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Author: William Durbin
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Title: My Name Is America: The Journal Of Otto Peltonen, A Finnish Immigrant
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Publisher: Scholastic Inc.; 1st edition (September 1, 2000)
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My Name Is America: The Journal Of Otto Peltonen, A Finnish Immigrant by William Durbin

My Name Is America: The Journal Of Otto Peltonen, A Finnish Immigrant (My Name Is America). 043909254X (ISBN13: 9780439092548). The miners in Minnesota live in squalor. Another book from the Dear America series. It is the journal of Otto Peltonen.

The Journal of Otto Peltonen-A Finnish Immigrant. Part of the My Name Is America Series). An excellant addition to the My Name is America series. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 18 years ago. In 1905 Otto Peltonen, his two younger sisters, and their mother leave their home in Finland and travel to Hibbing, Minnesotta, to join their father, an iron miner there. Although Otto attends school at first, he soon has to go to work in the mines to help provide for his family, living in a tiny shack in the mining town.

April 30, 2011 History. The journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish immigrant Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Reinforced Library ed. by William Durbin. Published 2003 by Scholastic in New York. In 1905, fifteen-year-old Otto describes in his journal how he travels from Finland to America, joining his father in a dreary iron mining community in Minnesota and becomes involved in a union fight for better working conditions. Hibbing, Minnesota, 1905"-Cover. IMC copy given in memory of Edward & Gladys Swenson and Robert L. Mount. My name is America, A Dear America book.

The publisher of this book sells the e-book too. It makes you easier to read this book, as you can read this book in your Smartphone. So there is no reason to you personally to past this guide from your list. Download and Read Online The Journal of Otto Peltonen: A Finnish Immigrant (My Name Is America series, A Dear America. Book) William Durbin Read The Journal of Otto Peltonen: A Finnish Immigrant (My Name Is America series, A Dear America Book) by William Durbin for online ebook.

2000) A Finnish Immigrant (A book in the My Name Is America series) A novel by William Durbin. One of the many in the My Name Is America series. Factitious stories based on facts written from the view of a child. The hardships and joys of coming to and growing up in the early days of America. Genre: Young Adult Fiction. November 2003 : USA Hardback.

Series: My Name is America (20th Cen. Immigration: Hibbing, Minnesota, 1905), Dear America Collections (My Name Is America: 20th Cen. Immigration, 1905), My Story. com Product Description (ISBN 043909254X, Hardcover). In 1905 fifteen-year-old Otto describes in his journal how he travels from Finland to America, joining his father in a dreary iron mining community in Minnesota and becoming involved in a union fight for better working conditions. see all 2 descriptions). Library descriptions.

Published on November 1, 2003. Excerpt/First Sentence(s): We are leaving for America tomorrow morning. Back Cover: July 26, 1906 - Climbing into the cage and being lowered back down into that mine was the hardest thing I've ever don. .I kept thinking about all the times that Wally and I had passed by the very place where those timbers had exploded. The question is, where and when will it happen next? "You're quitting," was the first thing that Mother said when I got home. I was ready to agree until I thought it over.

Audio Name Pronunciation with William Durbin Created by TeachingBooks. Submit Qualitative Text Complexity Rubric for The Journal of Otto Peltonen. To help put the right book in each reader's hands, consider the following comprehensive text complexity analyses within your instructional plans. Standards Model of Text Complexity. Text Complexity Toolkit. Grades in which The Journal of Otto Peltonen: A Finnish Immigrant is Assigned. Perhaps you can help. 1. National Governors Association for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers.

The Journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish Immigrant. The latest in this series of historical diaries recounts the story of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish boy who travels with his mother and two sisters to America in 1905 to join his father, who is already working in the iron mines of Minnesota. Unfortunately, Otto’s expectations of America have far exceeded the gritty reality. We pulled into the train station late in the afternoon. Not only are the streets in Hibbing not paved with gold, but they are rutted with dusty wagon tracks.

My Name Is America Series. Until the Last Spike (originally published as The Journal of Sean Sullivan, a Transcontinental Railroad Worker). UNTIL THE LAST SPIKE/SEAN SULLIVAN Discussion Guide. Jackson, a Dust Bowl Migrant. JACKSON Discussion Guide. The Journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish Immigrant. Mining History Resources The Journal of Otto Peltonen Lesson Plan OTTO PELTONEN Discussion Guide. Assignments Based on The Journal of Otto Peltonen. Book Discussion Family Tree Project Map Assignment Vocabulary Assignment.

While working in the iron ore mines of Minnesota alongside his father, young Otto Peltonen captures in a journal his family's struggles and personal hardships as new arrivals to the "land of the free." 75,000 first printing.
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I grew up near Hibbing and my ancestors immigrated from Finland. I now live out of state and have children. I had so much fun reading this book. And I know my children will enjoy it while learning about their ancestors.
Sermak Light
A good book for older children. It is a beautifully done book. It is written in diary form and gives interesting information about different times in American history as seen through the eyes of a boy. This was purchased for our church library. It is the start of a new series for our young readers.
I had lost this excellent library book and wanted to replace it. The condition of the book is new and the pronto delivery helped so much.
The book gives a very engaging and personal look at what life was like for Finnish immigrants to the Iron Range.
My 8 year old daughter and I read this aloud to one another for a Social Studies homeschool lesson, and I have to say that this book stands far above others in the historical fiction journals for children genre. William Durban, a resident of Hibbing, Minnesota, the setting of the book, crafted the story with such care that I do not doubt this book was several years in the making. I was unable to determine if the narrator, Otto Peltonen, was a real life person because unlike other books in the genre where the main character is supposed to represent "everyman" and hit on all of the politically correct multicultural themes, Otto and his family are quite believable. According to the acknowledgements page, Durban conducted a great deal of interviews with Finns living locally as well as back in Otto's hometown in Finnland, and these undoubtedly lend the story some of its authenticity.

Labor and the immigrant experience are the major themes. I appreciated how Durban carefully drew his characters such that none of them appeared to be literary archetypes, just real Americans. There were no heroes or villains, per se. I picked up this volume by virtue of it being one of the few fiction titles for young readers dealing with the Finnish experience, but beyond simply being in a different location (Minnesota) and having different ethnic players, this book seems to me to be far superior to other stories dealing with labor history of miners in Pennsylvania or West Virginia. Socialism is given not only fair treatment but one thing I appreciated was how the author doesn't really use the book as quite the soap box he could have, keeping the story tied to Hibbing and the unionism as it happened there without leaving out details about a few local radical eccentrics and smaller socialist attempts to organize, for example, a cooperative grocery store.

Vocabulary that is introduced are concepts like "replacement workers," contracts, wages, wildcat strikes, pickets, and opportunities to discuss the mining technology of the era present themselves throughout the book. Opportunities to launch other units on American history or economics or politics on U.S. Steel or Andrew Carnegie are presented, as well as ties to literature classics, including works by Mark Twain, Jack London, and O. Henry.
If you think it's tough just changing schools imagine moving across the Atlantic Ocean! Well that's the dilemma Otto Peltonen has to endure in the book The Journal of Otto Peltonen written by William Durbin.
As Otto moves from his homeland in Finland he has to adjust to a lower class life in Minnesota. Specifically he lives in a place called Fintown. Fintown is a place where all foreigners are banished to work for a mining company. He has one good friend named Nikko Nikkola. He has tons of books that he shares with Otto so that's what he did with his extra time.
As time goes by Otto lives in fear of being killed in the mines or hoping his future would be much better than his present life. But what there family finds most important is maintaining their dignity.
What the book tries to tell you is that you shouldn't take your life for granted because the lives of these immigrants probably had a tougher time through life than you. and what I found interesting and amazing at the same time is that they had a positive attitude with there situation.
As you can see this book is a compelling journey back to the 1900's that will make you appreciate your life a lot. I recommend this book for 5-7th graders alike that love historical fiction! I hope you hunt down this book because it's unforgettable.
In 1905, fifteen year old Otto, his mother and two younger sisters, leave the grandparents behind in Finland to join with his father who's laboring in an iron ore mine in Hibbing, Minnesota. The poor family suffers through an excruciating voyage only to land in a squalid mining camp where Father faces mortal danger six days a week below ground. Otto eventually joins his dad in the mines as the family scrimps and saves to buy a farm. The harsh life, fueled by corruption and corporate callousness, gave rise to the organized labor movement that eventually unionized our mining industry.

Author William Durbin, a high school English teacher in Hibbing, recreates the dismal world that many of the 250,000 Finnish immigrants faced a hundred years ago after escaping the Russian Army and trying to get a foothold in the American dream.
Otto Peltonen and his family leave all their relatives in Finland hoping to find a better life and to join his father. Otto dreams America will be great but when he reaches to the town he finds America is not at all great. At first Otto goes to school but soon finds that his family needs him to work in the coal mines to help them survive. Otto finds work hard in the dusty coal mines and the working conditions are horrible. What Otto can't understand is why some miners are much richer than his family. When Otto learns the truth he was sorry he ever asked. However even with the bad working conditions Otto and his family dream one day they will save up enough money so they will have their own farm like in Finland. This is a great accound by William Durbin on the harships of coal workers live. I highly recommend reading it!