find! Get 'em and read 'em to that kid!
I bought the first in this nice old series for my seven year old grandson. I remembered them from the time my son was enjoying them a long time ago! He loves a good story and he loves to solve mysteries. The fact that the main character is a smart little boy is frosting on the cake. He finished the first book in no time and I ordered the next two in the series. He is enjoying each one. Since each book is segmented into several stories, it is the perfect bedtime book. You can read only as much as there is time for and still have a whole story or two. There is no doubt that more books in this clever series will be going his way.
My son has seriously taken to this old series, and I'm thrilled that he's flying through them. He's not the most avid reader, and sometimes it's hard to find books that retain his attention. I worried that being an older series it might be a little out of touch for kids today, but no... as soon as he finishes one he can't wait to get his hands on a new one. Glad they come for Kindle, too, because it makes it very convenient.
Just like with the print version, the book has all the solutions at the end. However, there is no easy way to get to them. You have to go to the end and then page backward until you get to it. A simple link would have been nice to take you to the solution and then another to take you back to the next story. Or, even put the solution at the end of each story.
Encyclopedia Brown is a 5th grade boy who solves puzzles, crimes and mysteries as easily and as unconsciously as breathing.
Each book is a series of short mysteries (5-10 pages each) ending with a question - usually "how did Encyclopedia know that X was responsible for the crime". The answer to each mystery is at the back of the book. Solving the mystery takes no special knowledge, but it does require paying attention to detail. Don't turn to the answer too fast.
This book is the second in the series, but the books do not have to be read in order. I loved the Encyclopedia Brown books when I was growing up. I am reading them again before I give them to my nephew who I hope will enjoy them as I did.
Adults who like this series may also enjoy the Lateral Thinking Puzzles books.
Arrived on time, the product was perfect. The seller was in touch. It was what I wanted.