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Author: Diane Hoh
ISBN13: 978-0613089173
Title: Titanic: The Long Night
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Language: English
Category: Literature and Fiction
Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush (March 1998)

Titanic: The Long Night by Diane Hoh

Titanic: The Long Night is a 1998 romance novel by Diane Hoh. It is an entirely fictional story set aboard on the real ship, Titanic. The plot centers around two main aspects. The first is the story of Elizabeth Farr, who is on the Titanic with her parents on the voyage to New York City, on her way to marry a man she doesn't want to marry, Alan Reed

You won't find any spies or layers of deep secrets in Titanic: The Long Night, but it definitely is a book worth reading, about a terrible incident in history that I'm sure we will continue telling new stories about long past when the final actual survivor of the tragedy has passed away. Overall Titanic The Long Night was a quick read with large font and it wasn't terrible. Despite being an older book, it didn't feel dated and I appreciated the Epilogue at the end that wrapped up all the characters plotlines. If you are a Titanic fan like me you might enjoy this book but honestly it wasn't very good, nor did it contain anything really special.

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Titanic: The Long Night. Diane Hoh. View More by This Author. This book can be downloaded and read in Apple Books on your Mac or iOS device. Two teenagers discover true love aboard the doomed ocean liner Elizabeth Farr never wanted to return to America. During her family’s vacation abroad, she has fallen in love with England, and is despondent when her father refuses to let her stay. Returning to New York means having her debut into society, and that means a swiftly arranged marriage

Titanic: The Long Night. Publisher: Scholastic. This action-packed big summer read focuses on the lives of several teenage passengers aboard the ill-fated "Titanic.

Titanic: A Long Night is one of the best Titanic stories. It was so much more interesting than the movie. The four characters focused on were the perfect hero/heroines and although the book took place over only four days, you had a good idea of their personalities, which were adventurous, brave and nice. I thought the plotline for Elizabeth Farr and Max Whittaker was a lot like the movie's, but I did like the focus on some third class travellers - Kate Hanrahan and Paddy Kelleher. It was such a romantic book and I just couldn't put it down! The novel was well-done because everything. com User, 20 years ago.

About book: This action-packed big summer read focuses on the lives of several teenage passengers aboard the ill-fated "Titanic". Other books by Historical Fiction.

Tagged as contemporary ) This action-packed big summer read focuses on the lives of several teenage passengers aboard the ill-fated "Titanic. Bookmark ) contemporary 5.

Remembering the Titanic - Diane Hoh. Early bird books. Fresh ebook deals, delivered daily. Still, she could handle the nightmares. What was harder to handle was Paddy’s stubborn refusal to attend a single memorial for victims of the Titanic. She needed him with her during these painful ceremonies.

Titanic: The Long Night ~~ Diane Hoh. Book Lists. Titanic: The Long Night. Who will survive the long night? Everyone thought the . Titanic could never sink. But when it struck a huge iceberg just before midnight on April 14, 1912, the helpless passengers found out they were wrong. Beautiful Elizabeth Farr and dashing Max Whittaker in first class. Everyone is faced with biting cold and churning black waters, tilting lifeboats and pathetic screams.

Reviews: 7
I read this book probably back in 1999 I want to say. I read it so many times, the cover fell off and I'm not one to destroy my books when I read them. All of my hardcover and paperback books look unused because I take care of them. But I loved this book. And when I say love, I mean I obsessed over it. I read it about 3 times and then even acted it out with my Barbie dolls... LOVED IT.

I was weird when it came to reading this book though. I LOVED the story between Elizabeth and Max, a man who was "beneath" Elizabeth and her family; and I'm sure if I read it today, I would cry towards the ending because of the not knowing if they found each other on the Carpathia or not (not gonna say). Now when I saw I was weird when reading this book, I mean that I only wanted to read about Elizabeth and Max. I didn't care about Katie's story, the third class girl. Her story wasn't as exciting to me as the other two's. Towards the end, however, the two women come across each other and I had to highlight in my book when that meet happened so I wasn't lost.

I did read the second novel that Diane wrote between Elizabeth and Max; but didn't enjoy it as much as the first... Probably because the Titanic was no longer involved. And did I mention I'm obsessed with the Titanic?

Writing this review makes me wanna read this book again... Dammit.
This book was great. I learned more from this book because it was in so much detail that you felt like you were witnessing everything. The book has alter egos, which at times can be very confusing, especially when the great ship starts to sink. One part is about Elizabeth Farr; traveling in first class. Elizabeth is expected to marry a boring man after she gets back to New York. Elizabeth soon meets a young traveler named Max Whittaker, the son of aquantences. Elizabeth is jealous at the fact that Max is independant, and Elizabeth wants to know how he did it. The other part is about 3 Irish third-class passengers, hoping to make a better life in America; Kathleen Hanrahan, and the brothers: Brian and Patrick Kelleher. When the Titanic begins to sink, the full potential of each character comes out with a beautifully written ending. Their are only two problems. One, the book kept on flipping back in forth from 3rd class to 1st, which got confusing when the Titanic sinks. And the second, the author took some ideas from the movie; but gives a new zest to those ideas. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the sinking of the Titanic.
I LOVED this book, I became immediately engrossed in all the characters, especially Katie ( the red haired lass). The author depicted exactly what must of been horrific, for those poor people to experience on that fateful night. I was so glad that Elizabeth's life was what she wanted, with all that arguing with her parents. Of course during that time, women really had no free choices..you
Did what was expected. I liked the way the author finalized everyone at the end...a very happy
Ending...If you're not sure, give it a try...it's worth it....
I loved it so much that I read it less than a week. I strongly recommend it to Titanic lovers everywhere.
I read this book years ago and recently brought it on my kindle and it was just as great as I remembered. The author has done a brilliant job of creating the characters and taking us through the entire voyage of the Titanic. The author created characters that we would care and want to read about. I love this book!
Any Titanic book fact or fiction is good.
I ordered this because I have lost the first copy I had. If you are a Titanic fan and want to read a good fiction with some romance, then you'll love it too.