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Author: Harrison Cady,Thornton W Burgess
ISBN13: 978-0316008990
Title: Mother West Wind's Children
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Language: English
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Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers (September 1, 2004)
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Mother West Wind's Children by Harrison Cady,Thornton W Burgess

Childen's book, first published in 1911, with four black-and-white illustrations. Born in Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, he was a conservationist and author of children's stories. Thornton Waldo Burgess loved the beauty of nature and its living creatures so much that he wrote about them for 50 years. By the time he retired, he had written more than 170 books and 15,000 stories for daily columns in newspapers.

Way, way over near the Smiling Pool he could see Old Mother West Wind’s Children, the Merry Little Breezes, at play. Sammy Jay was sitting on a fence post. He pretended to be taking a sun bath, but really he was planning mischief. You never see Sammy Jay that he isn’t in mischief or planning it. Reddy Fox had trotted past an hour before in a great hurry. Up on the hill Danny Meadow Mouse could just see Jimmy Skunk pulling over every old stick and stone he could find, no matter whose house it might be, and excusing himself because he was hungry and was looking for beetles.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Mother West Wind's Children, by Thornton W. Burgess, Illustrated by George Kerr. E-text prepared by Al Haines. Yap-yap-yap," barked Reddy Fox, as loud as he could. Mother west wind's children. By. Thornton w. burgess. Author of "Old Mother West Wind". Illustrated by George Kerr. GROSSET & DUNLAP Publishers New York By arrangement with Little, Brown and Company. GROSSET & DUNLAP Publishers New York By arrangement with Little, Brown and Company

Mother west wind's children. Grosset & DunlapPublishersNew YorkBy arrangement with Little, Brown and Company. To. All the little friends. I. Danny meadow mouse learns why his tail is short. Danny Meadow Mouse sat in his doorway and looked down the Lone LittlePath across the Green Meadows. Way, way over near the Smiling Pool hecould see Old Mother West Wind's Children, the Merry Little Breezes, atplay. He pretended to betaking a sun bath, but really he was planning mischief.

Author of "Old Mother West Wind," and "The Bed Time Story-Books. Illustrations in Color by HARRISON CADY. Little, brown, and company. 1. old mother west wind 2. mother west wind'S children 3. mother west wind's animal friends 4. mother west wind'S neighbors 5. mother west wind "why" Stories 6. mother west wind "how" Stories 7. mother west wind "when" Stories 8. mother west wind "where" stories. happy jack 2. mrs. peter rabbit 3. bowser the hound 4. old granny fox. The burgess bird book for children. The burgess animal book for children.

MOTHER WEST WIND'S CHILDREN Lot 7 Thornton W. Burgess DOVER Dear Old Briarpatch. Mixed Lot of Thornton W. Burgess Books (7). Dover Children's Thrift Classics (1992) The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad. The Adventures of Reddy Fox Thornton W Burgess 1913 The Bedtime Story-Books. I have a beautiful old book The Adventures of Bobby Coon. It is a famous bedtime story book by Thornton W Burgess. The book is in great condition. The dust cover is torn in places. Longlegs the Heron Smiling Pool Series Thornton W. Burgess HC/DJ 1927.

You can also read the full text online using our ereader. father Frog, "the Meadow Mice have had short tails and have always scurried along under cover of the long grass where no one will see them. And the Wharf Rats have never again lived in the Green Meadows or in the Green Forest, but have lived on filth and garbage around the homes of men, with every man's hand against them.

Burgess Thornton Waldo. Mother West Wind's Children brings you to the author’s imaginary world of forest and its little creatures. Burgess, a devoted admirer of the living world around us, helps young readers t. .imbue their minds with the love of nature and wild animals. In this story the inhabitants of the Green Meadows and Green Forest have little adventures,as Grandfather Frog tells stories to the children of Mother West Wind, the Merry Little Breezes. MoreLess Show More Show Less.

Fifteen tales that explain why Danny Meadow Mouse has a short tail, the reason Reddy Fox has no friends, and other mysteries about the residents of the Green Meadow.
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Thornton W. Burgess' _Mother West Wind's Children_ (1911) was his third published book and his sequel to _Old Mother West Wind_ (1910). In these two books, he introduced many of his recurring characters: Reddy Fox, Bowser the Hound, Danny Meadow Mouse, Peter Rabbit, Billy Mink, Grandfather Frog, Mrs. Redwing, Sammy Jay, Bobby Coon, Little Joe Otter-- and, of course, Old Mother West Wind and her sack full of Merry Little Breezes. Some characters like Buster Bear and Paddy the Beaver would be introduced later (and would cause a bit of disruption to the woods). But if you start with these two Mother West Wind books, you will have a pretty good feel for Burgess' cast of characters.

There are a total of fifteen stories in _Mother West Wind's Children_. Many of the tales are variations of what Pierre Grimalle once called "prayer myths"-- that is, stories explaining how certain things in nature came to be. That is, "why" stories. We can readily see this in the titles of five tales: "Danny Meadow Mouse Learns Why His Tail Is Short," "Why Reddy Fox Has No Friends," "Why Peter Rabbit's Ears Are Long," "Why Bobby Coon Washes His Food," and "Why Hooty the Owl Does Not Play on the Green Meadows".

Three stories do not have "why" in the title. But they are the same kind of story, right enough: "Striped Chipmunk's Pockets," "Mr. Toad's Old Suit," and "The Disappointed Bush". Most (but not all) of these tales are told by Grandfather Frog. With a bit of coaxing, and for a quota of a few foolish, fat, green flies he will begin: "Once upon a time, when the world was very young..."

The remainder of the tales bear titles like "Reddy Fox Disobeys," "Johnny Chuck's Secret," and "Danny Meadow Mouse Learns to Laugh". They are curious mixtures of morality tales and light comedies. In the first, Reddy Fox just _has_ to bark at Old Mother Moon-- and runs afoul of Bowser the Hound. In the second, Johnny Chuck tells his secret to just one animal-- but it was one animal too many. In the third, Danny Meadow Mouse changes from a crybaby to a laugher. I'm sure we can all agree that this is all a change for the better.

These stories have (inevitably) an old-fashioned flavor to them. But they are still worthwhile tales for all that. Young children should find them appealing. I suspect some adults will like them also.
Thornton Burgess is one of my family's favorite children's authors. We much prefer Mother West Wind's stories to Brer Rabbit and Uncle Remus. Burggess' style of writing is soothing and lulling, wonderful for bedtime or to calm an agitated or over-stimulated child. I read all of these over and over to my five kids who found them fascinating glimpses into the lives of animals. I would find myself sinking into a slow drawl, with just a touch of twang,as we followed the doings of Bobby Coon, Grandfather Frog and and the Merry Little Breezes.Especially delightful for city children who haven't much exposure to rural life.
The stories are delightful. This particular edition of the book itself is poor. The print is very small, making it difficult to read. And it has no illustrations. That's surprising and, to me, unacceptable for this genre of book.
I loved them as a 6 year old so fun to read them at 73'
.. I was the kind of kid that was down a the little river in our town watching the animals come and take a drink or wash their food.as a kid I thought Sick and Jane books lame back then YOU'd say stupid. These delightful stories you should get the interest Little Joe Otter was my favourite his mishaps with REDDY Fox.we're enchanting
Another fantastic book of stories from Thornton Burgess. As with any of these books, Mother West WINDS Children it a book that is suitable for all ages to read. It is also a book that can be read to children. I Wish there was more books like these. The characters and stories are unforgettable. Thornton is a genius when it comes to entertaining readers.
Great five minute stories that I remember reading as a kid and now I can start reading them to my daughter. Simple and easy to understand, many of the stories teach lessons about morals, instead of mindless blather. I am enjoying reading through the series again.
Very cheaply made. Was embarrassed to give as a baby shower gift. Love the stories.
Husband had books read to him as a child. Now we have started them with our Grands