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Author: Rosemary Wells
ISBN13: 978-0142501627
Title: Bunny Party (Max and Ruby)
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Language: English
Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Publisher: Puffin Books; Reprint edition (November 10, 2003)
Pages: 32

Bunny Party (Max and Ruby) by Rosemary Wells

Bunny Party Max and Ruby. Max's Clean Up Time! Max's Chocolate Chicken Max and Ruby. Counting Peas Max and Ruby. Numbers Max and Ruby Play School by Rosemary Well (All Aboard Reading) Max and Ruby. Red Boots Max and Ruby. Sandbox Max and Ruby. Shopping Max Cleans Up Max's Bedtime Max's Christmas Max's Dragon Shirt Old MacDonald Read to Your Bunny Rocket Run Snow Day Snowplow. Max and Ruby 3 video-stories.

Also, I enjoy reading this story to him. All these books have an innocent, sweet and old-fashioned feel to them and Max is quite clever in this story.

Rosemary Wells bring backs her usual bunny characters Max and Ruby for another kid's story. The story is about their grandmother who is coming over to celebrate her birthday. Ruby and Max must set up the table for themselves, their grandmother, and 7 other guests who happen to be Ruby's dolls. During the story, Ruby makes arrangements for the 7 guest but Max secretly dresses up his own stuff animals and confuses his sister. Rosemary Wells (Max's Bath, Max's Birthday, Yoko, et. brings back her beloved pudgy bunny characters for yet another tremendously appealing picture book. Youngsters will giggle as Max quietly sets about meeting his own needs while Ruby, the quintessential big sister, bustles around, certain she knows best. It may be a "bad counting day" for befuddled Ruby, but for delighted readers, it's a fine day-and a fine way to practice counting! (Ages 3 to 7) -Emilie Coulter.

Rosemary Wells (rosemarywells. com) is the author of 120 books for children, including more than 40 about the beloved bunnies, Max and Ruby, who star in their own television show on Nick, Jr. She travels all over the country as a tireless advocate for literacy. Wells was born in New Jersey to a playwright father and ballet dancer mother who encouraged her artistic bent. She is the mother of two grown daughters, Victoria and Marguerite, and grandmother to four girls.

Great, now Waits wants a Jellybean Shooter Spider and an Ear-Splitter Space Cadet. Thanks, Rosemary Wells. Sep 22, 2013 Readergirl77 rated it really liked it.

The artwork is typical Rosemary Wells work and is interesting without being overwhelmed in details Ruby invites seven of her stuffed animals to the party and will not let Max invite any of his, including a spider and a slug. Max, who is much smarter than he lets on, takes the opportunity to dress his spider up Rapunzel’s wig and crown and sneaks him up to the table. organizing, wonders how an extra guest arrievd, but does not catch that Max has disguised one of his banished characters. Ruby keeps coming and going to set more spots as Max continues to disguise more of his guests.

Are you sure you want to remove Bunny Party (Max and Ruby) from your list? Excerpts. Max," said Max's sister, Ruby.

Maybe, but Ruby is supposed to be seven and Max is just three. Wells told Nick J. "We don't see Max and Ruby's parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they're on their own. The television series gives kids a sense about how these two siblings resolve their conflicts in a humorous and entertaining wa. That's interesting and all, Rosemary, but I think I'm going to go with the post-apocalyptic world theory.

It's Grandma's birthday and Max and Ruby are having a party for her. Ruby has invited seven stuffed-toy guests she's sure Grandma will like. Max wants to invite his Jellyball Shooter Spider, his Ear-Splitter Space Cadet and his Can't-Sit-Up Slug, but Ruby says no. Yet each time Ruby counts the number of guests at the table, another one has mysteriously appeared. Is Ruby having a bad counting day? Or is someone making a few changes to the guest list?
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My 3-yr-old loves Max & Ruby and Rosemay Wells! He likes the artwork in the numbers and the concept of disguise. He loves the counting too, but don't expect to be able to count guests on each page. Fun book with great artwork!
Gave it as a birthday gift
If you have a question about whether or not you need to great all the Max and Ruby books, don't hesitate to snap them up. These are the ones for buying, go get those other books at the library. This one is counting themed but not in any lame way. Max still wins and Ruby kind of does too and Grandma is still happy with everything.

That's what you need to know. Go buy now.
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My 2 year old granddaughter loved it!!!!
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My son is 3 yrs old and "Bunny Party" is his favorite Max & Ruby book. Also, I enjoy reading this story to him. All these books have an innocent, sweet and old-fashioned feel to them and Max is quite clever in this story.
Love Rosemary Wells books! I plan to keep this book for my kids to give to their kids :-) Great illustrations!
I have four young children. We love all the Max and Ruby books but this is one of favorites. Max's determination to invite his "friends" to Grandma's party is hilarious.
These are such cute books! They reinforce in a simple form the relationship of siblings. My daughter loves these two characters with sassy personalities. I reccomend the board books for the little ones.