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Author: Ian Cameron
ISBN13: 978-1899827053
Title: The Roman Letters (Ally Fraser Stories)
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Language: English
Category: Literature and Fiction
Publisher: Scottish Children's Press (August 1997)
Pages: 32

The Roman Letters (Ally Fraser Stories) by Ian Cameron

The Roman Letters (The Ally Fraser Stories). Kingdom of the Sun Gods. Standard Grade Success Guide in Science (Success Guides).

All about The Thistle, The (Ally Fraser Stories) by Ian Cameron. The Thistle, The (Ally Fraser Stories).

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The Ally Fraser Stories opening with The Roman Letters (1997 chap) are Timeslip fantasies for younger children: in the first book, the eleven-year-old protagonist Ally Fraser acquires a magical set of wooden printing blocks which when used to make prints transport him to the depicted era of Scotland's past. Historical lessons are imparted. Cameron should not be confused with the Ian Cameron who is a pseudonym of Donald Gordon Payne.

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The Book of Film Noir Ian Cameron (Ed. Continuum International Publishing Group, 1994 . 1. The Movie Book of the Western Ian Cameron (Ed., Douglas Pye (Ed. Cassell Illustrated, 1996 . 2. The Roman Letters Ian Cameron Scottish Children's Press, 1997.

By the Roman age the traditional stories of Greek myth had long since ceased to reflect popular culture. Mythology had become instead a central element in elite culture. If one did not know the stories one would not understand most of the allusions in the poets and orators, classics and contemporaries alike; nor would one be able to identify the scenes represented on the mosaic floors and wall paintings in your cultivated friends' houses, or on the silverware on their tables at dinner. Much of this book is devoted to an analysis of the importance evidently attached to citing classical sources for mythical stories, the clearest proof that they were now a part of learned culture. So central were these source references that the more unscrupulous faked them, sometimes on the grand scale.

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Letters To Ally gave way to a place where I could leave behind all the unspoken words I had left for Ally, since I could no longer tell her face to face. Anyone who had lost someone or a pet, who meant so much to them, is able to relate to the letters. This year, our followers asked if we'd publish some sort of book with all the Letters to Ally. I decided it wasn't a bad idea. So, I decided to give those Letters to Ally, short stories, and design & craft tutorials a place where I could take it to another level. I also adopted a little Yorkie named Osito (Little O) and he continued the journey on our social media.

Today’s featured image, titled Tawney’s Shift at the Ally Den, showcases the massively-breasted (titted? boobed? mammaried?) Tawney, a fantastically dressed performer extraordinaire (that’s code for stripper). I very much dig this particular set, which sees some re-use on Picodegato’s feed, showcasing a number of characters and mini-scenes. The use of lighting and focus definitely intrigues me, and I hope they manage to use or produce more sets of this caliber. Tawney’s outfit is pretty stunning. The ribbons, the bows, the ern corset (LOVE the lace!), the obvious fishnet. .