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Author: Laura Peyton Roberts
ISBN13: 978-0553493313
Title: Tried & True (Clearwater Crossing, #16)
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Publisher: Bantam Books for Young Readers (December 12, 2000)

Tried & True (Clearwater Crossing, #16) by Laura Peyton Roberts

Tried & True book. She has the entire summer to win her fellow cheerleaders over. Not that it ought to take that long! Book 16 of the Clearwater Crossing Series. Online Stores ▾. Audible Barnes & Noble Walmart eBooks Google Play Abebooks Book Depository Alibris Better World Books IndieBound.

I hope that you'll enjoy them and lend them to your friends. If you haven't yet visited Clearwater Crossing, please drop by anytime as my guest.

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Heart & Soul (Clearwater Crossing, by Laura Peyton Roberts. Publication date 1998-05-11. Topics Fiction, Religious - Christian, Juvenile Fiction, Children's 12-Up - Fiction - Religious, Children: Young Adult (Gr. 7-9), School & Education, Social Issues - Adolescence, Social Situations - Teen Lifestyle, Juvenile Fiction, Religious, Christian, Adolescence, High schools. Publisher Bantam Books for Young Readers. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive.

2000) (Book 16 in the Clearwater Crossing series) A novel by Laura Peyton Roberts. Leah and Miguel have been through everything together: his mom's kidney transplant, their broken engagement, even a friend's death. Their love has been tried and has triumphed over and over again. But now they're graduating from CCHS, and things are changing fast.

The Clearwater Crossing book series by Laura Peyton Roberts includes books Get a Life, Reality Check, Heart & Soul, and several more.

Tried & True by Laura Peyton Roberts. 16. Just Say Yes by Laura Peyton Roberts. Clearwater Crossing 9. Skin Deep by Laura Peyton Roberts (1999). Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works.

Laura Peyton Roberts is a published author of children's books and young adult books. 17. Tried & True (Clearwater Crossing) (Hardcover) Author: Laura Peyton Roberts Publisher: Econo-Clad Books. 18. What Goes Around (Clearwater Crossing, (Mass Market Paperback) Author: Laura Peyton Roberts Publisher: Bantam Books for Young Readers. 19. Diaries (School & Library Binding) Author: Laura Peyton Roberts Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush.

Leah and Miguel have been through everything together: his mom's kidney transplant, their broken engagement, even a friend's death. Their love has been tried and has triumphed over and over again. But now they're graduating and things are changing fast. Can their love stay true?Jenna loves the idea of learning CPR and water safety with Eight Prime--except everyone keeps messing up! How can they be camp counselors if they can't even get certified? Nicole Brewster, CCHS cheerleader! So what if her arrival on the squad was a little rocky? She has the entire summer to win her fellow cheerleaders over. Not that it ought to take that long!
Reviews: 6
Nicole's somebody now but at the expense of someone else. She's still very much into her looks and popularity is key for her.

Eight Prime take CPR and water safety instruction in order to volunteer at the summer camp they've been trying to get established for the group Peter and Chris head up.

Leah wants to enjoy the last week of her senior year but Miguel is spending more time working than being with her. They've been arguing more and more.

It obviously doesn't phase Shane that Leah has a boyfriend as he's been coming around more and more.

Much to Jenna's chagrin, she's discovered that Miguel is up to something. Besides work, that is.

This volume in the "Clearwater Crossing" series gets interesting toward the end.
I have love this series. It is clean, fun, and reminds me of my teen years and how important every aspect of school, boys and cheerleading was at that point in my life.
Tried and True, like the rest of the Clearwater Crossing books, is another awesome addition to the series. I just got the book and wasn't able to put it down.
Eight Prime is finally getting closer to fulfilling their dream of having summer camp. They still have to finish the necessary safety courses, but with all the goofing off, Jenna is afraid they're never going to pass. While Jenna and Peter are devoted to the summer camp preparations, Nicole is attempting to establish herself as a cheerleader, Miguel is obsessed with work, work, work, and Leah is doubtful about her future. Melanie, frustrated with getting Jesse back and uncertain about her choice of dropping out of cheerleading, can't seem to make much progress with anything. And Ben is just Ben.
There's not a dull moment in this book as the eight are trying to have fun preparing for summer holidays amid their struggles. Whether it's Leah questioning Miguel's attitude or Nicole trying to be popular, this book was great to read. It was funny, thoughtful, and intriguing. I definitely recommend it anyone who enjoys this series or looking for a fun new realistic series to read.
Leah and Miguel have been through practically everything together. Now that they're about to graduate, Leah feels like she and Miguel should be together all the time--or most of it, anyway. Miguel is constantly still trying to get his family into a house of their own, away from public housing. Meanwhile, Leah turns 18 and gets some rather nice gifts--especially from a college boy named Shane who likes her. Jenna drives one day into Miguel's neighborhood by accident, but wishes she hadn't when she sees Miguel and his former co-worker Sabrina.
Jenna is frustrated because practically no one is taking the CPR classes seriously except her. Everyone tries to get it together so that they can be certified camp counselors.
Nicole is a cheerleader! Who would have thought that Melanie would have dropped out? Unfortunately, the new squad doesn't seem to accept her very well--especially after Nicole blabs the REAL reason for Melanie's dropping out. Will she ever be accepted before her senior year? Cheerleading camp?
I started reading the Clearwater Crossing series when I found the first book at the library. Since then I have been buying the books from the book store because of the time that it takes for the library to get the books. I love this series, but not this book, it's a big let down.
Eight Prime is taking CPR and water training training classes in order to become certified camp counselors for Camp Clearwater. Jenna is horrified that nobody is taking it seriously except her and Peter. Melanie is occupied with her confussion about her feelings for Jessie, Ben is acting like his normal childish self, and Leah and Miguel are having problems with their relationship.
Nicole recently got into the CCHS cheerleading squad after Melanie dropped out. She is thrilled about getting to know her fellow cheerleaders, but soon finds out that they don't want to have anything to do with her, due to their suspicions that they lost Melainie because of her. Nicole is also having to deal with Courtney, who recently always has her nose in Self-Help books.
Miguel is even more determined than ever to get his family into a house of their own. He has even picked one out and is working hard to get a down payment together. Leah supports him, but is upset that he will let it keep him from enjoying the end of his senior year with her. Meanwhile, Shane, a college guy Leah's father introduced her to, is constantly stopping over at her house to give her presents and to ask her to go places with him.
Jenna and Peter are busier than ever getting ready for Camp Clearwater. While Jenna is out getting craft supplies she misses a turn and has to turn around in Miguel's neighborhood. She wishes she didn't, however, when she spots Miguel kissing Sabrina.
This book is by far the worst Clearwater Crossing book so far. The plot is exciting, but the characters act totally different than they did in the previous books. For example, Jenna seems like someone half her age and at one point yells at everyone in Eight Prime. Also, Jesse actually seemed half-way decent in this book.
If you have never read any of the other Clearwater Crossing books, don't start with this one. But if you have read all the other ones go get it from the library. After reading it once, I doubt you'll ever read it again.
This is one of the best books in the series. The whole series is wonderful and fascinating, and I highly recommend it for any teenager. I love Leah and Miguel, and this is one my favorite books ever!!! The series got better as it went on, and I loved reading about Leah and Miguel. Definetly some of the best books ever written. I'm angry at myself, though, because like an idiot I checked all the books out of the library, and now they're out of print...every book, though, is worth any money you spend it. BUY THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!