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Author: Jack Whyte
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Title: The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1)
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Publisher: Forge; 1st edition (February 1, 1996)
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The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1) by Jack Whyte

The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1). The Skystone (The Camulod Chronicles, Book 1). Jack Whyte. Скачать (pdf, . 9 Mb).

Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles provide a new perspective to what is arguably the most popular fictional legendarium in human history: the Arthurian mythos. Instead of filling the pages with magic and prophecy, Whyte shows us how the life and legend of King Arthur and his companions might really have come about. The Skystone is hardly an epic book. Because of its very limited scope and cast of characters and heavy focus on character interaction rather than plot development, it feels like reading a TV show. Without any disrespect meant to TV shows, that made it rather boring.

Jack Whyte is a Scots-born, award-winning Canadian author whose poem, The Faceless One, was featured at the 1991 New York Film Festival. The Camulod Chronicles is his greatest work, a stunning retelling of one of our greatest legends: the making of King Arthur's Britain. He lives in British Columbia, Canada. Paperback: 360 pages.

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Book description: Publisher: Camulod Chronicles (Dream of Eagles) (1). Date: January 5, 2002. Identifiers: ISBN 10: 0765303728 ISBN 13: 9780765303721. Belonged to: "Camulod Chronicles (Dream of Eagles) (1)" serie. This book describes the following items: Historical - General, Fiction - Historical, Fiction, Historical - Arthurian, Fiction : Fantasy : Historical, More about the author(s): Jack Whyte was born in 1940. Download more by: Jack Whyte.

The Skystone is a historical fiction novel written by Jack Whyte, which was first published in 1992. The story is told by a Roman Officer called Publius Varrus, who is an expert blacksmith as well as a soldier.

Everyone knows the story-how Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, how Camelot came to be, and about the power struggles that ultimately destroyed Arthur's dreams. But what of the time before Arthur and the forces that created him?How did the legend really come to pass?Before the time of Arthur and his Camelot, Britain was a dark and deadly place, savaged by warring factions of Picts, Celts, and invading Saxons.

Whyte, Jack - The Skystone(v2). Whyte, Jack - Dream of Eagles 1 - The Skystone. Jack Whyte THE SKYSTONE Whyte was born in Scotland and came to Canada in 1967 Whyte, Jack - The Skystone(v2). Whyte, Jack - Dream of Eagles 1 - The Skystone

Camulod Chronicles - 1 ). From Library Journal. During the days of the decaying Roman Empire, the legions of Britain struggle to preserve the ancient principles of loyalty and discipline-virtues embodied in the Roman general Caius Britannicus and his friend Publius Varrus, an ex-soldier turned ironsmith. Whyte re-creates the turbulence and uncertainty that marked fifth-century Britain and provides a possible origin for one of the greatest artifacts of Arthurian myth-the legendary sword Excalibur. Strong characters and fastidious attention to detail make this a good.

The first in a six-volume series that chronicles the legend of Arthur, King of the Britons, explores the turbulent world of Roman-occupied Britain, as two Romans struggle to build lives in a land savaged by warring Picts, Celts, and invading Saxons. 75,000 first printing.
Reviews: 7
If you're a fan of the Arthurian legend and are somehow unfamiliar with this series by Jack Whyte, you are in for a huge treat. This series, called the Camulod Chronicles in the US, and A Dream of Eagles in Canada, is the author's incredibly well-researched imaginary speculation on how the Arthurian legend grew from actual events that occurred in Britain after the Romans withdrew their Legions from the island. The main characters in the first three volumes are Romanized Britons, many who are veterans of the Legions, living in typical Roman Villas of the time, who assume the responsibility of defending and organizing the countryside once the Romans have left. Without playing spoiler, this first volume establishes the cultural and military milieu in southern Britain (at around AD 410), develops the main characters of the first three volumes, and presents a plausible explanation of the origin of the raw metals used to forge what we know as Excalibur. The second volume, The Singing Sword, picks up that theme and continues the story of Excalibur. Each successive volume is historically plausible and incorporates the characters we associate with Arthur, in the guise of Romanized military figures, historical Celtic leaders, controversial religious personalities and other persons known to history.

Scholars tell us that most legends or epics are founded on actual events. The author here, Jack Whyte - a Scot - has indicated in various interviews that he was long interested in the Arthurian legends and, in writing these books, seems to have asked himself, "How might this have grown from actual events?" As his answer, these books are a tremendous evocation of post-Roman Britain, its vulnerability absent the legions and administration, and provide an entirely plausible imagined version of how we came to enjoy the whole Arthurian epic as it evolved from historical events. Don't miss a single volume!
I have read a number of Arthurian stories. But I have never read one as great as this. The word great does not do this book justice. This book will reach out and get you with a strangle hold of amazingly crafted characters, rich history context. the plot is gripping and the narrative will keep you glued to the pages. This is a new and intriguing variation on a old theme. But instead of riding a tired old warhorse, it breaths new life into the legend. While bring the high fantasy down to a earthly level may seem that it would detract from the Legend of Arthur, the author in fact provides believable historical fiction while keeping the reader spellbound. Do you like Historical fiction? great Story? Engaging and believable characters? Read Jake Whyte's the Skytone. This is a must read for all lovers of fiction.
The beginning book is an eight series volume series that deals with Britain which Rome begins to withdraw the legions. The characters are well developed and their plans to develop their protected community progresses through all eight books. A Roman General and Romann Senator whose family has lived in Britain for three generations begins the process as he is far-sighted and sees the crumbling of Rome. Of course Arthur is plays a part in the plans. The generations long feud between the Britannicus family and the Senecas adds an element building tension and danger. All eight books of the series are worth reading. The first books begins with the making of the sword later called Excalibur. The disappointment is that the eighth and final book ends the saga when Arthur comes of ages. However, the basic story line is how some people of Britain develop a community they can defend once the Roman legions have been with drawn.
In the first of this series, we are introduced to Publius Varrus and his friend Caius Britannicus. An exciting and engaging story, it begins just before the fall of the Roman Empire in Britain. Caius and Publius become fast friends in this book. Caius talks about his dream to Publius where people can live peacefully in a communal setting. Although it takes Publius a long time before he joins his friend in the Colony, as they call it. Caius is a charismatic leader and soldier and Publius is a master smith and soldier. Moving at a steady pace, this book it a marvel of storytelling.
I get a sense of standing at a slight elevation, gazing down at unfolding events. Jack Whyte has really put a lot of historical detail into the arrival of the Romans in Britain, and the names and locations of the peoples that were there when the Romans arrived. I love his attention to detail regarding armor and dress, and the "back story" of what's going on in the Empire while the Romans were in Britain. Another reviewer noted the characters are somewhat less than three dimensional, and I don't disagree with that entirely...but they are indeed fleshed out more in the books that continue. I'm on "The Saxon Shore" reading them in order (devouring them!) and his characters do become more solid. Great historical fiction,
I have read all of the Camulod Chronicles at least twice already but never tire of them. Jack Whyte is a master storyteller, mixing historical fact with his original fiction in such a way that, when all is said and done, you will never believe any other version of the Excaliber/Camelot/King Arthur saga. I'm venturing back into Camulod for the third time now and loving every minute of it.
The first step of many. Great series. And yes a great start to that series.
My one complaint is that Mr. Whyte takes ALL the magic out of Camelot.
Then later in the series explains how ALL the Magic came to be.
But yes you get to hear of a sword in a stone: You 'see' the lady of the lake.
You even get to hear Excalibur SING! And know that the sword was truly made for a King!
If you like swords; if you like Romans; or just love adventures,you will not go wrong.