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Author: Robert Newton
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Title: Runner
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Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (April 10, 2007)
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Runner by Robert Newton

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Robert Newton works as a full-time firefighter with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. His first novel, My Name is Will Thompson, was published in 2001. Since then he has written four other novels for young people, including Runner, which was published by Penguin in 2005. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and three daughters. Books by Robert Newton. Mor. rivia About Runner.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Charlie's father is dead, and although his mother insists he stay in school, Charlie has no patience for the classroom. All he wants is to make money.

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Runner - Robert Newton.

Set in the 20’s,Charlie is poor and so he takes a job as a runner for the Melb. Gangster Squizzy Taylor. 142-147 to run Charlie run. C & Nostrils his mate get rolled after delivering grog

It's 1919, Richmond football club is on top of the ladder, cream buns are threepence each and four boys are gunning for the best job in town. To help us recommend your next book, tell us what you enjoy reading.

In the novel, Runner by Robert Newton, the main character is Charlie Feehan. He is growing up in the working class slums of Richmond in 1919. His father died of the Spanish flu and his family is struggling to survive financially and with the grief of his father’s death. Isaac Newton the Creator by John Castaño In Book I of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Isaac Newton sets out on a journey to describe the motion of bodies.

Charlie's father is dead, and although his mother insists he stay in school, Charlie has no patience for the classroom. All he wants is to make money, to give his mother and baby brother a better life. So when he catches the eye of Squizzy Taylor, a notorious mobster, and is offered a job as Squizzy's courier, it doesn't take Charlie long to accept—even if he has to go against his own mother's wishes.At first, the job's a thrill—running with messages, illegal liquor, whatever Squizzy orders. It fills Charlie with power. But then come the not-so-savory parts of the job. Collecting Squizzy's debts. Dodging Squizzy's enemies. The very real dangers of the streets. And at some point Charlie has to ask himself—how long before running for a better life means cutting his life short?
Reviews: 7
I have studied this book with teenagers from Year 7 to Year 10, and they generally really enjoy the story. Characters speaking in oddly spelt and punctuated vernacular throws them at the start, but they get into the story quickly and there is a surprising amount to discuss and investigate. This book has been very popular with the boys especially. Many of them tell me this is their favourite book.
Aussie Aussie Aussie .. yeah yeah yeah

a great read - it was a text for my daughters English class - Brilliant
I had to read this book for school so that probably clouds my judgment a bit. I think it was a good book and it was well written but I was just bored and I guess the stuff was a little predictable.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Knowing Richmond as it is today, it's a great history lesson. Combined with great characters and an excellent storyline, Charlie Feehan is a superb hero and this was an excellent read
blac wolf
After Charlie Feehan's beloved father passes away, it seems the whole Feehan family hits rock bottom -- until Squizzy Taylor offers Charlie an amazing job with a matching miraculous paycheck.

The illegal liquor runs turn Charlie into someone he truly isn't, though. And when his good mate, Nostrils, gets a beating, Charlie has to decide whether to choose a dangerous path in life or a wiser one.

With top-notch training, Charlie is either ready for his big mile-long race -- or not.

RUNNER is a very well-detailed and exciting book. Robert Newton is a talented writer. A great read!

Reviewed by: Holly
This book is very interesting. It tells you about real events that happened in Richmond in Melbourne in the 1920's. Some of the characters were real. There is many funny and interesting parts. Fnally this book is very interesting.
It is written in very Australian language and slang that an Aussie would understand and enjoy but may need some interpretation by others outside of Australia