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Author: Miriam Stone,Lisa Franke
ISBN13: 978-0763618544
Title: At the End of Words: A Daughter's Memoir
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Language: English
Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Publisher: Candlewick; 1st edition (March 1, 2003)
Pages: 64

At the End of Words: A Daughter's Memoir by Miriam Stone,Lisa Franke

An amazingly candid memoir which recounts the rollercoaster faced by a caregiver and her mother at the end of life. Compelling and well-written. I highly recommend this to anyone who treasures their mother, present or past. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. The Space Between: A Memoir of Mother Daughter Love at the End of Life is a beautifully written book covering the end-of –life journey, detailing a very relatable and complicated relationship between the author and her mother. It’s fun, sweet, sad, and interesting, with plenty of terrific takeaways. This is definitely a must-read. Simpson’s book is very well written. With such compassion and love, it is a real tribute to her mother and all they have gone through. The subject of her book is never an easy one–death and dying of a parent.

A Daughter's Tale: The Memoir of Winston and Clementine Churchill's Youngest Child. At the end of each of these busily and happily occupied days came an evening ritual - reading aloud. This was a treasured highlight of my routine, and my greatest punishment was to be depriced of this great treat. Probably I should have known from the sub-title that this book would be a memoir of the author herself, not of her father. But I didn't, and it took me a while to get over that disappointment when beginning to read the book. I have always been a big Winston Churchill fan, despite the fact that he was a conservative and I'm not and that he loved and tried to hang on to the British Empire and I'm not an admirer of imperialism.

This book is freaking mental. Besides the beautiful words by Jon Stone, there are also these beautiful illustrations by Michael Smollin. I have to say that if a book is good, it doesn't really matter when it was published. It can be popular and successful for ever.

This book is a treasure. Lisa Romeo’s writing is an enormous comfort, reminding us that our relationships with loved ones never truly end, even in death. Allison Gilbert, author of Passed and Present). Starting with Goodbye lives in the realm of the imagination where love continues beyond grief, where the living and the dead meet and sometimes know each other more deeply than life's demands and circumstances allowed. In the end, we learn to climb- carefully, but we climb. I do think Lisa came to realize it was through her father's quiet admiration of her she has become the tremendously successful writer that she is today. One person found this helpful. Lisa Romeo's book Starting With Goodbye, gives insight to a different side of grief. Her writing takes you on a journey of her personal reflections through encounters with her deceased father.

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Through raw journal entries and poems, Miriam Stone - now a college student - has created a stirring tribute to her late mother and a memorial to an extraordinary year of grief and self-discovery.I turn back toward the street and catch her eye. I haven’t been accepted to school yet. She hasn’t announced her death yet. But in that glance is our first goodbye. Miriam Stone’s mother is dying of cancer, and for the first time in this young writer’s life, words seem impotent. To tell her mother the lifetime of things she wants to say is akin to losing hope. To say goodbye is to give up. Even writing poetry, which once flowed in long streams, no longer comforts - she writes a different poetry now, spare and without answers. As the author conveys in this deeply moving, authentic memoir, poetry is found in every moment of every day, and at the end of words comes a new beginning. Miriam Stone’s heartfelt, spontaneous words will speak to anyone who has experienced grief or loss.
Reviews: 4
I picked this one up at work the other day, and didn't put it down till I finished it (only about 20 minutes later!). Very slim, very quick read, but it really got under my skin. It's a daughter's memoirs - poetry and journal entries - written in the year her mother died of cancer. Her words about a dream she had are particularly haunting... She describes herself as tied to the moon, but her mother is

"No longer attached to the moon,
you are left dangling,
waiting to be swept
away by the breeze."

Though it's a daughter's reflection upon the loss of her mother, Stone's words will strike a chord with anyone who has lost a loved one.
After reading this book, I found myself at the end of words. I was amazed and speechless. If Stone never does another thing to memorialize her mother, this beautiful work will continue to do so down the ages! I can only hope she won't stop here.
Уou ll never walk alone
This book of poems is simply the best collection I've read in quite some time. Ms Stone's poems seem to distill the essence of her life's experiences into images that combine power and beauty.
A must for anyone interested in poetry, life, and beauty.
Who: Miriam Stone and parents, her mother has cancer.
What: A teenager in high school's (Miriam Stone) mom is diagnosed with cancer (started in the breast then moved to the liver, lungs, and then brain). This book is her writing out her feelings and how her mom's cancer affects her.
When: Late 90's
Where: Cleveland, Ohio

This was a different style of book with inserts of poetry, which the author had written while in high school and her was suffering. The format of the book really complements to the tone of the book. The poems slow down the pace of the book by taking you from the day-to-day reality to the heart of a daughter. This was a fairly easy read, but it was not very informative on the science of it. It never went into the specifics of the cancer or the treatments. I would give it a 4 out of 10.

This book shed light on the dark side, and the emotional side, of living with a loved one with cancer. This book made me realize that more then just the cancer patience suffers. Family and friends sometimes take it worse then the cancer patient themselves. I could definitely empathize with the main character. My mom had a cancerous mass on her pancreas a couple of years ago, now it never moved to stage four cancer before god healed her, but it still was a scary time for me and my family. I believed my parents diluted on how serious it was, so not to scare my brother and I as much. This book kind of showed me of what lied ahead for my family and me. It was kind of chilling.
The main idea I got from reading this book was that everyone could deal with hardships in different ways. For her it was writing and poetry, for others it can be anything like running, singing, and even dancing. I don't know if I have found my "treatment" for hardships but this book helped me figure out that I have one and that I need to find it. Everyone needs to find his or her "treatment."